Football, not the American one, is the most popular sport in the world and that has also translated into the football clubs is not only some of the richest but also the most valuable clubs across all sports. We cannot hide from the fact that the top 3 most valuable clubs in the stock market right now are all Football clubs and Dallas Cowboy barely makes the top 5, the most valuable franchise in the US. Let’s see the top 10 most valuable football clubs and how they came to be.

Serial NoTop 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs in the WorldValue
8AC Milan$856m
7Manchester City$863m
6Chelsea FC$868m
5Arsenal FC$1.33b
4Bayern Munich$1.85b
2Real Madrid$3.44b
1Manchester United$3.6b

10. Liverpool

Value: $691m

Liverpool was once the famed England Giants and with perhaps the greatest English history in the modern day and age. Although they have since languished status, quality and money wise behind Manchester United, their popular fan base and rich history with 5 European winning medals makes them the 10th most valuable football club. Although this season looks bleak for Liverpool at best, if they could somehow close the gap of 8 points with the top 4 and retain a CL place again they may head for higher value above the languishing AC Milan.

Liverpool FC

9. Juventus

Value: $850m

From relegated side in a dismal two years to an unequivocal champion in Italy, Juventus has achieved what many deemed impossible at one time. Many say that it has only been possible due to Loyalty of World Class players like Buffon and Chiellini that they re-emerged to the top. The future looks bright for Juventus as the current crop of experienced and explosive young talent has made them the only viable candidate for the UEFA Champions League winner from Italy. With AC Milan being a pesky mid-table club nowadays there is a strong possibility that the Juventus of value may go up than AC Milan due to Champions League Football.


8. AC Milan

Value: $856m

AC Milan was once graced with creative and destructive players like Kaka, Inzaghi, Ibrahimovic, and Shevchenko and was considered a force in Europe to be reckoned with; they are now considered underdogs in their own League and have failed to qualify for the Champions league in a 2013-2014 season. Retiring stars, players leaving for bigger clubs like Madrid, Barca and premier league, AC Milan may make way for another club at the 10 most valuable football clubs berth.  Let’s see if Inzaghi can inspire AC Milan as the manager as he did as a player, that win against Madrid giant breaking their winning run hints that there is hope for them yet.

AC Milan FC

7. Manchester City

Value: $863m

Manchester City became prime contenders for breaking into the top four which was occupied indefinitely by 4 English Giants of that time Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United after the Etihad scoop. It took City 4 years, they broke into top 4 in 2010 and that has also inspired their own value as a football club to go up than what a measly sum it was 7 years before. Manchester City has broken the curse and qualified for UEFA Champions League knock out round this time round and is strong contenders for winning in both Europe and England which could see become more valuable as time passes with long term stadium and facility investments.

Man City

6. Chelsea FC

Value: $868m

The Oligarch Roman Abramovich recently lost a huge chunk of his wealth but will be banking his English side to settle the waters and Mourinho looks to be on course to do that. Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League in 2012 finally and won the Premier league in 2010. Jose Mourinho ’second spell is looking to be a successful one at the moment and if they are to retain or possibly climb the most valuable football club ladder they would have to win the league this term lest City may overtake them.

Chelsea FC

5. Arsenal FC

Value: $1.33b

Arsenal FC also was known as the Gunners, have been a welcomed part of Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League for a long time. Arsenal used to be the title contenders up until 2005 but the move from Highbury to Emirates Stadium saw Arsenal go into huge amounts of debt and thus the necessity to sell key players like Henry and Vieira saw them fall from the invincible grace.

The club is just goal difference away from again retaining their former 4th place in the league and their continued participation in Champions League football ensures their 1.33 billion dollar value.

ARsenal FC

4. Bayern Munich

Value: $1.85b

The penchant force in German Football has been reigning supreme for the past decade in European and home football in past several decades. The German Champions look to repeat their 2013 historic season under the guidance of Pep Guardiola. Their continuously filling trophy cabinet, magnificent facilities and a magnetic effect on the elite young talent has kept them afloat in the 4th position in the Richest club ratings.

Bayern Munchen

3. Barcelona

Value: $3.2b

Barcelona has been the most successful clubs in the past decade without a shadow of a doubt but failing to win either the Champions League or La Liga last season and playing second fiddle Real Madrid in recent time has seen them being valued below the Galacticos. With players like Messi, Suarez, and Neymar in the mix it is definite to say that Barcelona fierce rivalry with Real would continue which would see them continue to sit in their top 3 berths for most valuable football clubs in the world.


2. Real Madrid

Value: $3.44b

The Galacticos have been an iconic club and attracts the most talented and world class players from across the globe for the past decade. They have won the most Champion Leagues in the history with La Decima was won last season courtesy the heroics of Bale, Di Maria, Ronaldo, and Benzema show. Ronaldo has upped his game and has now shrugged off any chances of Messi regaining the Ballon d’Or and this has translated into his team’s recent success which may see them usurp to the first position as the most valued club again should United fail to qualify for CL this season; which seems unlikely now that they are sitting pretty at 3rd and clawing at Chelsea and City.


1. Manchester United

Value: $3.6b

The most successful football club in English football history, the most popular club in football history and the most expensive sports club in the world, Manchester United has again regained their status as the most valuable club in football after falling behind Barca and Real due to no European Football this term. United struck a record $1.3 billion kit deal with Adidas over next 10 years which saw a growth in market share and the subsequent berth as the top dog. If all falls in place they will continue to do so for several years to come at least.

Manchester United FC


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