The waterfall is defined as the place where water falls vertically in the course of a stream or a river. Usually, they are formed in the upper course of the river. There are many types of waterfalls depending upon their volume, height, and width. Waterfalls are simply breathtaking and amazing wonders throughout the entire earth. They are at their peak when there is lots of rainfall, so if you are planning to visit them, the jubilant spring and winter are the best times. Some of the waterfalls are located in areas that hard to reach, but for the ease of accessibility many tourist guides are available. So get ready to spend your vigorous vacations on one of these spectacular beauties.

Serial NoTop Five Largest Waterfalls (by Width)Width
5 Iguazu Falls8,800 feet
4Kongou Falls10,500 feet
3Guaira Falls15,840 feet
2Salto Para18,400 feet wide
1Chutes De Khone35,376 feet

1.     Chutes De Khone

            Chutes de Khone is also well known as the Khone Falls and is situated in southern Laos. With almost 35,376 feet wide, it is the world’s largest waterfall. Khone has the greatest volume of 2,500,000 gallons per second, which is double than that of the Niagara Falls. For this astonishing waterfall, Mekong River splits into seven large channels that further splits into rapid waterfalls making it the largest waterfall on the entire planet. The most defined part of the waterfall is about 45 feet at the angle of 60 degrees.

These grand falls are characterized by the thousands of islands and waterways, making the Mekong River not fully navigable through China. Khone is full of Pluck, an endangered species of Catfish, which is also the largest freshwater fish in the world. With its utter beauty, Khone is a popular destination for the tourists.

Chutes De Khone

2.     Salto Para

            Salto Para or Para Falls emerges from the Caura River in the country Venezuela. Caura River is the Black Water River. Para Falls is 18,400 feet wide. These half-moon shape falls are formed by the two branches of the river, with the lush green island in the middle. Flooding water coming through these falls is 400,000 cubic feet per second, easily making it one of the largest waterfalls. Apart from these facts and privileged beauty, Para Falls is less attractive to the tourists in comparison to the other waterfalls.

Salto Para

3.     Guaira Falls

            Guaira Falls or Seven falls was the largest waterfalls in the world until 1982. These falls no longer exist, but it’s mentioned as the third largest waterfall by WWD. Due to its spectacular seven falls, Portuguese had named these falls as Sete Quedas. Guaira Falls originates from Parana River on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. These falls have a width of 15,840 feet. The roar of the Guara Falls could be heard from 30 km away. As mentioned before, in 1982 these tourist attractions were submerged into an artificial lake created for Itaipu Dam, where the world’s largest Hydroelectric Power Station was made. In the sacrifice of beauty, both the Brazilian and Paraguayan governments were involved. Even the Brazilian poet, Carlos, expressed his dismay at the destruction of Guara Falls in his poem.

Guaira Falls

4.     Kongou Falls

Kongou falls are huge waterfalls located in Ivindo National Park in eastern Gabon on Ivindo River. 10,500 feet wide Kongou is one of the strongest waterfalls. These are known to be the most stunning waterfalls in Central Africa and a major center of fish biodiversity. These hypnotizing falls have the tendency to bewitch tourists with their beauty. But in 2007, the president of Gabon confirmed that a dam would be built at the falls to provide electricity. However, his decision put into question his strategy for developing eco-tourism in Gabon.

Kongou Falls

5.     Iguazu Falls

            Iguazu Falls with the 8,800 feet width are the fifth largest waterfalls according to the World Waterfall Database. These falls are located on the Iguazu River on the border of Argentina and Brazil. These falls divide the Iguazu River into upper and lower Iguazu. Most of Iguazu Falls lie within the Argentine territory but the Brazilian side views are superior. Voted as one of the seven natural wonders, it’s a dwelling for the tourists. Iguazu Falls excel in its beauty, once on visiting Iguazu, the First Lady of United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, exclaimed “Poor Niagara!”

Iguazu Falls


All these above-mentioned falls are truly a feast for sore eyes. So pack your bags and get ready to spend your vacations on one of these astonishing largest waterfalls; for downtime that your body and mind craves and deserves. So if you like then share and comment below.


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