The Pokemon series will always be the franchise that reverberates in the hearts and minds of every individual due to its wide assortment of characters to appreciate. Since there are so many Pokemon that occur now in the ever emergent universe, we supposed it would be best to narrow it down the specific type of Pokemon that have been used in the series. The best water type Pokemon usually come with very robust aggressive and defensive tools, which permit them to distribute damage regularly throughout the battle. As Water-type Pokemon can fuse with Ice-type moves, they generate great counters against Grass-type Pokemon. The advantage of water also is that they’re a very sturdy counter to Fire-types and if combined with a subordinate type such as Dragon-type or ground, they become protected to electricity.

Serial NoTop 5 Best Water Type Pokemon
3. Gyarados
1. Blastoise

5. Kyogre

This Pokemon has made its position in this list due to its capabilities and tools. As Kyogre is pure a water type Pokemon, therefore, it does not take any other type such as ground or ice. It has made its position in the series in the 97th episode of the advanced generation series of Pokemon. So don’t under estimate the power of this Pokemon because you may end up losing very quickly before you blink your eyes. The strength of this Pokemon lies in its ability to slow down the pace of the match. Therefore included in the best water type Pokemon.


4. Swampert

Swampert is another best water type Pokemon but we have seen this very few episodes of the series. But as talk about the capabilities and characteristics of this Pokemon, it is one of the most powerful in the whole series. It is water as well as ground type Pokemon, due to this reason it became immune to electricity which is one of the awesome and greatest threats of this type of Pokemon. Swampert is still much weaker to grass type attacks in the battlefield but able to create a strong defensive wall when it is used in the right way. It is also able to more tools as compared to another water type such as Earthquake. That’s why considered in one of the best water type Pokemon.


3. Gyarados

Gyarados is another water type Pokemon species. It also appears in the Red and Blue Pokemon video game. Not go on the angry face of this species because it is one the funny Pokemon. It has made its appearances in countless episodes of the franchise and every time it has destroyed everything in its way. That’s why it is one of the dangerous and best water type Pokemon. Gyarados is mind blowing to go from a small and helpless fish to a giant dragon but it is one of the horrible characters in the battlefield. OIne of the desired species because of dual characteristics of flying as well as a water type.


2. Greninja

Greninja is the fan favorite of many people as it has made several appearances in X and Y version of the Pokemon series. XY and Z is one of the latest series in which Greninja and its trainer Ash set out a mission to defeat every gym leader. It is very strong to fight with the Water-type but little bit weak in case of fighting fairy, electric and bug-type species. Despite, it has also many uncertain matchups that make this species little bit risky to choose with consistency. As compared to other types of Water-type, Greninja is not so much bulky therefore it can easily move from one place to another. It is also one of the best choices to play against the fire-type species. Therefore included in one of the best water type Pokemon.


1. Blastoise

Blastoise is another water type Pokemon species that first appeared in the Red and Blue video game of this series. So it is one of the oldest pure Water-type species. It was fully evolved from Squirtle which was included from the first installment of the series. It relies more on its brute power, as Hydro Pump is one of its major attacks because it shoots out a large amount of water on the opponent. Despite, it is also one of the heavier characters, therefore, used the defensive wall of the team on the battlefield. It has a lot of power but it can fail quickly against the Electric-type, therefore, use Blastoise with great care in the tournaments.


Final Thoughts

The Pokemon series became an awesome and higher phenomenon since its release in 1996. So we have a strong desire for Pokemon and maybe you do too. So be sure to check out our other top ten best water type Pokemon lists and leave your preferred Water-type Pokemon in the comments section down below.

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