There are thousands of mobile apps available for the users. According to heuristic estimation, we are tracking about 700,000 mobile apps present for Android and iOS platforms. Some of these apps are very prominent and popular due to its millions of downloads. These apps are including Facebook, Twitter, Fruit Ninja, Google Maps and much more. Every mobile user must have experience of installing and uninstalling mobile apps. So we have decided to take a look at the different facts and figures that we have gathered on the platform of Android to find the most uninstalled android apps. So we have looked and compared the installed and uninstalled rates of following apps.

So here we have a list of top 10 most uninstalled android apps.

Serial NoTop 10 Most Uninstalled Android Apps Uninstalled Rate.
10Hangman Free12.5%
9Texas Poker12.5%
8Find Differences12.9%
7Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals13%
6 Pinball Classic13.2%
5 News360 for Phones13.6%
4Baseball Superstars II14.6%
3Reverse Lookup16%
2Picsln Magic Effects17.4%
1Dolphin Text Sizer18.2%

10. Hangman Free

Hangman Free is totally a game of vocabulary. It is gently the test of a vocabulary of a person, so is your vocabulary or English is big enough to challenge your friend and save the poor stick, man? So you are able to challenge your friend to a battle of strong words on the classic chalkboard. So you have to Complete the secret word before you run of the guesses. The game supports single as well as the double player. On the other hand, although, it is an easy standard game with realistic and awesome graphics as we look at the previous record of this apps, it is more uninstalled then that of installation. So the uninstalled rate of this app is 12.5 %. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


9. Texas Poker


Texas Poker is another game which is also most played by the people. This game allows a user to enjoy the game without registering your account. So the game provides an opportunity compete with one another whenever they want. According to the developers of the game, Texas Poker is simple standard and easy to understand for the new players. But on the other hand, players find so many difficulties while playing this game. But according to the users, the game takes a long time to log in spite of its beautiful design and interface. So the uninstallation rate of this game is about 12.5% which is due to the slowness of this game. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


8. Find Differences

Find Difference is one of the most favorite and most played game. It is one of the most interesting game therefore equally played by elders as well as children. The Game is all about to compare two images and users have to find five differences between them. This game provides an opportunity to improve attention skills because it is the exercising brain. It is easy to play but the controls are all messed up and the game is also taking too much time to run. Therefore uninstalled rate of this app is about 12.9%. That’s why included in the most uninstalled android apps.


7. Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals

As clear from the name of this app, Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals is all about giving inspiration and tools to generate really great-tasting food simply at the doorstep. The app provides 65 mouth-watering recipes for their users. So every recipe has excellent step by step photographs of the recipe. Despite the photographs, you are also able to provide different videos with different tricks, tips, and skills. But users can’t find any interest in this app because users expect more from this app. So uninstalled rate to this app is about 13%. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


6. Pinball Classic

Pinball game is one of the famous and unique game. It is also most interesting to play therefore equally famous in elders as well as young ones. The game provides excellent features and experience to its users with realistic physics, pure action, and excellent cinematic graphics. It also provides excellent control, so tap anywhere on the left side to take control the left flipper and right to take control the right flipper. It has also nice sound but we can’t any solid reason why people uninstalled such an awesome game. So the uninstalled rate of Pinball Classic is 13.2%. That’s why considered in the most uninstalled android apps.


5. News360 for Phones


News360 is a personalized news reader because it tailors a unique news feed for its users. Despite, it also uncovers the quality content from all around the web or the internet. It checks the interest of the users and provides important and main topics of interest to the user. According to New York Times, News360 for Phones is one of the better news apps because it provides more than 100,000 sources of getting news from local to the top national level. But it provides a lot of distraction and lack of viewing articles. Sometimes app also shows the message of force close while viewing save articles. So these are reasons of uninstalling this app and the uninstallation rate of this app is 13.6%. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


4. Baseball Superstars II

Baseball Superstar II is ultimate smart baseball experience to play this smart game. Clarity and enhanced details of this game make an eye-opening ballgame optimized for HD and high-res display on all Android devices. It is one of the most downloaded game because you can customize the logo, uniform, stadium and all other equipment of your team. But despite all, people find some frustration while using this app. It is also very hard and difficult to play this game which is the main reason of the uninstallation of this app. So the uninstallation rate of this app is 14.6% which is quite higher. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


3. Reverse Lookup

Reverse Lookup provides an opportunity to search not only unknown callers by numbers but also find people you want to contact. So with the large database of phone numbers, the user can easily achieve a reverse phone number search on any caller. It also provides facilities to block scams, telemarketers, SMS, scams, and robocalls intelligently to ensure harassment-free calling experience. So it is also the only app that also displays the location of the caller. But users find lots of mistakes and inaccurate work by this app, therefore needs plenty of improvements. The uninstallation rate of this app is 16%. That’s considered in the most uninstalled android apps.


2. Picsln Magic Effects

Picsln provides a lot of tools, collage maker, effects, free clip art library, camera and much more. So you will find all in one drawing tools and stickers. Picsln Magic Effects is all about editing or remixing pics by adding some awesome effects. The app is much liked by the people but some of the features of this app are really stupid. It also gives messages of repurchasing stickers so must have to clear your cache again and again to avoid this issue. So the uninstalled rate of this app is about 17.4% with respect to its previous figure. Therefore included in the most uninstalled android apps.


1. Dolphin Text Sizer

Last but not the least, text resizer apps are most helpful. So Dolphin Text Sizer quickly adjust the font size to help you browse small text with much ease. As the web or internet browsing is never easy therefore change, resize, and magnify the web pages and text on it with a single click. So it helps you quickly adjust the font size of the webpage that you are visiting. But there are some problems while using this app. It doesn’t close on its own while finish using a browser. Despite it also gives unknown errors during the installation of this app. So the rate of uninstallation of Dolphin Text Sizer is 18.2%. Therefore strongly considered in the most uninstalled android apps.


Final Thoughts

Interesting to know that most of these apps are actually pretty decent apps to use. So why they are uninstalled? They are uninstalled because users didn’t use these apps very often. They find no interest in them. So we try our best to provide you best information about most uninstalled android apps. So if you like then share with friends and comment below in the comment box.


Serial No Top 10 Most Uninstalled Android Apps Uninstalled Rate.
1 Dolphin Text Sizer 18.2%
2 Picsln Magic Effects 17.4%
3 Reverse Lookup 16%
4 Baseball Superstars II 14.6%
5 News360 for Phones 13.6%
6 Pinball Classic 13.2%
7 Jamie’s 20 Minute Meals 13%
8 Find Differences 12.9%
9 Texas Poker 12.5%
10 Hangman Free 12.5%


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