Since the dawn of this lovely evolving world, mankind has faced severe and hard issues of crimes. They have faced from paltry theft and burglary to monstrous crimes like homicides, murders, and rapes. So the malevolence of the mankind has taken the form of an associated array of crimes. So what are the situations of committing these crimes? Crimes tend to be committed by the single in contrary circumstances driven by vengeance, desperation, and discontent. So in this context, some countries have controlled crimes in better manners than that of others which resulted in better growth rates, satisfied individual and peaceful communities. So the countries with fewer crime rates tend to have happier lives of people. Now, which are the happier countries on this earth? So here we have the list of top countries with lowest crime rates.

Serial No
Countries with Lowest Crime Rate
5 Singapore
4 Bahrain
2Hong Kong

10. Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Eastern Mediterranean. Officially known as the Republic of Cyprus, as the country is third most populous and third largest island country in the Eastern Mediterranean. As talk about the crimes rates then, most people consider this country as one of the most peaceful countries in Europe. It is very normal for people to leave their houses and doors open or unlocked even at night time. Therefore large tourism shows the lowest crimes rate in this country. According to reports, only 23 people fall victims of homicides each year in Cyprus. Therefore included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


9. Denmark

One of the peaceful places, Denmark is a Scandinavian country in the Europe. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Denmark. Tourist’s experiences peace of mind, serenity and tight security offered by the police force of the country. According to reports, for every hundred thousand people, there are around 200 police officers. But there are not so many criminal activities, to begin with. As talk about the crime rates then murder rate is less than 0.1 per hundred thousand people which is one of the lowest in the whole world. Denmark is one of the cleanest and safest places to live in. Therefore included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


8. Iceland

Iceland is another small Nordic Island Country in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has the much lower population as compared to the area which is 332,529. Therefore it is the most sparsely populous country in the whole Europe. The country has redefined tranquility and security, as they have only 700 police officers. These police officers don’t have permission to carry guns with them because there is no use for them to begin with. According to reports, there are only 200 people in the prison which also have permission to visit their houses time to time. So the Iceland is one of those countries in the Europe where the prisoners are allowed to leave the prison on the regular basis. That’s why included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


7. Japan

The Land of Rising Sun Japan is a Sovereign State in the East Asia. Japan will take the silver medal when it comes to general security and safety of the citizens. So according to the recent survey and study, the people of Japan have more faith in their police forces than that of any others. So as talk about the crime rates, the murder rate of this country is about 0.4 in hundred thousand people. They appointed only 200 police officers for hundred thousand people. Therefore included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


6. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in the Western Europe. Officially known as Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. So the population of the country is less than 600,000 with the land area of 1000 square miles. According to recent reports, the crime rate here is believed to have hit the zero mark. The small size of the country has without a doubt contributed to its security because structures are very easy to put in the place. Despite, Luxembourg is the happiest and the richest country on the Earth. Therefore included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


5. Singapore

The Lion City Singapore, officially known as the Republic of Singapore, is a little Sovereign State in the Southeast Asia. As Japan takes the silver bit Singapore will take gold intakes of fewer crimes. The high population of the country has not impeded efforts to combat crime. So the murder rate of the country is less than 0.3 per 100,000 people while other common crimes like theft and robbery are almost unheard of. This makes Singapore one of the safest place to live. So severe laws exist in the country which goes a long way in making the inhabitants become law-abiding. Despite, Singapore is also one of the cleanest and richest countries in the world. That’s why included in the top countries with lowest crime rates.


4. Bahrain

Bahrain is a small Arab Island Country in the Persian Gulf. It is officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. It has a total area about 780-kilometer square that makes it the third smallest country in Asia just after Singapore and Maldives. As talk about the crime rate then this country has the extremely high ratio of law enforcement force. They have 1900 police officers per 100,000 people. So there is no wonder in the less crime rate of this country. Therefore it is very uncommon to experience violent crimes in this country. But there are few incidents of bag snatching, petty crimes and pickpocketing in the older areas of Bahrain. That’s Bahrain is considered in one of the countries with lowest crime rates.


3. Norway

Norway is one of the beautiful countries that consist of glaciers, mountain, and a large number of breathtaking places. The Sovereign State is officially known as the Kingdom of Norway. It is one of the safest countries in the world to enjoy the life in every dimension of security and tranquility. Why is crime rate much lower in Norway? Because it possesses an actual system of social wellbeing which makes it safer and easier for the inhabitants to live in. the country has faced many severe incidents of crimes but only 20 people killed out of 5 million. Therefore included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


2. Hong Kong

Hong is one of the richest and business center autonomous territory on the Pearl River Delta of China. It is officially called as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is a small region with the highest population of 7.3 million. The country has left a mark when it comes to the low crime rates in previous years. According to reports, there are 0.2 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants making it safest country not only in Asia but also all over the world. So even small crimes of robbery and theft are also absent. Therefore included in the top countries with lowest crime rates.


1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful federal republic in Europe. Officially known as the Swiss Confederation. Switzerland always remained neutral during the times of war, therefore it is one of the secure places in the whole world. According to reports, crime rates are not only low but more than half of the crimes committed here can be traced back to the foreigners. So the country has 216 police officers per 100,000 inhabitants, ensuring tranquility, harmony, and peace all the time in a country. Therefore Switzerland is included in the countries with lowest crime rates.


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