Pokemon Fire Red Version is the enhanced remake of Pokemon Red video game. They add more features and content to one of the first Pokemon games ever released by the Franchise. This game was released in 2004 with some interesting features including additional items, enhanced graphics, and 7 new islands to explore and best Pokemon from the Johto region. With this game, you can trade and link with Saphire, Leaf Green, Emerald and Ruby versions in order to battle with other Pokemon. Other interesting features include a recap system, tutorial mode, mini games, and wireless adapter to make a connection with friends.

Pokemon Fire Red with Leaf Green Versions became the 2nd best-selling games on the Game Boy Advance. Therefore, they have received Player’s Choice Award from Nintendo.

Why are Cheats used?

What is Cheat? Let’s take a look at the real meanings of cheat… Cheat or cheating is defined as to find out an easy way out of an unpleasant situation by illegal or dishonest means. But in Pokemon games, the Pokemon Cheat or simple cheat is just like a Pokemon modifier. You have to change the last three or four digits of the code to modify the Pokemon. As we have mentioned above, cheats are used to enhance or modify the Pokemon. What type of modifications? You can modify the power or version or can change you weak Pokemon to the Powerful species like Zapdos or Charizard. Cheats are also used to acquire legendary Pokemon like Lugia, Moltres or Raikou etc. These codes are applicable to Fire Red Version as well as every Pokemon Game of this series, but we will provide you unique codes of only Pokemon Fire Red Version.

Why should you not use cheats?

Cheats may lead to different hard problems at the time of activation, this usually happens when your ROM version is not compatible with the activated cheat codes, or you may activate too many cheats at once. Below are the best practices to help you get started in your Pokemon Fire Red cheating. How could use cheat codes in the best way? Use of false or illegal code may lead you unfavorable Pokemon, therefore, use best practices which follow:

  • Always turn off cheats after use
  • Try to activate maximum 3 cheats in a single game
  • If possible them use US version of Pokemon Fire Red ROM
  • Don’t save your game if you noticed irregularities after the activation of cheats
  • Don’t forget to use GBA recommended emulator (device used to play game on iOS, Android etc)

Famous Fire Red Cheats

  • Shiny Pokemon
  • Master Ball Cheat
  • Infinite EXP
  • Easily Catch a Strong Pokemon
  • Rare Candy Cheat
  • Walkthrough Walls
  • Wild Pokemon Modifier
  • Steal Pokemon of your Opponent


Pokemon FireRed Cheat Codes

Here we have all Cheat codes used in the Pokemon FireRed for the modification of Pokemon. Type 82003884 and add the item number next to the numbers written first

