Times ago, When Wars were fought with Swords and Archeries only but now with Guns and Tanks on the ground, with huge Ships and Submarines on the water surface and in the air with Jet Fighters. Nowadays Air Force plays a significant role in Wars, The One who equipped with the latest Technology like Stealth technology in Jet Fighters have more adequate in the air strike. This Article is about compiling information of the top ten Jet Fighters costs and their specifications around the world. Here we have a list of Most Expensive Jet Fighters.

Serial No Top Latest List of Most Expensive Jet FightersPrice ($)
10F/An 18 Hornet98 million
9EA 18G Growler102 million
8V22 Osprey118 million
7F-35 Lightning 11122 million
6E-2D Advanced Hawkeye232 million
5VH 71 Kestrel400 million
4P-8A Poseidon290 million
3C-17A Glob Master332.8 million
2F-22 Raptor 350 million $350 million
1B-2 Spirit 2.4 billion $2.4 billion

Price and Features of Top Ten Expensive Air Combats:

10. F/An 18 Hornet

F/A hornet is a supersonic combat jet. It is an up gradation of the YF 17 back in 1970 to be used by the United States Marines. The F/A Hornet can reach up to a top speed of 1.8 matches or 1915 km/h with a capability of performing maneuvers that will give the operator an edge flying beyond the speed of sound.
This perilous little bird has the power of two twin turbofan General Electric F404 engines, which provides it an immense weight to thrust ratio. It had also stayed the desired bird of the U.S Navy demonstration squadrons “The Blue Angels”.
The F/A Hornet cost around 98 million dollars.

F/A 18 Hornet

9. EA 18G Growler

The EA 18 Growler evolves from its predecessor F/A hornet. It is almost identical in respect of performance to its predecessor with an additional feature of Electronic warfare technology which allows it to perform several kinds of missions such as suppression of enemy air defense, Stand of and escort jamming etc.
This bird costs around 102 million dollars. It can travel up to a distance of 2, 346 kilometers approximately with a speed of 1.8 matches or 1915 km/h.


8. V22 Osprey

V22 Osprey 118 also known as Bell Boeing V22 is a multi-purpose tilt rotor. It can take off vertically and land as well. In other words, they are capable of VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and landing) as well as (Short take off and landing).
This multi-purpose beauty can cruise to a speed of 446 km/h to a distance of 1627 km. It can carry up to 32 troops.
The price for which it can be acquired is 118 million dollar.


7. F-35 Lightning 11

Lock Heed Martin manufacturers f 35 Lightning 11. It is one of the Fifth Generation Jet Fighter that can perform multiple Military operations such as reconnaissance, rescue, air to air and air to ground combat.
The F 35 Lightning comes in three Variants F35 A, F 35 B, and F 35C. This Modern Jet Fighter is of the present era also equipped with the stealth technology. It can reach up to a speed of 1.6 matches or 1930 km/h.
F 35 lightning cost around 122 million dollars.

F-35 Lightning 11

6. E-2D Advanced Hawkeye

E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is an under development model of the already present radar Jet E 2 Hawkeye. This future aircraft has two model’s delta one and delta two that have already gone through the test flights.
The E-2D Hawkeye is an AEW –airborne early warning- Jet. The new model will be equipped with the latest avionics with a glass cockpit.
Although this massive machine is in the development process. it comes with the high price of 232 million dollars.


5. VH 71 Kestrel

The VH 71 Kestrel is a helicopter that evolved from the Augusta Westland AW101 developed by the Lockheed Martin. Primarily used to carry troops to places of need.
It can travel at the speed of 280 km/h carrying 24 troop members and four crew members. This hovering machine, however, is quite expensive a unit can cost up to 400 million $ which has gained it less fame.

VH 71 Kestrel

4. P-8A Poseidon

The P 8 Poseidon is a military version of the Boeing 737-800 series. This Jet Fighter is mostly used for the missions such as anti-submarine warfare, antisurface warfare and electronic signal intelligence.
Designed with a strengthened fuselage. It is capable of flying to a distance of1380 miles with a speed of 563 miles per hour.
This modified bird to the needs of the military from the commercial section costs around 290 million dollars.

 P-8A Poseidon

3. C-17A Glob Master

The C-17 A globe master is a massive flying machine used for the purpose of transporting goods and crew in the military. It is also sometimes used to perform the air drop duties.
The C-17 Globe master costs around 3,328 million dollars and can fly with the speed of almost 800 kilometers per hour to a range of ten thousand kilometers depending upon the load it is carrying.

 P-8A Poseidon

2. F-22 Raptor 350 million $

F-22 Raptor with a speed of 2.25 match almost 2,410 kilometers per hour, the range of 2,400 kilometers can be titled as a perfect killing machine.
It is a fifth generation Jet Fighter. Manufactured by the lock heed Martin. This particular jet fighter is for the US military, and its export is banned. F-22 Raptor is a supersonic super maneuverable Jet Fighter and is the best in its kind yet.
This wonderful Jet Fighter cost around 350 million dollars.

F-22 Raptor

1. B-2 Spirit 2.4 billion $

North op Grumman B-2 spirit is a strategic bomber with the ability to carry both conventional and nuclear bombs, to even the most anti-air defense places of the world.
It is the only Fighter Jet that can carry large air to surface missiles in the stealth configuration.
This Beauty can cruise at a speed of 1000 km per hour to a range of 11,000 kilometers and Expensive bird’s price is around 2.4 billion dollars.



With these Machines, the military has acquired new advancements in defending their air spaces. The combination of technology with the human interference is doing things thought to be impossible. We have tried our best to provide you concise information on the aircraft. Any comments and suggestions are warmly welcome on your part.


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