Do you know what msn stand for? Don’t worry, I will tell you about this. MSN or msn (Microsoft Network) is a huge web portal that has related collection of internet apps and services for mobile devices and windows. Launched and provided by Microsoft on 24th August 1995. Not more but here we give your precious info about free msn online games. So in this context, it is a casual website for gaming with the multi player and single player online games and also PC download games. These games are available in trial versions, free online versions and the full feature version of the play to play.

So here we have a list of 10 free msn online games.

Serial NoTop 10 Free MSN Online Games
10Around the World in 80 Days
8Adventure Inlay Safari Edition
7Addiction Solitaire
68 Ball Champion
5 7 Wonders: Treasure of Seven
4 52 Card Pick Up
35 Roll
24 Elements II
14 Elements

10. Around the World in 80 Days

Love to go to adventure? So with this game, go on an interesting and amazing adventure with famous Phileas Fogg. Get a unique chance to visit and adventure four continents and complete the unbelievable journey all around the world. Solve different challenges and puzzles by visiting four continents by this exciting game which is based on the novel by Jules Verne. Featured with the addictive gameplay with more than 81 levels. It is an adventure game with beautiful animation, outstanding storyline, and interesting challenges.

9. Amazonia

Amazonia is an easy to play colorful puzzle game. It is an exciting game full of animated background, amazing graphics, exciting bonuses and captivating levels. In this game, you have to solve different and interesting puzzles to release six Spirits of the Elements and find out the Seventh Seal of Unity to get incredible treasures. This game is able to charm all the players of the arcade-logical genre. Featured with 14 very special and exciting prizes, outstanding sound and graphics and multiple win conditions. So do you ready to play one of the best free msn online games to release the Spirits of the Elements.

8. Adventure Inlay Safari Edition

Adventure Inlay Safari is another puzzle adventure game. This game is available with new shapes, new levels and free screen savers to make your adventure more exciting and enticing. The game is packed with the ingenious gameplay and hand-crafted levels. More than sixty magnificently rendered wildlife scenes fill the Adventure Inlay landscape. You can also change yourself with four different addicting game modes. Moreover, the traditional mode will also keep you on toes. Make your strategies to meet the challenges but the danger is always near to you. Fill geometric grids with exciting and colorful gem-stone pieces. That’s why it is included in the exciting free msn online games.

7. Addiction Solitaire

As per our experience, all great game comes in different variations and Solitaire has its fair share from Free Cell Solitaire to Klondike Solitaire. But from all of these, no one is able to rival the fun and fast action of free Addiction Solitaire. A Speedy variant of the classic will always keep you excited and interested from the start of the game. But be sure and read the rules of games before playing Addiction Solitaire online for the very first time. What do you think, what is the objective of the game? The objective of this game is to arrange the cards into four lines so that the cards in each row are of the similar suit and sorted in ascending order.

6. 8 Ball Champion

I personally love to play 8 Ball Champion, so break into endless fun with this online free version of pool. So prepare yourself for all sounds and sights of the pool hall with mouse controlled cue ball and authentic table-top view. So enter the pool hall and put your intelligence and skills to test. If you are a sharp shooter and have skills then you will clear the table in no time. So with you brilliant skills in 8 Ball Champion, show your opponents who the true champion is. Featured with beautiful graphics and incredible speed. Therefore included in the best free msn online games.

5. 7 Wonders: Treasure of Seven

Another interesting and challenging game for you to play online. In this game, you are challenged to build nine of the most intriguing structure of the history. The game contains more than 50 levels featured with detailed and spectacular graphics with cute characters. These characters will collect the broken runes and then turns them into blocks required construct buildings. When the blocks slow down or stop falling, then workers leave the site and go on to the strike. So don’t miss the innovative and incredible chapters in 7 Wonders: Treasure of Seven games. Due to its incredible features, it is included in the best free msn online games.

4. 52 Card Pick Up

If you want to play one of the best and challenging card games then no one is better than 52 Card Pick Up. Try your skills and hands at this card game where the objective of the game is to card from the pile as fast as you can. You can start by clicking any card in the pile. So you can start the game with any card, but when you start, each succeeding card you pick up has to be either one lower, point higher, or have the same value. You have not to wait for a long time but only two minutes to play. That’s why it is included in the fair free msn online games.

3. 5 Roll

Do you want to try your luck? 5 Roll is the classic dice game of luck in which you are trying to get the highest possible score. A color identical element and extra bonuses will add a new layer of the plan and a twist to the gameplay. So how many points can you rack up…sufficient to snag that High Score Level 10 badge? You won’t know until you try. Fill out your score card at maximum level with each role. Click on the play button to start the game and just click on the dice to roll it. Maximize your skills by playing this game and scale out your luck.

2. 4 Elements II

4 Element II is another interesting puzzle game. In this game, you have to rescue Air, Earth, Water, and Fire to restore the book of magic which is a marvelous matching challenge. The beautiful world of magic is in great danger after a careless spell casts a shadow of despair and darkness. Therefore, only four elemental fairies have enough power to correct it which are trapped in a special book. So free these fairies to save the kingdom again. The game is featured with 16 magic cards, 4 exciting quests to complete and more than 64 unique match-3 levels. Due to its unique features, it is included in the best free msn online games.

1. 4 Elements

Another challenging game, 4 Element describes the beauty of puzzle games. In this game the ancient Kingdom is in deep trouble, therefore, it is up to you to restore 4 ancient magic books. You will get 16 mysterious cards which will help you to restore the kingdom of life. Featured with the gripping storyline presented in beautiful animation, outstanding visual effects and just fantastic bonuses and 64 levels with 20 challenges. So, do you able to conquer all these challenges and bring all four magic books back to the world? King of puzzle games, 4 Elements, is included in the best free msn online games.

Serial No Top 10 Free MSN Online Games
1 4 Elements
2 4 Elements II
3 5 Roll
4 52 Card Pick Up
5 7 Wonders: Treasure of Seven
6 8 Ball Champion
7 Addiction Solitaire
8 Adventure Inlay Safari Edition
9 Amazonia
10 Around the World in 80 Days


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