Ahh, We have all heard the famous saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Previously, we have discussed all kinds of Pokemon including Ground Type, Electric Type, Fire Type and much more. So, when it comes to the Pokemon, then cuteness may be a close substitute. Therefore, when it comes to deciding the most beautiful, inducing, adorable and cutest Pokemon, then it is a very tough job. Although it was very hard and difficult to put the list, we sorted to find some of the most cuddly, adorable and cutest Pokemon. All these Pokemon are chosen from the newer installments of the franchise.

So we have an honorable list of 10 cutest Pokemon ever.

Serial NoTop 10 Cutest Pokemon Ever
10. Jigglypuff
2. Eevee
1. Pikachu

10. Jigglypuff

A darling and beloved favorite of so many Pokemon fans, Jigglypuff is considered as one of the masters in terms of cuteness. With adorable round ball-like shape, pointy cat like ears and green googly eyes, so it is pretty safe to say that Jigglypuff is one of the cutest Pokemon. But don’t be fooled by the cute appearance of this Pokemon. So from the 1st Generation players of Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green and to most recent Sun and Moon gamers, every person knows that this Pokemon is the key to insomnia. Despite in the main games of Franchise, cutest Pokemon also appears in many other games.

9. Shaymin

Shaymin is a pure Grass Type Pokemon that has made its debut appearance in the franchise in 4th Generation. Shaymin in undeniably adorable and cutest Pokemon. So, just look at the adorable face, it has got its name as a mash-up of many cutest words. Shaymin has also very cute and sweet looking design because it looks like a hedgehog with leaves and flowers instead of spikes. So it is pretty clear that Shaymin well deserves its seat in the twenty cutest Pokemon in the whole franchise. Officially revealed in 2008 as a star of Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

8. Lillipup

Any trainer of Pokemon who is a dog person then its dream came true with Lillipup. The Normal type Pokemon resembles a sweet terrier puppy. Lillipup is undeniably cute because of its fuzzy fur, teeny tail, and big brown eyes. The fur of this Pokemon is used as a type of radar detection, therefore, you can get additional information about the environment. It looks even more beautiful and adorable in its unevolved state. Trainers can evolve this Pokemon into cute Herdier. But don’t be fade from the temper of this Pokemon because it has defeated the Tepig Pokemon of Ash in the Gym battle.

7. Jirachi

Jirachi is another dual type Steel/Psychic Mythical Pokemon that has made its first appearance in the 3rd Generation. One of the interesting things about this Pokemon is that it doesn’t evolve into and from any Pokemon. The name of this Pokemon is a combination of the Japanese word for fortune, wish and happiness while Russian word wish. With an adorable design and googly eyes, Jirachi is just so freaking cutest Pokemon. It is appeared to be a small Pokemon with long arms with a lot of flaps and tiny legs. Also considered as wish Pokemon because every thousand of years, it will wake up for seven continuous years and grant wishes.

6. Teddiursa

Teddy bears are always cute and beautiful while Teddiursa just looks like a cuddly teddy bear. But it is much more cunning than that of common teddy bears. The Normal Type Pokemon made its place in the franchise in 3rd Generation. Teddiursa relied on its innocent, sweet and cutest appearance as a ruse and distract the humans to steal their foods. The funny Pokemon is adorable due to its rounded ears and beautiful rounded eyes. It is also able to create honey using Beedrill pollen, so the crescent make on its head glows when he found honey. The Pokemon also appeared in two movies including The Rise of Darkrai and Celebi: a Timeless Encounter.

5. Skitty

With the cream and pink colored fur, Skitty is a beautiful and adorable feline Pokemon. Classified as a Normal Type Pokemon, appeared in the third generation of Pokemon Franchise. Skitty certainly meets many criteria of cuteness because of oversized ears, round face and a puffy, balloon-like tail. But don’t be fade because its tail can be deadly by intimidating and puffing out opponents by enlarging its size. With tufted ears, tiny eyes and round shape, it has heart melting design that’ll absolutely appeal to cat lovers. The cutest Pokemon also appeared in anime episodes like ‘I Feel Skitty’.

4. Togepi

Togepi is beautiful Fairy Type baby Pokemon which is introduced in the 2nd Generation of Pokemon games Crystal, Silver and Gold. It is an adorable and awesome egg-like Pokemon. The lovely Pokemon retains its shell design with its small oval eyes and teeny round body. The eggshell has small blue and red blemishes which add more points in the cuteness scale. The face of the Togepi has a lot of printed spikes but try to fry it up anytime soon because it can release high poison from these spikes. Despite, the cutest Pokemon had also made its appearances in animated series like ‘Who gets to Keep Togepi’ and ‘Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon’.

3. Mew

Mew is lovely Psychic type Mythical Pokemon of 1st Generation. It is not able to evolve into and from any other Pokemon species. Mew is also one of the rarest Pokemon, as some believed that Mewtwo is evolved form of Mew but in real Mewtwo was cloned from this Pokemon. So with oversized feet, pointed ears and long swirling tail, Mew is one of the cutest Pokemon in our list. Mew has also made it special appearances in many Pokemon movies including the Mystery of Mew and Mewtwo Strikes Back and Lucario. It is one of the most intelligent Pokemon because Mew’s fur has hints of the DNA from every Pokemon.

2. Eevee

Eevee, how do we love thee? Let us sum the ways! A beloved favorite of many die-hard Pokemon fans, we couldn’t sound making a list of ‘Cutest Pokemon’ without mentioning the gorgeous Eevee. It is also interesting to note that Eevee’s many evolved states are equally as cute, and if we were to add them all to this list, we’re pretty sure this list would 80% comprised of Eeveelutions. In order to keep things transitory, we categorical to rank Eevee and all the succeeding evolutions as second on our list. As talk about this cutest Pokemon, it has wide, oval eyes, poofy tail and adorable long and wide rabbit like ears. Eevee is able to evolve into eight different variations.

1. Pikachu

Last but not the least, when it comes to the cutest Pokemon then it is pretty safe to say that Pikachu reigns supreme. Pikachu has made its appearance in the Pokemon Franchise earlier in the 1st Generation. With its pointed ears, puffy cheeks and lightning bolt-style tail, it is the essence of cuteness in the universe of Pokemon. In the animated series, trainer Ash scooped up Pikachu in the very first episode of ‘Pokemon – I Choose You!’, and Pikachu certainly has not lost any fans since then. Pikachu became so famous that its status as the mascot of Pokemon was rapidly set in stone.

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