Psychic is one of the strongest types of Pokemon in the Poke-world but only a few of these shows its power. There are plenty of legendary Pokemon included in this type, therefore, they are great team players because they have many buffs for their partners and themselves. The only problem with these Pokemon is that they have the weak defense and being powerless against Dark type. So the best Psychic Pokemon come with poor defense and powerful special attacks. They have discriminant qualities and attacking style than that of others. So here we will throw lights on the powerful Psychic Pokemon.

Here we have assembled the list of top 5 most powerful Psychic Pokemon.

Serial NoTop Most Powerful Psychic PokemonGeneration
6Metagross 3rd

7. Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet is a pure Psychic Pokemon that has made its first appearance in the 2nd Generation. He is an ultimate troll in the world of Pokemon, as its greatest power and strength is actually all of its weaknesses. He has very high and ridiculous HP and has negligible stats in all other areas. It would be a great mistake to make it easy to underestimate because he is unpredictable of all the Pokemon in the series. He is able to differ his opponent in the silliest and unpredictable way, so you can predict the moves of your opponent. There it is one of the popular and powerful Psychic Pokemon.

6. Metagross

Metagross is a dual type Steel/Psychic Pokemon introduced in the third generation. Some people think that it is not a steel type but purely Psychic. In common, Psychic have a very poor defense but Metagross came with the high defense point. So you can beat this Pokemon with huge and strong Pokemon because he can exert secret power Explosion which no Pokemon can survive. Despite, it is also harder to catch this Pokemon as they have catch rate 3 out of 255, they can surpass the power of even legendary Pokemon species. Therefore, it is included in the most powerful Psychic Pokemon.

5. Mew

It is another famous and powerful Psychic-type Mythical Pokemon introduced earlier in the first 1st Generation. Mew comes with some unique qualities including the ability to learn every Hidden Machine, Technical Machine and Move Tutor move. It is also interesting to know that it was the first Pokemon created by the Franchise. He is able to become invisible and take up the shape of any Pokemon which makes him valuable and extremely rare. Mew is not only popular in anime but can prove to be useful and powerful Psychic Pokemon in the whole series. Therefore, it is very interesting to use this Pokemon in any tournament or competition.

4. Espeon

Espeon is pure Psychic Type Pokemon, the graceful and mysterious cat-like Pokemon has a strong Eevee fan base. And it is not hard to see why. She is quiet and modest, but when the time comes around she can kick some hard butt with a speed at 110 and a 130 special attack. Espeon is a mono Pokemon though, so she only has Psychic powers. The power she has such a wealth that the lack of other abilities becomes a non-issue. It can also rebound out its buffs with Baton Pass onto another member of her team; a move frequently used after you underestimate its Yawn. Therefore she is included in most powerful Psychic Pokemon.

3. Alakazam

There is no Pokemon in the series that represents the magic better this one and by magic we mean nothing but Psychic. He mostly earns his position on this list because of his high total stat of 490, and the fact that he can fascinate others capabilities and thus have Psychic, thunder, dark, ghost,  or fire Pokemon abilities, making for a one-shoe-fits-all option. Some more special qualities of Alakazam are Torment, Attract, Iron Tail and Dazzling Gleam with which to tame other dragons. So you can make this Pokemon strong with more training.

2. Gardevoir

Gardevoir is one of the beautiful and gorgeous dual type Fairy/Psychic Pokemon. Included in the list of pure Psychic type Pokemon in 4th Generation. She is a Pokemon of stunning beauty, but don’t let that fool you, she is also one of the strongest and powerful Pokemon out there. She is able to go head to head with any of the mightier and bulkier Pokemon of the series. So she came in the series with some unique and outstanding qualities. She is considered as a real powerhouse with awesome Fairy type moves. Therefore she is included in the list of most powerful Psychic Pokemon.

1. Mewtwo

This is not only best and powerful Psychic Pokemon but also one of the best legendary or may be number one legendary Pokemon in the Franchise till now. He has the ability to take all powers away from other Pokemon which means that all the special capacities that Pokemon have, which gives them a superiority over others, is taken from them, smoothing the battlefield as a whole. The first and only Pokemon created by the Dr. Fuji. Therefore, it is much difficult to defeat this powerful legendary species. So due to its unique powers, probably referred as ‘Awakened Form’ of Mewtwo. Therefore, included in the most powerful Psychic Pokemon.

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