Shoes have defined an individual more than anything and your footwear is often an indication of how well kept you are. Though many would be happy to say that they have bought a really expensive shoe for a $150 that does not even scrape the surface of Expensive Men’s Shoe Brands. The most expensive of shoe brands offer ultimate style and luxury. They offer the wide variety of footwear in the upwards of thousand dollars with ease. So you might have to think twice about buying one as they may cause more than your month’s rent easily.

Serial NoTop 10 Most Expensive Men's Shoe BrandsPrice
10Martin Dingman$1,200
9Tanino Crisci$1,250
8John Lobb$1,280
7New & Lingwood$1,500

5Stefano Bemer$2,000
4Aubercy Diamond$5,000
3Louis Vuitton$10,000
1Tom Ford Diamond Covered$2m

Luxuries and Comfortable Shoe Brands for Men:

10. Martin Dingman

Martin Dingman has been the leading shoe maker in the crocodile leather industry. This is most probably the reason why that they are also very expensive. You have to pay the top price to wear a freaking crocodile on your foot. The shoes are mostly classical and usually worn by the upper echelon, especially businessmen on vacations or trips. Most expensive of Martin Dingman go for a whopping $1,200 and not many of you guys would be able to dish out this many bucks.


9. Tanino Crisci

The Italian shoemaker is one of the leading luxury shoe makers. It is obvious that they would feature on this list. Tanino Crisci is the work of art and its simple yet luxurious style of shoe making is very popular among men, who don’t usually enjoy dazzling stuff like most women. Tanino is the desire of many men across the globe with very few actually being able to afford them. The priciest of Tanino Crisci shoes cost around $1,250.


8. John Lobb

There is a running gag that a women’s shoe is as expensive as uncomfortable it is. It is completely different for men shoe. They get more comfortable as the price goes up; John Lobb provides exactly that. This smooth and elegant line of shoes has been provided by John Lobb to men for many generations. Comes with the highest price reaching $1,280 it is obvious that only upper-middle-class people and higher would be able to afford one of these.


7. New & Lingwood

New & Lingwood is a Russian premium shoemaker and has been setting the tradition for many of the Russian oligarchs through many generations. The shoes are made through a very time-consuming meticulous process. Every time the pair comes out with the fine finish and a classy elegance about it. Most expensive of New & Lingwood’s pairs are available for around $1,500


6. Berluti

Berluti has been known to make exclusive and custom pairs for their customers. It means that you can’t just go to a shoe rack and select a Berluti. You have to actually put in a request to the company to make them. Berluti sports a Ferrari model for the shoes and made to completely fit the owner’s need. It also means that a Berluti can cost whatever you like but the starting price is around $1,900 so we will have to go with that.



5. Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer is a master class shoemaker and each pair is handcrafted to bring you the most ravishing of products. The starting price of this brand starts with $2,000. Noted that if you need a custom shoe of this brand for your wedding or a party, better put in an order super early. That is because the process takes the whole of 3 months as the shoes are handcrafted from scratch to give you the best of feel.


4. Aubercy Diamond

Aubercy has been known to sell all kinds of footwear and most of them go into the luxury end of things. They have recently started their diamond studded line and prices for these can run pretty high up to $5,000. The Aubercy Diamond can go into the high prices that could cost more than a car depending on the diamond, but people have yet to venture into that line of pricing for these shoes.


3. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is often associated with absurdly pricey accessories and it would have been silly to think that they won’t make this accessory’s list. The men’s pair cost around a fancy $10,000 and is literally just about status symbol more than anything. These handcrafted shoes afford some of the most brilliant o materials and design and although unconventional, many pines for a Louis Vuitton.


2. Testoni

Testoni makes the most expensive men shoes that are actually available on the market. The shoes often go into a price range that exceeds buying an average Toyota car’s price. The Testoni shoes are handcrafted and made from the finest of alligator leather. So you will know that you are paying top notch price for a top notch product.


1. Tom Ford Diamond Covered

A Tom Ford shoe is actually not that expensive to be listed in the top 10 most expensive men shoe brand on its own. But the diamond covered one of a kind shoe goes for a price of around $2m which will actually make you consider a Louis Vuitton shoe’s price range as chopped liver compared to this. Although the brand itself is not the most expensive in actuality. These exclusive diamond covered Tom Ford shoes technically makes it the most expensive brand there.



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