There are 18 types of Pokemon introduced by the franchise in the whole series. So we confidence that you packed your ultra balls today because we are discussing the best electric type Pokemon. As Electric-type Pokemon have always shocked the people in the battle due to their excellent ailments and stats such as stun and paralyze. This type of Pokemon has a ton of awesome creatures in it which makes it really tricky for us to narrow down the list of best Electric-type Pokemon.

So here we have a list of top 10 best electric type Pokemon.

Serial No Top 10 Best Electric Type Pokemon Generation
7 Mega Manectric3
6 Raikou2
4 Thundurus5
3 Mega Ampharos2

10. Luxray

Luxray is one of the best electric type Pokemon. It was introduced by the franchise in the 4th generation. So it evolves from Luxio starting from the 30th level and it is the final form of Shinx. Luxray is able to shine in the aggressive position, due to its aptitude to threaten to break through walls that give you a hard time. Therefore Luxray plays a more sensible role for the very same reason. The benefit of Intimidate is useful to prevent the extra more physical damage. Despite its great power, it has to world little harder to maintain the control on its speed and capabilities. As it is electric type Pokemon then he may face a lot of problems against grass and ground type Pokemon. Overall, it has the great capacity to fight with any kind of Pokemon, therefore included in the best electric type Pokemon.


9. Zapdos

Zapdos enjoys to play the more self-protective role in battle since it stays comparatively healthy with attacks such as Roost, and because it has such a solid bulk that it can tolerate long sets without disturbing too much about simple health loss. It can pressure aggressive teams tremendously well because of its decent power and can stall out the match with Roost. To be very operative in battle with Zapdos you have to do your investigation and confirm that you don’t run into Pokemon that can contract with your strong defense, and devastate you with status effects in the late game. Overall Zapdos is fairly well sensible and can handle a lot of obstacles that are terrified of it. That’s why included in best electric type Pokemon.


8. Jolteon

Jolteon is one of the beautiful and fastest Pokemon that comes from the Thunder Stone. It is specified with the blistering 130-speed base that makes it one of the more agile Pokemon in the series. Jolteon has very gentle and respectable 110 Special Attack that also makes it most desired electric type Pokemon. It is entirely up to you whether you choose well balanced or offensive because Joteon is ready to serve its role very well in every condition.  So gently introduced in the first generation of the Franchise. Therefore it is one of the favorites and best electric type Pokemon.


7. Mega Manectric

Mega Manectric is an awesome Pokemon introduced in the third generation of the franchise. It has brilliant and great speed characteristics which can help it achieve a lot in the early parts of the matchup. It is able to turn on the momentum very fast with its solid attacks like Volt Switch. But if the role of Mega Manectric is defensive then it relies on the Intimidate to control priority type attacks like Bullet Punch. Overall it serves as the great tool to attack under the pressure because it relies heavily on the super effective hits to defeat most walls.


6. Raikou

Raikou is able to create a ton of problems for its opponents by using its great and excellent tools in the attacks. It can boost good special attack, and high speed, as it is electric type Pokemon, therefore, it has a great effect on the threatening Pokemon such as Mega Pinsir and Talonflame. It manages to overcome the power of opponents by its offensive attacks like Volt Switch. Calm Mind is another powerful ability of this Pokemon because it boosts the firepower. But it is always important to pay attention to the stats while using this power and best electric type Pokemon. It fits very well with the ground type Pokemon such as Hippowdon.


5. Electivire

Incredible decent and intelligent Pokemon, Electivire has good attack and a special attack which allows it to go conventional in for physical attacks, or mix it up to keep your enemy predicting. So due to this benefit, Electivire is a very multipurpose Pokemon that can play every role of its desires. So overall it has two good capabilities, one which provides protection and speed boost, while the other makes it resistant to the dominant sleep status. On the other hand, Electivire does have a few inadequacies as it lacks in protection making it tough to adjustment, while its speed is outpaced by other very sprightly Pokemon such as Tauros. So if you want to utilize this Pokemon very well then you must know which switch is to take effect down the weak Pokemon. But due to its versatile abilities, included in the best electric type Pokemon.


4. Thundurus

Thundurus is a great and extraordinary electric type Pokemon that finds popularity in many tournaments due to its abilities. It has a lot of qualities that make if offensively effective. Therefore it is very hard to counter because it has all the required tools to outpace and outsmart the enemy. So Nasty Plot is one of its strongest attacks that threaten the opponent team. But it has a much weak defense when it is under pressure. Therefore we recommend playing carefully while throwing Thundurus in the battlefield.


3. Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos is an excellent electric type Pokemon introduced in the second generation. So it comes with high special attack stat, as it has great bulk as an attacker. It is very careful to use because Pokemon like Mega Swampert can give it very hard time on the battlefield. Mega Ampharos is able to play wall position very well, therefore, prepare it for steel, fire, and specially Electric-type attacks. Despite, it can also absorb sleep based moves, therefore, it can also attack when it is sleeping. This generation 2 Pokemon is included in the best electric type Pokemon.


2. Zekrom

Zekrom is one of the most powerful electric type Pokemon. So it comes with tremendously powerful stats such as 150 attack out of the gates. Zekron has many abilities like Paralysis which make it revenue machine for the opponents. One of the greatest moves of Zekrom is Hone Claw which is able to boost the attacks and accuracy allowing it to eliminate ground type Pokemon. So it is a towering creature that has a lot of potentials to make its horrible impression on the opponents. That’s why included in the best electric type Pokemon.


1. Pikachu

Last but not the least, Pikachu is the most beautiful and cute electric type Pokemon. It is one of the main fictional characters that appear in all generations of the series. Despite its small size, it is one of the powerful and best electric type Pokemon. Therefore it is one of the most desired ones for the trainers in whole Pokemon series. But the special ability of Pikachu is static which can cause paralysis in the battlefield if hit by a physical move. Pikachu is also capable of learning Volt Tackle. Pikachu also evolves into Raichu by using its Thunder Stone. Therefore included in the best electric type Pokemon.


Final Thoughts

That’s all we have from the list of Top 10 Best Electric Type Pokemon. Electric Pokemon will always surprise crowds with their implausible speed and distressing attacks. With such a large amount to choose from, we felt that these Pokemon really dumbfounded us with their enormous power and technique. So try our best to provide you with a unique information about the best electric type Pokemon. If you like the share with friends and comment below.

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