Our beautiful world is full of creatures short and tall, big and small. But we will discuss the 15 largest animals in the world classified by different categories including reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and birds. Animals of the world can be measured by several criteria such as length, height, weight etc. According to reports, there are more than 8.7 million creatures exist in the world. These creatures are so small that cannot be seen by naked and so much large that cannot be even imagined by the mind of a person.

So here we have a list of 10 biggest and largest animals in the world.

Serial NoTop 10 Largest Animals in the World Size
10Scarlet Macaw81 centimeters
9Giraffe4.69 meters
8African Elephant6 to 7.5 meters
7Blue Whale30 meters
6Tallest Cow (Daniel)6 feet and 4 inches
5Largest Japanese Spider Crab5.5 feet
4Biggest Alligator15 feet and 9 inches
3Flemish Giant2.5 feet
2Tallest Dog (Zeus)1.118 meters
1Green Anaconda5.21 meters

10. Hyacinth Macaw

The most beautiful parrot Hyacinth Macaw is native to central and eastern South Africa. It is the largest flying parrot and the biggest macaw on the earth. So with the length of 3.3 feet, Hyacinth Macaw is the longer parrot species. Each of its wings is about 388-425 mm long and feathers are complete blue but lighter above. It is one of the rarest and expensive species with the average price of $20,000. Hyacinth Macaw loves to eat nuts from the native palms such as bocaiuva and acuri and they have very strong beaks to eat even harder nuts. Due to their mighty size, it is included in the biggest and largest animals.


9. Giraffe

The giraffe is one of the biggest and popular animals in the world. It is also known as an even-toed ungulate mammal of Africa, Giraffe looks like a camel in height and tiger in color but the only difference is that its extra-long neck. The main distinguished characteristics of Giraffe are including long legs, neck, coat pattern and horn-like ossicones. The average weight of Giraffe is 1400 kg and the average length of the body is 4.69 meters. Mostly found in Grassland, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, and Woodlands. They usually like to live in large groups and love to eat Acacia leaves.

8. African Elephant

The mighty African Bush Elephant is the biggest living terrestrial or land animal. The height of males reaching 6 to 7.5 meters in length, 3.3 meters in height at the shoulder, and weighing 6 t (13,000 lb.). Females are much smaller as compare to males, reaching 5.4 to 6.9 meters in length, 2.7 meters in height at the shoulder, and weight is about 3 t (6,600 lb.). The African elephant generally has no natural marauders due to its large and great size, but the calves are susceptible to lion and crocodile attacks, and very rare to hyena and leopard attack. So due to mighty size, African Elephant is included in the biggest and largest animals in the world.

7. Blue Whale

The largest and greatest blue whale is a marine mammal belonging to the suborder of baleen whales. At 30 meters in length and 180 metric tons or more in weight. Blue Whale is the largest known animal to have ever existed in the world. It is interesting to know that the tongue of Blue whale weighs around 2.7 metric tons which are about the size of an average Asian Elephant and its heart weighs about 600 kg and is the largest known in any animal. They are mostly found in Indian as well as South Pacific Ocean and found in abundant than that of other species of whales. So, it is included in the largest animals in the world due to its mighty size.

6. Tallest Cow (Daniel)

Daniel is so far the biggest cow on the surface of the earth with a height of 6 feet and 4 inches. The mighty cow has a monster appetite because he eats more than a regular cow each day. He puts away about 15-pound grain, 100 pound of hay, produces 150 pounds of droppings and drinks more than 100 gallons of water in a single day. So officials of Guinness World Records have written the name of Daniel as the largest and biggest cow of the world. According to the owner, he is just like a big puppy despite its lofty size. Therefore, he is included in the biggest and largest animals in the world.

5. Largest Japanese Spider Crab

Japanese Spider Crab is the biggest marine crab in the world. It has the greatest leg span of any arthropod which is reaching up to 5.5 feet from claw to claw. While the size of the body is about 40 cm with the weight of 19 kilograms. Apart from the might size, Japanese Crab also differs from other crabs in many ways. The color of spider crab is orange with white spots on the legs and somewhere on the body. The strongly armored exoskeleton helps them to protect from the larger dangerous predators such as octopuses. They can live at the depth of 150 to 300 meters of water. So due to its giant size, Japanese Spider Crab is included in the largest animals in the world.

4. Biggest Alligator

The size of an alligator often reach at 14 or 15 feet in length but here we are not talking about the Saltwater Crocodile. According to reports, five members of Stokes family from America have captured and killed a giant alligator from Alabama River in 2014. The length of this might one alligator is about 15 feet and 9 inches and weighed more than 450 kilograms. This is the largest alligator picked by the family and can be viewed at the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum, Montgomery. The age of alligator was 24 to 28 years.

3. Flemish Giant

The mighty Flemish Giant is a famous rabbit breed considered to be the biggest on the surface of the earth. However, the class is considered to be old among domesticated rabbits, but it is the largest mammal in the world from this family. The giant and largest rabbit weighs 12.7 kg and grows to a maximum length of 2.5 feet. Moreover, the Flemish giant came in seven colors and was primarily bred for meat and fur, but currently, these rabbits are kept as pets. So you can distinguish between male and females by the head, as they came with different head shapes. Due to its largest size, Flemish Giant is included in the largest animals in the world.

2. Tallest Dog (Zeus)

Zeus was the tallest dog from Otsego, Michigan United States of America. He was famous for being named as the tallest dog in the world by 2012 and 2013 Guinness Book of the World Records. Zeus was able to stretch his legs up to 2.26 meters because the height of the dog was 1.118 meters from his foot to withers. So he was just like a horse for the small children. Zeus, the tallest dog just died before his 6th birthday on 3rd September 2014 in Michigan, the owner Kevin Doorlag announced the news of his death on 11th December.

1. Green Anaconda

The largest Anaconda, Green Anaconda is also known as water boa and common anaconda. It is one of the longest and heaviest snake species ever exist in the world because reaching the length up to 5.21 meters. It is more interesting to know that a cash of $50,000 reward is offered for a person who can catch anaconda of size 30 feet. But the heaviest and longest ever anaconda was confirmed by Dr. Jesus Antonio of the size 5.21 meters. The skeleton of the largest anaconda is exhibit in the National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, Japan. Therefore, Green Anaconda is so far considered as one of the largest animals in the world.

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