Grass types are a much-underappreciated type of Pokemon. Despite being strong against rock, water, and ground types, and being one of the very few types of strongest Pokemon that actually struggles electric, there is a discrete lack of dominant grass types. While these are five of the best grass type Pokemon in the list, overall, they are not a type known for their powerful infraction and usually end up as being pests like Sunkern more frequently than actual extortions. So due to their awesome defensive quality, they are included in in every Generation and installment of the Pokemon Series.

So here we have a list of top 5 best grass type Pokemon.

Serial No Top 5 Best Grass Type PokemonGeneration
4Mega Abomasnow4th
3Shaymin (Sky Forme)4th
2Mega Venusaur1st
1Mega Sceptile3rd and 6th

5. Torterra

Torterra is a dual type Ground and grass type Pokemon of the 4th generation. It is one of the best Pokemon due to some good reasons because it is a little bit more unique than that of the ground/grass type. Included more on the defensive side and somewhat OK for attacks. So in simple form, Torterra is a beast, one reason is STAB Earthquake. Even if he survives with a Focus Sash just to fire off one Earthquake, quiet will cause destruction on just about anything other than flying types. So fire types and ice types have to be careful because a consistent Earthquake is no joke but a STAB Earthquake is somewhat even the most toughened trainer fears about. Therefore included in one of the best grass type Pokemon.


4. Mega Abomasnow

We well know that Grass Type Pokemon are weak to fire. As it is another dual type Pokemon so it shows some weaknesses against poison, flying, bug, steel, and rock. But it shows some greater type of resistance against flying type because of its ice type qualities. Labeled as the Ice Tree Pokemon, Abomasnow indications off Grass’ usual weakness to Ice-based attacks, though the extra Fire weakness is indeed felt hard. So the weather type quality of this space doubles its power.


3. Shaymin (Sky Forme)

It in an adorable mythical Pokemon that holds some massive power in its small tiny body. Shaymin is able to destroy and absorb pollution in the air and converts it into enormous power for its Seed Flare attack. Despite, it can also dissolve toxin in the air quickly transformed ruined land into lush fields of flowers. Shaymin also shows more resistance against its opponents, but it is very hard to pick this tiny powerful Pokemon. It has the ability to transform into Serena Grace that double power of every secondary move. Therefore included in the best grass type Pokemon.


2. Mega Venusaur

Mega Venusaur is the final evolution in the Bulbasaur line. It was also debuted in the Red and Blue, as it is much handier and useful in Mega form. But Venusaur is weak to flying, ice and fire, with a shield that high, you can easily fight off and strip off many fairy types. As Mega Venusaur, the flower on its back raises larger and two smaller pink flowers blossom, one on its forehead and one on its tail. The weight of the flower causes its legs to become stronger in order to support it. So it is handy massive species against its opponents. Toxic is one of its motion that he applied to piss some people off. That’s why considered in the best grass type Pokemon.


1. Mega Sceptile

The forest Pokemon is the final evolution of Treecko. It is agile and combats enough to run circle around its opponents. Mega Sceptile doesn’t even face opponents head-on; it turns its back on them, daring its foes to attack with a sly glance over its shoulder. So it is a pure grass type Pokemon, as it has awesome ability to become Lightning Rod which it draws all electric attack to it. It takes no destruction and its speed increases a stage. This is eccentric against any and all electric types. Despite, Toxic is always a safe fallback to fight Fairy types away from. Therefore it is one of the most powerful and best grass type Pokemon.


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