There is a lot of discussion over which brand of car paint is the best or absolute today. Beyond everything else in this world, it totally depends on who you talk to and your experience about the paint products. If you search, you will find hundreds or thousands of forums on the debate of the best car paint brands and their products. According to many experts, it totally depends upon the clear coat and prep work. But other will ask about the material and technology in the paint brands. You cannot compare economy paints with premium paint products.

So for the sake of guidance to our viewers, we are providing the list of top best cat paint brands.

Serial NoBest Cat Paint Brands
5Ultra 7000
3Spies Hecker

9. Wanda

Wanda is one of the oldest and best car paint brands. They are serving their customers for more than 75 years. Providing most economical paint for cars all around the world. Wanda is reliable, compact and complete refinish system for cars because offering up-to-date formulation of colors, beautiful color match and also color repossession program. But what makes the products of Wanda best? The products of Wanda are simple to use, durable, and also required fewer components for its completion. Therefore, Wanda is the Smart Choice and Look. Created in 1934 in Brazil by Mr. Roque Montesano.


8. Chromabase

ChromaBase is another brand of paint which is easy to use and to provide outstanding colors. The Chromabase is the excellent choice for overall repairs with finishes, pearls, metallic, solids, panel, and special-effect color. So why we choose ChromaBase? It matched right the first time with excellent blending that helps to improve the productivity. Moreover, 4 to 1 integrated system makes the mixing very easy and quick, rationalization the whole process to help to encourage fewer mistakes and better productivity or efficiency. Easy to spray and use, therefore included in best car paint brands.


7. Lesonal

When professionals’ body shops look for the color of the car, they look for the quality finish, value for money and consistency. So Lesonal provides all of these qualities which made paints easy to use. As Brand has a long history to provide excellent and durable colors that meet the highest standards in the global market. Lesonal is premium brand for renowned, superb accuracy of colors, reliable and ease of use. Therefore Lesonal has received good name and reputation all over the world due to high-quality products. That’s included in best car paint brands.


6. Glasurit

The Glasurit paints employ state of the art European technology that gives the ultimate color match, ease of use, durability, and blends of speed. Deep brilliant, intense, and rich liquid color defines this brand as the world class paint finish. As only Glasurit supplies an inclusive system of perfect matched products and all processes from clearcoat to the primer. In short, considered as the highest standard of excellence in the world. The Brand is delivering its best quality products from 1888. Recognized as the symbol of quality and excellence, therefore included in best car paint brands.


5. Ultra 7000

Ultra 7000 Paint is a premium quality, urethane clearcoat, high quality and solid, designed to deliver maximum productivity and speed. It is providing excellent appearance and glass out. Moreover, Ultra 7000 is out of dust in little as 20 minutes. The brand is most productive refinish system in the market because of repeatable performance and efficient processes. Moreover, excellent processes reduce the cycle time, and it has consistent and durable performance in seasons of a year. That’s why included in best car paint brands.


4. Standox

Standox is one of the leading paint companies in the world because working in more than 80 countries. It is on the market for 55 years. Therefore Standox is the major supplier in Europe. They are providing an outstanding array of color with the best matching. The motto of Standox is to put great paint in the hands of master craftsmen. So in short, Standox is the wise choice of those people who approach the refinishing of their vehicles as an art and brand help them in the best way to provide quality paint products. They have made some of the most innovative color products available in the global market. Therefore included in the best car paint brands.


3. Spies Hecker

Spies Hecker specializes in a variety of top coats, premier clear coats, removers, additives, and primers. So far called as one of the largest and leading suppliers of car paints all over the world. They are producing greater productivity by using their blend-in additive and adapted hardener system. The system allows for standard mixing to provide an ideal and excellent refinishing system. Rapid processing and rapid drying of Spies Hecker produces the greatest possible efficiency. So Hi-TEC system delivers a great finish giving your car glossy look. That’s why included in best car paint brands.


2. Deltron

Deltron is one of the leading in automotive refinish. They are serving in different countries of the world for more than 75 years. Therefore, two out of every three cars in North America and Europe are using Deltron paints. Now Deltron is in its second generation basecoat resin technology developed to deliver challenging matches of color on the sophisticated metallic finish. They have best track records of color excellence and process efficiency. Deltron provides a full range of easy to use solutions and paints. They have the unlimited range of colors, excellent matching and highly consistent. Therefore includes in best car paint brands in the world.


1. Sikkens

Last but not the least, Sikkens is the best and premium refinishing system of the world. One of the oldest company in the world because serving its customers for about 20 years. They are delivering high class and durable finish, offering the most innovative and technological advanced products. They are making products to make every job as simple as possible therefore there are the least number of errors with less material. You can paint more cars in less time with ease. Sikkens paints can maximize efficiency, improve, durability, appearance, reliability and reduce bottlenecks. They provide a lifetime of their products, therefore included in best cat paint brands.


Final Thoughts

We have provided you comprehensive detail about the Best Car Paint Brands. These brands are the mixture of economy, mid-tier and premium paint brands. So we find that all these paint products all have consistent clear coats that give your car proper shine and protection. As people are always looking for best not even good. So we hope that you like the list of best car paint brands, share your opinion in comments below.


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