There is something more amazing and mystic about the islands. The Island is the place stand in solitariness amidst all the infinite blue waters. Islands were once captivated in mystery. But today due to the progress and advancement of science and technology, mass has mastered the art of making their very own artificial islands. But overall man is not able to make such a beautiful islands like nature. He tried his best to make such beautiful and amazing islands. So here we have a list of most amazing man-made islands in the world.

Serial NoTop Most Amazing Man-Made Islands
10Notre Dame Island
8Treasure Island
6THUMS Island
5The World Island
4Amwaj Island
2The Pearl-Qatar
1Palm Jumeirah

10. Notre Dame Island

Notre Dame is a beautiful and amazing man-made island, located in Saint Lawrence River in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. So the construction of the island started in 1967 and they have to dig about 15 million ton rock in order to build this island. Today the amazing island is the home of a large number of tourist attraction places including Jacques Villeneuve Circuit and Montreal Casino. It is also the host of Canadian Grand Prix of Formula One Race. So due to the beauty of this island, included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


9. Wilhelmstein

Wilhelmstein is another wonderful artificial island in the Steinhuder Meer Lake. Locate in the Hanover Region in Northern Germany on the total area of 12,500 square meters. It is also known as one of the oldest man-made islands because constructed in the 18th century by Count William. So today the island is one of the popular destination for tourists of the world. Carefully designed by fortified hideaway. So it also includes a museum there to show the glory and history. Therefore Wilhelmstein is included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


8. Treasure Island

Treasure Island is another beautiful artificial island in the San Francisco. Built for the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition in 1936. So the building of this island included in the National Register of Historic Places. Made by Army Corps of Engineers and they have to dig 25 million cubics of the bay to make this historical was one of the famous tourist’s attractions for the people and closed for civilian use in 1997. Now the island is best known for the annual music festival and flea market. That’s why included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


7. Hulhumale

Reclaimed Island Hulhumale, located in the south of the North Male Atoll in Maldives. Established in the Indian Ocean on the total area of 0.7 square miles. People settled there in 2004 and now it is the home of more than 40,000 people. Despite, it is the only smart city of the country. There are a large number of restaurants, hotels and attraction place on the island. The water is also full of marine life and water sports like snorkeling and boat trips are much prominent here. Due to the beauty of this island, included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


6. THUMS Island

The Astronaut or the THUMS Islands are the set of four Man-Made islands in San Pedro Bay. Located in the off coast of the Long Beach in California and constructed in 1965. Islands have a lot of facilities of oil drilling. At the time of construction of these islands, the developers facing the problems that oil drilling facilities are not exactly the prettiest structures. These islands constructed with the total cost of $22 million in 1965.  So these are operated by the THUMS. So due to the beauty of these Islands, included in the amazing Man-Made Islands.


5. The World Island

The World Island or The World is a group of various artificial islands. These are constructed in the rough shape of the map of the world. Situated in the waters of the Persian Gulf, just 4 kilometers off the coast of the dream city Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Construction of these more than 300 islands started in 2003 but due to financial crises, more than 60 percent sold to private contractors. But only two islands developed at the end of 2013. So they made restaurants, lavish hotels, and half-skylit homes. The cost of the each island is about $2.8 million. So due to the magnificent beauty of these islands, considered in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


4. Amwaj Island

Amwaj is a group of beautiful man-made islands. Precisely situated in the Persian Gulf to the northeast of Bahrain. It was asked to make a small smart city. So the construction started in 2002. Oracle and Cisco were given the smart contracts to develop fiber optic networks for all kind of businesses and homes. The island is consist of different sections but the most impressive one is Al-Marsa. The houses in this section are surrounded by the deep canals which enable the owners of the smart houses to park their boat in front of their houses. It also has more than two dozen of restaurants and open air markets. Therefore, included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


3. IJburg

IJburg is a wonderful residential neighborhood which is still under construction. Located in the east of the Amsterdam in Netherlands. Built on the artificial islands, situated in the IJ Lake. First, the construction of the islands started in 1996. In 2015, there were only 20,000 residents live in the IJurb but after the completion of this island, population goes to about 45,000. These islands have hospitals, beaches, restaurants, schools and shopping centers. Therefore called in one of the most amazing Man-Made Islands in the world.


2. The Pearl-Qatar

Another artificial island with impressive beauty is the Pearl-Qatar in Doha. It is the first and the only island in the country which allows freehold ownership by the foreign nationals. So there are more than 12,000 residents living on this island. It is still under construction because according to plan the Island will create over 32 kilometers of new coastline. So the island is situated about 350 meters offshore of West Bay Lagoon area of Doha City. It includes beautiful restaurants, three five-star hotels, and entertainment points. So no doubt The Pearl-Qatar is one of the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


1. Palm Jumeirah

Best of the best, Palm Jumeirah is most amazing Man-Made Island in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the three planned islands called as Palm Jumeirah which would have extended into the Persian Gulf by increasing the Dubai’s shoreline by a total of 320 miles. From all these, Palm Jumeirah is the smallest one which is under development of Nakheel. It is consist of several restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and resorts. Despite, it has also a monorail to get around the island. About seven million tons of rocks of mountains were used to form only seven-mile breakwater to protect the island from oceans and waves. Therefore included in the most amazing Man-Made Islands.


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