The 2004 Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green games are the remakes of their original Game Boy Pokemon games, Pokemon Red, and Green versions. These games are compatible with Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Ruby and & Sapphire but are not compatible with Gold & Silver or earliest versions. They add more features and content in Pokemon Fire Red which are including mini games, recap system, tutorial mode, participate in battles, trade Pokemon and comes with the wireless adapter to connect you with your friends. Some more features of this game follow:

  • Many improved graphics than that of the previous versions.
  • New Key Items have been added which are Fame Checker and VS Seeker
  • Many new moves are added
  • Includes new help feature
  • Upgraded list of TMs and HMs

The main and the foremost objective of these games is to catch Pokemon why are easily found in ponds, caves, grass, ocean, and lakes. Wild Pokemon are weak at the start but you can make them, even more, stronger by training.


How to Download Pokemon Fire Red Rom?

You can download Pokemon Fire Red game easily with no interruption. This game has much smaller size than that of the other versions of Pokemon games. So download the super version of this game and catch more Pokemon with the cooperation of your friends because you can play this game on Mobile devices, Play Station, Xbox, and Window as well.

You can download the new version of Pokemon Fire Red game from the following link:

Play Online

Pokemon Fire Red has also provided an awesome facility to this game online, play one of the best Pokemon games of all time. Return to the interesting world of Pokemon and explore the region of Kanto via this game. Meet with the Ash and his friends and capture the original strong Pokemon. The game remains one of the best Pokemon games ever. While playing the game, you must have knowledge about the controls. So here are the controls of this game.


Keys Actions
Space Select
Arrow Keys Movement
Enter Start
‘Z’ Key a button
‘X’ Key b button
‘S’ Key r button
‘A’ Key l button


To save your running, just hover over the screen of an emulator and use the icons to save your progress.

Pokemon Fire Red Walkthrough

The story of the Pokemon tells us how a small kid (choose boy or a girl) from a small Pallet Town goes on a difficult adventure to become the best Pokemon trainer in Kanto region. In this whole journey, you collect a large number of Pokemon and you will have to defeat all 8 Gym Leader by using these Pokemon. You will get a Badge after defeating every Gym Leader which will allow you to interact with your Pokemon in a new way. After getting 8 Badges, your way to Elite Four will open and you will be able to fight for Crown Championship.

The walkthrough pages of this guide are split up into different regions and these regions are open for the world to walk around. But the story begins from the Pallet Town, so here is the complete walkthrough of Pokemon Fire Red.

 Badge #1

  • Pallet Town, Route 1, Viridian City, Route 2
  • Viridian Forest, Pewter City


Badge #2

  • Route 3, Route 4, Mt. Moon, The Two Fossils, Cerulean City

Badge No 3:

  • Route 24, Route 25 & Cerulean City
  • Route 5, Route 6, Vermilion City
  • S. Anne, Vermilion City Gym


Badge No 4:

  • Route 11, Diglett’s Cave
  • Route 2, Route 9
  • Rock Tunnel, Route 10, Lavender Town
  • Route 8, Route 7, Celadon City


Badge No 5:

  • Team Rocket’s Hideout
  • Saffron City
  • Saffron City Gym
  • Pokemon Tower
  • Silph Company


Badge No 6:

  • Route 12, Route 13, Route 14
  • Route 15, Fuschia City
  • Safari Zone, Fuschia City Gym


Badge No 7:

  • Route 18, Route 17, Route 16
  • Power Plant, Route 19, Seafoam Islands
  • Route 20, Cinnabar Island, Cinnabar Island Gym
  • One Island, Two Island, Three Island

Badge No 8:

  • Route 21, Viridian City
  • Victory Road and Beyond
  • Victory Road, Indigo Plateau, Elite Four, Final Battle and Back to One Island
Serial No Routes
1 Pallet Town
2 Route 1
3 Viridian City
4 Route 22
5 Route 2
6 Viridian Forest
7 Pewter City
8 Route 3
9 Mt. Moon
10 Route 4
11 Cerulean City
12 Route 24
13 Route 25
14 Route 5
15 Route 6
16 Vermilion City
17 S.S. Anne
18 Route 11
19 Diglett’s Cave
20 Route 9
21 Route 10
22 Rock Tunnel
23 Lavender Town
24 Route 8
25 Route 7
26 Celadon City
27 Team Rocket Hideout
28 Pokemon Tower
29 Saffron City
30 Saffron Company
31 Route 16
32 Route 17
33 Route 18
34 Fuchsia City
35 Safari Zone
36 Route 12-13
37 Route 14-15
38 Power Plant
39 Route 19
40 Route 20
41 Seafoam Islands
42 Cinnabar Island
43 Route 21
44 One Island
45 Two Island
46 Three Island
47 Bond Bridge
48 Berry Bridge
49 Cape Brink
50 Kindle Road
51 Mt. Ember
52 Viridian Gym
53 Victory Road
54 The Elite Four
55 Back to Mt. Ember
56 Four Island
57 Six Island
58 Five Island
59 Seven Island
60 Cerulean Cave
61 Pokemon League Rematch


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