Dark Type Pokemon were not introduced by the Franchise until 2nd Generation because they considered Psychic type prior than that of Dark type. People often under-used the Dark type Pokemon but there are some powerful and best dark type Pokemon in the franchise. Therefore, it is not an easy task to define best dark type Pokemon. There is some awesome type of Dark type Pokemon but they are pulled along by their second type. They have very decent attack stats and mediocre defense but this is not true for all. So you can use these Pokemon effectively against Fighting, Fairy, and another Dark type.

So what are some best dark type Pokemon, let’s take a look at this list.

Serial NoTop Best Dark Type Pokemon
2 Greninja

6. Darkrai

Darkrai is nightmare Pokemon of the 4th Generation. It has some excellent powers to afflict the people with nightmares during the new moon. As it is a Mythical Pokemon, it can only be gained through special events during the twenty years of this franchise. Its powers come with full effect in the battle with the combination of its signature move Dark Void. The special things about this move that it can put any person to sleep and its unique ability Bad Dreams. Darkrai is a pure Dark-type and due to its ability of bad dreams, it is one of the powerful and best dark type Pokemon.

5. Scrafty

Scrafty is a dual type Fighting/Dark Pokemon of the 5th Generation. It has outstanding coverage and able to hit everything that can potentially be super effective against it for master damage. As it is also fighting type, that makes it one of the greatest dark type because it is able to take down many bad effects and threats with ease. It shows some great powers against most of the Pokemon types like it has iron head to counter fairy type. The only drawback of Scrafty is slowness that makes it weak against Fighting, Flying and Fairy type.

4. Sableye

Sableye is another dual type Ghost/Dark Pokemon that has made its introduction in the 3rd Generation. It is one of the most annoying Pokemon in the franchise. Sableye shows weakness to just fairy types, therefore, you can use this powerful Pokemon against every other type. Mage evolution of this Pokemon comes with the ability of Magic bounce that allows it to send back status afflictions and entry threats back to the opponents. So after that, it shows some better defensive stats than regular Sableye. They live mostly in dark and rarely venture out to trouble human beings. That’s why it is included in one of the best dark type Pokemon.

3. Weavile

Weavile is evolved form of Sneasel introduced in Gen IV. It is Weavile is the Sharp Claw Pokemon, a sneaky little creature who connects with others of its kind by slashing special, encoded marks into rocks, trees, and ice. Serving as the series’ sole Dark/Ice-Type evolutionary line, although it may have a good number of weaknesses, it shows powers against Dragon types which made it quite useful in the years before the arrival of Fairy type. Even now it still can battle with great efficiency against Psychic and Fairy types. Weavile is little weak in the defense but due to a decent amount of usage in the tournament, it is one of the best dark type Pokemon.

2. Greninja

Greninja is also famous for its powerful stats as the final evolution of water starter Froakie. The dual-type Dark/Water has made its introduction in the 6th Generation. It has impressive stats and matchup as dark type but shows weaknesses against Fighting, Bug, Grass, Electric and Fairy types Pokemon. More interesting, it is also easier to catch this, therefore, you can use this in the beginning. Grninja has a great ability of Protean that allows it to change its type based on what move you are using. Shadow sneak and toxic spikes are two moves of this Pokemon that helps him a lot. Therefore, Greninja is included in the best dark type Pokemon.

1. Mega Tyranitar

Last but not the least, Tyranitar was already a pain to deal with, but now that it has a mega evolution, therefore it is even tougher to deal with. Tyranitar is a dual-type Rock/Dark in typing which means it shows 4x weakness to fighting with a 2x weakness to grass, water,  bug, steel, ground, and fairy. So with an outstanding and exceptional move pool and amazing all around stats which permit it to do everything, from playing a best supporting role to being an out and out physical sweeper. Tyranitar is amazingly adaptable for a Pokemon that you would imagine to just come out and bang. Therefore it is included in one of the best dark type Pokemon.

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