There is a large number of the fighter jet that powerful countries have produced. Despite, some countries are also looking for more faster and powerful fighter jets. War is hell for almost every country in the world. Because the peaceful country has always less problem if the region is not in the war position. So come to the point, fighter jets are more common but most powerful weapons in the war for the country. So in this context, many developed countries have made large speed and powerful fighter jets to compete with each other. Faster speed means more and early customers.

So here we have a list of top powerful fighter jets.

Serial NoFighter JetsMax Speed(kilometers)Ferry Range(Meters)Wing Loading (kg/m2)Service Ceiling(meters)Rate of Climb(m/s)
10F-16 Fighting Falcon1470 to 2414422043018000+254
9F15 Eagle1450 to 2660555035820,000254
8Saab JAS 39 Gripen2,205249/m250,000
7MiG 352,4003,10057,400330 m/s
6J-10Mach 1.93,40033518,000
5Sukhoi Su-352,410450084.9lb/ft218,00055,100
4Dassault Rafale1,91515,23560,000
3F 35 Lightning 22,4144,28043018,000254
2Eurofighter Typhoon2,4953,79030719,810315
1F-22 Raptor2,41019,81237519,813

10. F-16 Fighting Falcon

One of the most popular and fast fighter jets, so thanks to its combat proven and advanced capabilities. So it was made by the United States to perform their air superiority missions. But due to the advancement in technology, evolved in the multirole fighter jets. Featured with the highly advanced and long-range attack systems. Therefore included in the powerful fighter jets. Here is some specification of F-16:

Max Speed: 1470 to 2414 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 4220 kilometers

Wing Loading: 430kg/m2

Service Ceiling: 18000+ meters

Rate of Climb: 254 meters per second

F-16 Fighting Falcon

9. F15 Eagle

Named as McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. It is all-weather tactical, twin-engine American fighter jet. Designed and made for the air supremacy of the United States Air Force by McDonnell Douglas. It is an aggressive and power fighter jet that is able to perform a variety of tasks. But best suited for long range targets and quick strike attacks. So such an amazing fighter jet on which military can rely. So here are some features of F-15:

Max Speed: 1450 to 2660 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 5550 kilometers

Wing Loading; 358kg/m2

Service Ceiling: 20,000 meters

Rate of Climb: 254 meters per second

F15 Eagle

8. Saab JAS 39 Gripen

Saab JAS 39 Gripen is another one of the most powerful fighter jets. It is a single-engine and light multirole fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company of the same name. Made to replace the previous version of this aircraft Saab 35 Draken. It made its first flight in 1988 but introduced to the world in 1997. So the Jet has made its name with the classic range of 3,250 kilometers.

Therefore included in the powerful fighter jets. So here are some of the features of Saab JAS 39 Gripen:

Max Speed: 2,205 kilometers

Service Ceiling: 50,000 feet

Maximum Range: 1,988 miles

Wing Loading: 249/m2

Saab JAS 39 Gripen

7. MiG 35

The most popular aircraft of Russian origin, Mikoyan MiG 35. It is classified in the 4++ generation of Mikoyan series. It is one of the most modern aircraft in the world. Reported to complete in 2018, as the first series was completed in 2010 and the other in 2016. These aircraft are in use of Egyptian as well as Russian air force. So the aircraft has the most modern weapon and avionics system. Therefore included in the most powerful fighter jets.

Max Speed: 2,400 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 3,100 kilometers

Service Ceiling: 57,400 feet

Rate of Climb: 330 m/s

MiG 35

6. J-10

Chengdu J-10 is multi-role and lightweight fighter aircraft which is capable of all-weather operations. Also configured with a canard design and delta wing, so produced by Chengdu Aircraft Corporation of the People’s Republic of China for their air force. So it is the first and the only powerful fighter jet that matches the high standards of Russian and Western fighter jets. It introduced to the world of aviation in 2006. So here are the features of J-10:

Max Speed: Mach 1.9 cruising at altitude

Ferry Range: 3,400 kilometers

Service Ceiling: 18,000 meters

Wing Loading: 335 kg/m2


5. Sukhoi Su-35

Another super aircraft by Russia is none other than Sukhoi Su-35. It is highly upgraded derivatives of the Su-27 fighter aircraft. Specification of Su-35 is including super maneuverable, twin-engine and single seat. Built by Komsomolsk on Amur Aircraft Production Association and designed by Sukhoi. It was introduced in the world in 2014 and now in wide use of Russian Air Force. Due to its excellent features, included in the best and powerful fighter jets. Here are some features of Sukhoi Su-35:

Max Speed: 2,410 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 4500 kilometers

Wing Loading: 84.9lb/ft2

Service Ceiling: 18,000 meters

Rate of Climb: 55,100 feet per minute

Sukhoi Su-35

4. Dassault Rafale

Dassault Rafale is a multirole fighter aircraft, canard-delta wing, and twin engine aircraft. The French aircraft is built and designed by Dassault Aviation. So equipped with the large range of the modern weapon, intended to perform ground support, interdiction and air supremacy. Therefore referred as an Omani role powerful jet by the company. These aircraft widely in use of French Air Force, Egyptian Air Force and French Navy. So the crafts are in service since 2001. Therefore included in most powerful fighter jets. So the versatile design has following features:

Max Speed: 1,915 kilometers per hour

Service Ceiling: 15,235 meters

Rate of Climb: 60,000 feet per minute

Dassault Rafale

3. F 35 Lightning 2

F 35 Lightning 2 is also named as Lockheed Martin F 35 Lightning 2. It belongs to the family of a single engine, single seat and all weather stealth multirole fighters. Designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin from the United States. So these are widely in use of Australia, United Kingdom, Netherland, South Korea, Turkey and Air Force of United States. Designed to fulfill the requirements of modern battlefields. Therefore included in the powerful fighter jets. So here are some features of F 35 Lightning 2.

Maximum Speed: 2,414 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 4,280 kilometers

Wing Loading: 430kg/m2

Service Ceiling: 18,000 meters or more

Rate of Climb: 254

F 35 Lightning 2

2. Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon is a multi-role, canard-delta wing and twin-engine fighter jet which is able to different tasks. Designed and manufactured by a consortium of Alenia Aermacchi and Airbus. So the development of the jet began in the 1990s but first introduced to the world in 2003. Equipped with the super guided weapons and abilities like the super cruise. Therefore included in one of best and powerful fighter jets. So here are some features of Eurofighter Typhoon:

Maximum Speed: 2,495 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 3,790 kilometers

Wing Loading: 307 kg/m2

Service Ceiling: 19,810 meters

Rate of Climb: 315 meters per second


Eurofighter Typhoon

1. F-22 Raptor

Last but not the least, F-22 Raptor is the most powerful fighter jets. The fifth-generation jet has all weather stealth tactical, twin-engine and single seat fighter aircraft, manufactured for Air Force of United States. It is super fast and virtually invisible to radar. The aircraft stands as the king of fighter jets in the whole world. Featured with the advanced weapon system, amazing stealth abilities, and superior avionics.

Max Speed: 2,410 kilometers per hour

Ferry Range: 19,812 meters

Wing Loading: 375 kg/m2

Service Ceiling: 19,813 meters

F-22 Raptor

Final Thoughts

The list of the best and powerful fighter jets is not a joke. The list is according to the specifications and quality of fighter jets. So in this concern, we have prepared the list of best and powerful fighter jets. We hope that this information will help you in the best way of your knowledge. So if you like then share and comment below.


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