They say that a dog is man’s good friend and that you cannot put a price on friendship. But in the world of animal companionship, if you want the best of the best friend, you need to shake that wallet a little. Some dogs may even cost you more than getting a refurbished family car. But, that is the price that you will have to pay for the best of the breeds. Here are ten dogs that are the most expensive dogs breed there is. Note: The prices listed are in and around the maximum price for that particular animal.

Serial NoTop 10 Most Expensive Dogs Breed ListPrice
7Pharaoh Hound$6,000
5Tibetan Mastiff$7,000
3Chow Chow$8,000
2British Bulldog$9,000

Expensive Dog Breeds, Affordable by Richest Persons Only

10. Saluki

Price: $2,500

On first look, a Saluki might look like anorexia patient but don’t be fooled by its skinny appearance because not only this dog has incredible eyesight as a hunter but also has a mind boggling strength in those feet. A Saluki has an ability to run at hour’s length as it has incredible stamina and endurance. This hunter dog is also used as a show dog because of its grace, and a beauty that is reflected by the feathered legs and a silky tail.


9. Azawakh

Price: $4,000

Azawakh is an African breed, and this dog was used as both a guard dog and a hunting dog by their ancestor nomad tribes. They are available in both Canada and US and are very few of African location that is available on the market there. Azawakh usually has brown skin and a lithe build that supports fast running for hunting animals like gazelles with which even Cheetahs sometimes have a hard time keeping up. It is an excellent guard dog as well as it will ward off any predator that is even a size or two big. If you get one, make sure that you feed it correctly and play with it as it requires a lot of love.


8. Akita

Price: $4,500

This particular dog reminds me of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog particularly because of its plush tail. This dog can be found all over the world but as you may be able to guess from its name, the origin is Japanese. These dogs are very beatific and thus are used as therapy dogs, or many call it the animal companion. They are also splendid at dog shows because of their thick and plushy coats. You can get an Akita starting from around a $1,500 to a max price of around 4,500 depending on their health and upbringing i.e. training.


7. Pharaoh Hound

Price: $6,000

A pharaoh hound as its name implies a dog, and the first name comes from the ear that stand out regally as the dogs seen in Egyptian scripture. They are very fast and powerful thus good at hunting. They are excitable dogs who will do just about anything it can to please its master. Apart from the exotic look, a unique feature that makes it this expensive is the rosy blush that creeps up its nose and ear whenever it is excited, in a platonic way, of course.


6. Lowchen

Price: $6,500

Lowchen is German for ‘little lion’ and it is aptly named as such because of a hairy mane and hair all across the body. Which it is often given a lions haircut and shown off in dog shows. It is a cute and playful dog and is quite pacey and acrobatic than most other dogs, especially its size. They are often used as companion dogs but are sometimes used as show dogs.



5. Tibetan Mastiff

Price: $7,000

When you first see this dog you might mistake his fur coat as an extra overcoat draped over it. But the additional and natural draping not only helps in the cold but also makes it a desirable companion for which you are willing to pay a big buck. They are often used as watchdogs because of their aloof and patient person. But sometimes it also means having a dog that prefers cuddling with you rather than running around catching the Frisbee you throw.


4. Rottweiler

Price: $7,500

Rottweiler is one of my personal favorite breeds because of its impressive size, regal personality and a commanding presence. They are very patient and obedient thus they are often used in obedience competition. They are often deployed by the police as service dogs or therapy dogs because of their obedience and confident personality. Because of the expensive nature, they are usually found in rich places outside of the police.


3. Chow Chow

Price: $8,000

A funny name for a dog that looks more like a lion than a low chin could ever dare to be because the lion’s mane a Chow Chow has is more alike than a low Cohen’s. Because of their lion-like like appearance they are often used as show dogs because of this look, the furry coat and a unique tongue that is either blue or black. They originate from the arctic and because of their sturdy build were used as working dogs but now they are more in the showbiz and companion world.

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2. British Bulldog

Price: $9,000

Contrary to the name, the British bulldog is often time voted as the best pet in the US. It’s overwhelming popularity in the US sees people dish out even up to $10,000 for this fine breed. Possibly the most popular dog in the whole world, I call Spike from Tom and Jerry. It is also used frequently in many movies and TV shows. Despite their bull-like exterior and tough look, they are very gentle and loveable thus very popular as companions.


1. Samoyed

Price: $10,500

Samoyed is one of a kind because of its weather resistant beautiful coat and regal posture. They excel at almost anything a dog can excel in, besides hunting. It is very agile with talents in weight pulling, sledding, and herding due to which they are also deployed as the working dog. Samoyed is also a very loveable dog which is very bright and alert. It’s luxurious looks contribute to such a high price. Another reason for the expensive buck is that this dog appears to be smiling almost all the time because of its lips curved into the famous Samoyed smile.


Dogs can become an essential part of your lives, especially your kids. Any one of the above ten can be a perfect fit for your family.

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