Do you know, who is the highest paid actress in the world 2017? Well, here we have a list of top 10 highly paid Hollywood actresses. A beauty has levels and this is the second level of the last, sexy. ‘You look hot’ is much a different praise than telling someone they look sexy. Sexy is seen through the eyes of desire while hotness is the attire of a character. Hollywood industry is full of such hot and beautiful actresses. They entertain their fans with their awesome looks, in return, they paid so much high. According to a recent survey, Emma Stone is the highest paid actress in Hollywood this year with more than $26 million.

So here we have a list of top 10 highly paid Hollywood Actresses.

Serial NoTop 10 Highly Paid Hollywood ActressesIncome 2017
10Amy Adams$11.5 Million
9Julia Roberts$12 Million
8Natalie Portman$12 Million
7Charlize Theron$14 Million
6Emma Watson$14 Million
5Mila Kunis$15.5 Million
4Melissa McCarthy$18 Million
3Jennifer Lawrence$24 Million
2Jennifer Aniston$25.5 Million
1Emma Stone$26 Million

10. Amy Adams

The only beauty of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Amy Adams made its place in the highly paid Hollywood actresses. Amy Lou Adams is American singer as well as an actress. So with $11.5 million, Adams is at number ten in the ranking of highly paid Hollywood actresses. She is also 5 time Oscar nominee returns to the ranking as she resuscitates her role as Lois Lane in Warner Bros.’ D.C. comics series. Amy earns both cash and kudos by balancing awards show and box office hits such as ‘Arrival with more commercial offerings, like the forthcoming Justice League.

9. Julia Roberts

This attractive Woman’s assorted mix up of films has garnered her standing for significant and commercial achievement. Roberts’ topical box-office success (together with Mirror, Mirror, and August: Osage County) have gained her an imposing yearly salary, each year growing her approximate $140 million luck. Roberts’ CV is not overflowing with superficial Hollywood cash-cows. Her mainly renowned role led to her main Golden Globe and a suggestion for an Academy award. So she took home the Best Actress Oscar in 2001 for her dangerous role in Erin Brockovich. Julie Roberts continues to beam up the silver screen with her intensely large smile. This year she will attribute in ‘The Normal Heart’ next to Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer. She has earned $12 million this year and considered in the highly paid Hollywood actresses.

8. Natalie Portman

Similar to her Black Swan co-star Kunis, Portman has created a concrete profession as of a young age. Recognized by a number of for her role as Padme Amidala in ‘Star Wars’, and many others like Jane Foster in ‘Thor’, Portman has been concerned in numerous extremely winning franchises. Portman will shortly build her executive feature debut with an adaptation of ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness’, after co-writing the script. Like Kunis, Portman is able to currently about her age with the millions in her bank account – $12 million to be accurate.

7. Charlize Theron

The South African beauty started to gain reputation in the late 90s and has become a foundation on the cinema from then on. She is recognized as a dazzling blonde. So her representation of Aileen Wuornos in ‘Monster’ astonished many by gaining weight. So by removing her eyebrows to pose her impact. The gamble paid off, proving to one and all that she was supplementary than a beautiful face and creation her first South African to win the Academy Award for Best Actress. Now leading to 40s, Theron’s profession shows no mark of slowing behind; with two films due for let go this year and an additional in this year, her $14 million luck looks set only to amplify. Therefore, included in the highly paid Hollywood actresses.

6. Emma Watson

British model, activist, and actress, Emma Watson is another beauty included in this list. Born in Paris while brought up in Oxfordshire. She gained a lot of prominence and popularity after her first professional acting role in the Harry Potter film Series as Hermione Granger. She also appeared in all eight movies of Harry Potter series and gained about $60 million. The decent beauty, a newcomer to the highest paid 2017 ranking. Watson has Beauty and the Beast & The Circle to thank for her appearance on the list. So with $14 million income in the following year, she has made its place in the highly paid Hollywood actresses.

5. Mila Kunis

Kunis taking place on the small-screen at the affectionate age of 14 when she got her smash on ‘That 70s Show’. Given that then Kunis has transitioned as of TV to film with a role in the hit film ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’, moreover unloading significant commendation and a Golden Globe for her recital in ‘Black Swan’. Throughout this mixture of roles, the 30-year-old now has $15.5 million for this year. Mila played role in three triumphant films a previous year and is hopeful to do again the captivating formula with three additional silver screen performances ruled up for making public in 2014.

4. Melissa McCarthy

The plus sized actress and model, with the highest income of $18 million, Melissa McCarthy is at number 4 amongst highly paid Hollywood actresses. Melissa earned 8 figure upfront fee to star in Ghostbusters remake. Off screen, she designs her own all-sizes clothing line. Despite, also Forbes named McCarthy the third highest-paid actress in 2015. And second highest paid actress in the next year. Mike and Nolly may be off the air, but the Ghostbusters star is still pocketing paychecks for movies including the upcoming Life of the Party.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

The former number 1 paid actress for a consecutive year, Jennifer Lawrence is another beauty in this list. Even though she is barely attaining age over the lawful drinking age. Lawrence is previously amongst the beautiful actresses in Hollywood. She succeeded to have three Oscar nominations and win under her band and plays the main role in the most recent blockbuster franchise ‘The Hunger Games’. Well-known in the media for her embarrassed discussion style and idiosyncratic individuality. Jennifer is not famous to take herself too critically.

This is in malevolence of the hard-hitting themes she tackles in her performances, as well as psychological health in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ and scarcity in ‘Winter’s Bone’. This year she will lead up light in no less than four films, together with the riotously successful ‘X-Men’ franchise as Mystique and the last but one installment of ‘The Hunger Games’. With $24 million, she is one of the highly paid Hollywood actresses.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Rachel well known for her hit series “Friends” proved a key contributing role for her in the film industry. As a director and producer as well as the persistent to her acting credits. Her work presents more predilections for light comedy such as Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty and Vince Vaughn in The Breakup. With her indisputable amiability, she is many director’s first choices to balance makeshift or stupid comedy in a film she is owning about $150 million to make her richest among the women for her comedy. She has got $25.5 million in this following year with her impressive looks in the movies.

1. Emma Stone

The 28-year beauty is the highly paid Hollywood actress of this with $26 million. This is because, this beauty recently demands a heavy salary for her performances, for subsequent profit achievement and an overabundance of awards. After an assortment of supporting roles, it was to be Stone’s bubbly depiction of Olive Penderghast in ‘Easy A’ (her first principal role) which manifest her out as one to observe amongst young Hollywood. Emma’s roles vary from contemplation infuriating (in ‘The Help’) to the dialect in cheek (in ‘Zombie land’). So her striking salary is now moderately due to her acting in ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ franchise, as Gwen Stacy; a role she is set to do again afterward this year in the subsequent installment.


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