Cheats Codes
Master Ball 0001
Ultra Ball 0002
Great Ball 0003
Poke Ball 0004
Safari Ball 0005
Net Ball 0006
Dive Ball 0007
Nest Ball 0008
Repeat Ball 0009
Timer Ball 000A
Luxury Ball 000B
Premier Ball 000C
Potion 000D
Antidote 000E
Burn Heal 000F
Ice Heal 0010
Awakening 0011
Parlyz Heal 0012
Full Restore 0013
Max Potion 0014
Hyper Potion 0015
Super Potion 0016
Full Heal 0017
Revive 0018
Max Revive 0019
Fresh Water 001A
Soda Pop 001B
Lemonade 001C
MooMoo Milk 001D
Energy Powder 001E
Energy Root 001F
Heal Powder 0020
Revival Herb 0021
Ether 0022
Max Ether 0023
Elixer 0024
Max Elixer 0025
Lava Cookie 0026
Blue Flute 0027
Yellow Flute 0028
Red Flute 0029
Black Flute 002A
White Flute 002B
Berry Juice 002C
Sacred Ash 002D
Shoal Salt 002E
Shoal Shell 002F
Red Shard 0030
Blue Shard 0031
Yellow Shard 0032
Green Shard 0033
HP Up 003F
Protein 0040
Iron 0041
Carbos 0042
Calcium 0043
Rare Candy 0044
PP Up 0045
Zinc 0046
PP Max 0047
Guard Spec 0049
Dire Hit 004A
X Attack 004B
X Defend 004C
X Speed 004D
X Accuracy 004E
X Special 004F
Poke Doll 0050
Fluffy Tail 0051
Super Repel 0053
Max Repel 0054
Escape Rope 0055
Repel 0056
Sun Stone 005D
Moon Stone 005E
Fire Stone 005F
Thunder Stone 0060
Water Stone 0061
Leaf Stone 0062
Tiny Mushroom 0067
Big Mushroom 0068
Pearl 006A
Big Pearl 006B
Stardust 006C
Star Piece 006D
Nugget 006E
Heart Scale 006F
Orange Mail 0079
Harbor Mail 007A
Glitter Mail 007B
Mech Mail 007C
Wood Mail 007D
Wave Mail 007E
Bead Mail 007F
Shadow Mail 0080
Tropic Mail 0081
Dream Mail 0082
Fab Mail 0083
Retro Mail 0084
Cheri Berry 0085
Chesto Berry 0086
Pecha Berry 0087
Rawst Berry 0088
Aspear Berry 0089
Leppa Berry 008A
Oran Berry 008B
Persim Berry 008C
Lum Berry 008D
Sitrus Berry 008E
Figy Berry 008F
Wiki Berry 0090
Mago Berry 0091
Aguav Berry 0092
Iapapa Berry 0093
Razz Berry 0094
Bluk Berry 0095
Nanab Berry 0096
Wepear Berry 0097
Pinap Berry 0098
Pomeg Berry 0099
Kelpsy Berry 009A
Qualot Berry 009B
Hondew Berry 009C
Grepa Berry 009D
Tamato Berry 009E
Cornn Berry 009F
Magost Berry 00A0
Rabuta Berry 00A1
Nomel Berry 00A2
Spelon Berry 00A3
Pamtre Berry 00A4
Watmel Berry 00A5
Durin Berry 00A6
Belue Berry 00A7
Liechi Berry 00A8
Ganlon Berry 00A9
Salac Berry 00AA
Petaya Berry 00AB
Apicot Berry 00AC
Lansat Berry 00AD
Starf Berry 00AE
Enigma Berry 00AF
Bright Powder 00B3
White Herb 00B4
Macho Brace 00B5
Exp Share 00B6
Quick Claw 00B7
Soothe Bell 00B8
Mental Herb 00B9
Choice Band 00BA
King’s Rock 00BB
Silver Powder 00BC
Amulet Coin 00BD
Cleanse Tag 00BE
Soul Dew 00BF
Deep Sea Tooth 00C0
Deep Sea Scale 00C1
Smoke Ball 00C2
Everstone 00C3
Focus Band 00C4
Lucky Egg 00C5
Scope Lens 00C6
Metal Coat 00C7
Leftovers 00C8
Dragon Scale 00C9
Light Ball 00CA
Soft Sand 00CB
Hard Stone 00CC
Miracle Seed 00CD
Black Glasses 00CE
Black Belt 00CF
Magnet 00D0
Mystic Water 00D1
Sharp Beak 00D2
Poison Barb 00D3
Nevermelt Ice 00D4
Spell Tag 00D5
Twisted Spoon 00D6
Charcoal 00D7
Dragon Fang 00D8
Silk Scarf 00D9
Up-Grade 00DA
Shell Bell 00DB
Sea Incense 00DC
Lax Incense 00DD
Lucky Punch 00DE
Metal Powder 00DF
Thick Club 00E0
Stick 00E1
Red Scarf 00FE
Blue Scarf 00FF
