The cheapest things are not always better or best ones. Therefore we tried our best to a list of some dependable cheapest airplanes. We are always telling you to go find cheapest airplanes but we do not take the challenge ourselves because now the time is different. Used airplanes are more than that of new ones, therefore, finding a good and cheap one is relatively easier. Therefore finding cheapest or affordable planes is not easy because they required a lot of work. So simple airplanes mean a lot of money, so before buying an airplane, you must have the greater amount of money. These planes are associated with double-engine and many other exceptional qualities. Therefore we have a list of cheapest airplanes under $20,000.

Serial No10 Cheapest Airplanes You Can Buy EasilyPrice
10Piper Pacer$14500 to $16500
9Cessna 150$15000
8Luscombe 8E/F$20,000 to $25,000
7Cessna 120/140$20,000
6Piper Colt$15,000
5Grumman-American AA-1A/B Trainer$20,000 to $25,000
4Taylorcraft BC – 12$20,000
3Piper Tomahawk$20,000
2Ercoupe 415$15,000
1Aeronca Chief$20,000

10. Piper Pacer

Piper Pacer is best and beautiful airplane for lower budget people. The plane started its life in 1949 as the Clipper but name changed to Piper Pacer just after a single year. Featured with some awesome features including large tail but shorter wings, wheel controls rather than that of sticks and bigger fuel tank of 36 gallons. Piper Pacer is very marginal four-seated with only 135 hp available. Regarded as one of the excellent and best of the postwar tail draggers. Covered with the fabric, therefore it has light weight. Therefore available in a very handy price of $14500 to $16500.

Piper Pacer

9. Cessna 150

One of the best and most used double seated tricycle gear generation aviation airplanes is none other than that of Cessna 150. First designed only for the training of the pilots. Therefore fifth most produced civilian plane ever. Produced from 1958 to 1977, the company has built more than 23,949. Production of these planes was done in the United States. The company has done a lot of changes in every version of this airplane. The company has also announced the successor of this place in 2007 which was Model 162 Sky-catcher. Available with the decent price of $15000, therefore included in cheapest airplanes in the world.

Cessna 150

8. Luscombe 8E/F

If you are a lover of beautiful and cheapest airplanes, then Luscombe is the best choice. Fly with the speed of more than 120 MPH, large wings of 140 square feet. Best known for good short-field member, powered by 90 hp engine. It is a small airplane built with the light controls. Featured with conventional landing gear built by Luscombe Aircraft in 1937. It is the most famous and unique product by the company. Purely made of aluminum, not a single module of wood, company has produced more than 6,000 and about 1500 are still flying. These are available with the handy price of $20,000 to $25,000. Therefore included in the cheapest airplanes that you can buy easily.

Luscombe 8EF

7. Cessna 120/140

Cessna 120 and 140 are the double seat, single engine conventional landing gear aircraft. Produced first time in 1946, immediately after the World War Second. The company has produced more than units of this luxury aircraft in the duration of 5 years. Both were built with the same design and features including 85 hp engine but Cessna 140 provides some additional features like electrical system with starter, flaps and side windows. They have the very attractive design, therefore still in the hands of many people. The unit cost of this plane is about $20,000 therefore included in the cheapest airplanes.

Cessna 120140

6. Piper Colt

It is the double-seat version of the Tri-Pacer as it was an underrated aircraft. Featured with the two seats and only 108 hp engine instead of 150 hp of four-seater. Despite, also featured with tricycle landing gear, powered by Lycoming O-235-C1, light cabin aircraft, therefore certified on 21st October 1960 by the company. So the performance of the airplane was reasonable according to its 108 hp engine power. Despite, the cruise is also handling their low prices as well. So you may have to pay $15,000 for this aircraft, that’s why included in the cheapest airplanes.

Piper Colt

5. Grumman-American AA-1A/B Trainer

Included in the family of light and double seated aircraft. As the family also includes original American Aviation AA-1A Trainer and Yankee clipper. If you want to enjoy the sky ride quickly then Grumman-American is the best because it has rapid control in handling. Featured with the metal-to-metal bonded construction, aluminum honeycomb panels, and tube steel spar. Originally designed for training purposes or training of the pilots. The company has produced more than 18 hundred unit of this aircraft. So you have to pay $20,000 to $25,000 for this airplane that’s included in the cheapest airplanes.

Grumman-American AA-1AB Trainer

4. Taylorcraft BC – 12

Taylorcraft is another lightweight, single engine, side-by-side two-place, and high-wing general aviation monoplane. A Large number of Taylorcraft BC constructed, these are rare now in this world but can find this craft if you look careful. Featured with wooden wings with fabric covering and tube steel fuselages. It is very tough to pin down the performance with such a wide range of horsepower and engines. Therefore even Taylorcrafts of lesser power can score 85 knots with two in the side-by-side cabin. So the craft is available with the handy price of $20,000. Therefore considered in cheapest airplanes.

Taylorcraft BC – 12

3. Piper Tomahawk

The best aircraft for personal use, Piper Tomahawk is tricycle gear general aviation and two-seat plane. So originally designed for touring, flight training and personal use. Produced during the era of 1978 to 1982 and even the latest models of Tomahawk are available with the price of $20,000. Therefore it is one of the cheapest airplanes in the market. Lycoming O-235 is the latest engine and one of the most durable engines. Introduced with the head-to-head competition with Cessna 152, as the aircraft was introduced when the aviation was starting its downhill, therefore, production was terminated just after only five years in 1982.

Piper Tomahawk

2. Ercoupe 415

The Ercoupe is a low wing monoplane and most desired airplane. Manufactured and designed in the United States of America by Engineering and Research Corporation just shortly after the World War Second. Featured with twin rudders that were automatically coordinated by ailerons and automotive-style control and an elevator limited to the 13 degrees of pitch. Power by 75 to 90 hp engine. It is interesting to know that Ercoupe 415 available with the decent price of $15,000. That’s why included in the cheapest airplanes.

Ercoupe 415

1. Aeronca Chief

Aeronca Chief is the two-seat, single-seat and lightweight airplane with conventional landing gear. Manufactured and designed in the United States of America in 1945. Widely known as the basic gentle flyer with god manners, originally designed for touring, personal use and flight training. Like that of other airplanes, it has powerful rudders, significant, adverse yaw, and sensitive elevator controls. Despite, it has well-appointed cabin, zebra wood grain instrument panel and flocked taupe sidewalls. It is not as quicker but the wings and engine are interchangeable. Available with the handsome amount of $20,000, that’s included in the cheapest airplanes.

Aeronca Chief

Final Thoughts

It is always better to have your own aircraft. All above-described airplanes are still in working. Therefore we have tried to make the list of those cheapest airplanes which were still in working. We hope that you will get much knowledge about the cheapest airplanes. Therefore if you like then share with friends and comment below in the comment box.


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