Hollywood is a largest and giant industry because it provides work to thousands of actors and actresses. At the beginning of this industry, only actors of white colors ruler the biggest silver screen and black men were given supporting or minor roles. With the passage of time, black men were given the rights in the society and allowed white collar jobs. Now they made an alteration in the stereotypical American society and they got jobs or work in the Hollywood Industry with less discrimination. As a result of this voice, black actors found some reservation in the industry and some extra talented artists became stellar actors. So Now the Hollywood industry is incomplete with these versatile black actors. So here we will discuss popular and famous black actors.

Serial NoTop 10 Famous Black Actors
10Cuba Gooding Jr.
9Forest Whitaker
8 Danny Glover
7Eddie Murphy
6Laurence John Fishburne III
5Jamie Foxx
4 Will Smith
3Samuel L. Jackson
2Denzel Washington
1 Morgan Freeman

10. Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is a popular American black actor, born on 2nd January 1968 in Los Angeles, California. Both his parents were singers and he is named after his fathers. He started his career as a breakdancer and appeared in several movies as a guest actor but after a lot of hard work, he got his breakthrough for his major role in Boyz n the Hood. The esteemed black actor appeared in many famous and notable projects like The Butler and Good, A Few Good Men as It Gets. The prestigious actor has won many awards including Academy Award for his marvelous role in Jerry Maguire. That’s why he is one of the famous black actors.


9. Forest Whitaker

The multi-talented Forest Steven Whitaker is an American producer, director as well as prominent actor. He was born in Longview, Texas on 15th July 1961. He has earned worldwide fame for his intensive roles in Platoon, The Butler, Bird and Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai and most his work in the television series The Shield as Lieutenant Jon Kavanaugh. The actor has won British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, National Board of Review Award and many other for his role in the movie The Last King of Scotland. Due to his notable performance, he is included in the famous black actors.


8. Danny Glover

Danny Glover is a famous African American director, actor and political activist. Widely considered as the most versatile black actor in the history of Hollywood, born on 22nd July 1946 in San Francisco. He is widely famous for his role as a Roger Murtaugh in the film series Lethal Weapon, To Sleep with Anger, The Color Purple, and Predator 2. He also appeared as a supporting actor in the movies like Shooter, Saw, Witness, Beyond the Lights and Dirty Grandpa. Danny Glover also appeared in television shows and theatrical production. Therefore he is known as one of the famous black actors.


7. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is another multi-talented and versatile American comedian, actor, singer, producer, and writer. He was the regular member of the cast Saturday Night Live from 1980 to 1984. Murphy has worked as a stand-up comedian and ranked #10 in the list of 100 Greatest Stand-ups of all the time in the history. So the Hollywood industry is even incomplete without comic artists just like Eddie Murphy. He has got several Golden Globe awards nominations but won for his brilliance in the Trading Places and Beverly Hills Cop.


6. Laurence John Fishburne III

Another major and famous black actor is none other than Laurence John Fishburne III. He is not only an actor but also worked as a producer, director, and playwright. He is best known for his strong roles in “The Matrix trilogy” in Morpheus, and in “Apocalypse Now as Mr. Clean Miller. So for his versatile performance in play ‘Two Trains Running’, he has won Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play and Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor for his breathtaking performance in Tribeca. Therefore he is considered as one of the best and famous black actors.


5. Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx also belongs to the same category of best and famous black actors. Eric Marlon Bishop is a professional American singer, comedian, actor, and songwriter. He has worked brilliantly in the biographical film Ray and received BAFTA Award, Academy Award for Best Actor as well as Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Comedy or Music. Jamie Foxx has proved his worth with plenty of outstanding performances in Hollywood Industry. He also served as executive producer and host in Fox game Show Beat Shazam. The artist has also produced his name in the field of music.


4. Will Smith

In addition to that Willard Carroll Smith is one of most famous black actors in the current situation. The American actor, rapper, songwriter, and producer was born on 25th September 1968. Newsweek called him ‘the most powerful actor in the Hollywood industry’. Due to his breathtaking performances, he has got four Grammy Awards and got nominations for two Academy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards. He has made his name as a modest rapper under the name of “The Fresh Prince” in the late 1980s. The unparalleled career of Will Smith was built by his stunning performances in blockbuster movies The Pursuit of Happyness and Ali.


3. Samuel L. Jackson

This man needs no introduction in the American Cinema due to its famous acting style. Samuel Leroy Jackson was born in Washington D.C. on 21st December 1948. He has received critical acclaim and prominence in early days of the 1990s with movies like Patriot Games, True Romance, Amos & Andrew, Jungle Fever, Jackie Brown and most of the parts of Captain America. So we have a large list of Awards of Samuel L. Jackson, he has won BAFTA Awards for Best Actor in Supporting Role in his film “Pulp Fiction”. Therefore he is included in the list of famous black actors.


2. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is another famous black actor who took the whole industry by storm with his mesmerizing acting skills. Born on 28th December 1954, he is an award-winning filmmaker and actor. He has received his education of action from American Conservatory Theater and Lincoln Center. He received major breakthrough for his strong role in an NBC’s medical drama St. Elsewhere. Due to his prestigious performances, he has received two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his movie Glory and Academy Award for Best Actor for his film Training Day.


1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman holds the leading position in the industry for his tremendous work as an actor. Famous American actor born on 1st June 1937 in Memphis, Tennessee. With his outstanding performance in Million Dollar Baby, he received Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. He has got Oscar nomination for his performance in Driving Miss, Invictus, Street Smart and Shawshank redemption. He has also worked in television and theater but his professional acting career truly begins with the silver screen. Therefore, included in the most famous actors.



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