Pink Scarf 0100
Green Scarf 0101
Yellow Scarf 0102
Mach Bike 0103
Coin Case 0104
Item Finder 0105
Old Rod 0106
Good Rod 0107
Super Rod 0108
S.S. Ticket 0109
Contest Pass 010A
Wailmer Pail 010C
Devon’s Goods 010D
Soot Sack 010E
Basement Key 010F
Acro Bike 0110
PokeBlock Case 0111
Letter 0112
Eon Ticket 0113
Red Orb 0114
Blue Orb 0115
Scanner 0116
Go-Goggles 0117
Meteorite 0118
Rm.1 Key 0119
Rm.2 Key 011A
Rm.4 Key 011B
Rm.6 Key 011C
Storage Key 011D
Root Fossil 011E
Claw Fossil 011F
Devon Scope 0120
TM01 (Focus Punch) 0121
TM02 (Dragon Claw) 0122
TM03 (Water Pulse) 0123
TM04 (Calm Mind) 0124
TM05 (Roar) 0125
TM06 (Toxic) 0126
TM07 (Hail) 0127
TM08 (Bulk Up) 0128
TM09 (Bullet Seed) 0129
TM10 (Hidden Power) 012A
TM11 (Sunny Day) 012B
TM12 (Taunt) 012C
TM13 (Ice Beam) 012D
TM14 (Blizzard) 012E
TM15 (Hyper Beam) 012F
TM16 (Light Screen) 0130
TM17 (Protect) 0131
TM18 (Rain Dance) 0132
TM19 (Giga Drain) 0133
TM20 (Safeguard) 0134
TM21 (Frustration) 0135
TM22 (Solar Beam) 0136
TM23 (Iron Tail) 0137
TM24 (Thunderbolt) 0138
TM25 (Thunder) 0139
TM26 (Earthquake) 013A
TM27 (Return) 013B
TM28 (Dig) 013C
TM29 (Psychic) 013D
TM30 (Shadow Ball) 013E
TM31 (Brick Break) 013F
TM32 (Double Team) 0140
TM33 (Reflect) 0141
TM34 (Shock Wave) 0142
TM35 (Flamethrower) 0143
TM36 (Sludge Bomb) 0144
TM37 (Sandstorm) 0145
TM38 (Fire Blast) 0146
TM39 (Rock Tomb) 0147
TM40 (Aerial Ace) 0148
TM41 (Torment) 0149
TM42 (Facade) 014A
TM43 (Secret Power) 014B
TM44 (Rest) 014C
TM45 (Attract) 014D
TM46 (Thief) 014E
TM47 (Steel Wing) 014F
TM48 (Skill Swap) 0150
TM49 (Snatch) 0151
TM50 (Overheat) 0152
HM01 (Cut) 0153
HM02 (Fly) 0154
HM03 (Surf) 0155
HM04 (Strength) 0156
HM05 (Flash) 0157
HM06 (Rock Smash) 0158
HM07 (Waterfall) 0159
HM08 (Dive) 015A
{Oak’s Parcel} 015D
{Poke Flute} 015E
{Secret Key} 015F
{Bike Voucher} 0160
{Gold Teeth} 0161
{Old Amber} 0162
{Card Key} 0163
{Elevator Key} 0164
{Dome Fossil} 0165
{Helix Fossil} 0166
{Silph Scope} 0167
{Bicycle} 0168
{Town Map} 0169
{Battle Searcher} 016A
{Voice Checker} 016B
{TM Case} 016C
{Berry Bag} 016D
{Help TV} 016E
{Tri-Pass} 016F
{Rainbow Pass} 0170
{Tea} 0171
{Mystery Ticket} 0172
{Aurora Ticket} 0173
{Konaire} 0174
{Ruby Plate} 0175
{Sapphire Plate} 0176
 [Jail Key] 01F4
 [Elevator Key] 01F5
 [Small Tablet] 01F6
 [F-Disk] 01F7
 [R-Disk] 01F8
 [L-Disk] 01F9
 [D-Disk] 01FA
 [U-Disk] 01FB
 [Subway Key] 01FC
 [Maingate Key] 01FD
 [Card Key] 01FE
 [Down St. Key] 01FF
 [DNA Sample 1] 0200
 [Bayleef DNA] 0201
 [DNA Sample 2] 0202
 [Quilava DNA] 0203
 [DNA Sample 3] 0204
 [Croconaw DNA] 0205
 [DNA Sample 4] 0206
 [Sudowoodo DNA] 0207
 [DNA Sample 5] 0208
 [Misdreavus DNA] 0209
 [DNA Sample 6] 020A
 [Mightyena DNA] 020B
 [DNA Sample 7] 020C
 [Raikou DNA] 020D
 [DNA Sample 8] 020E
 [Entei DNA] 020F
 [DNA Sample 9] 0210
 [Suicune DNA] 0211
 [Data ROM] 0212
 [Steel Teeth] 0213
 [Gear] 0214
 [Red ID Badge] 0215
 [Green ID Badge] 0216
 [Blue ID Badge] 0217
 [Yellow ID Badge] 0218
 [Joy Scent] 021F
 [Excite Scent] 0220
 [Vivid Scent] 0221
 [Powerup Part] 0222
 [Ein File F] 0223


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