Going on lavish cruises in the middle of the ocean has been made possible on the frequent basis by latest nautical technology. There are different yachts for hire which the fortunate people can take advantage of for partying and relaxing. Even many middle-class families put their entire life, having to work for an awesome cruise experience. Here of all places, I am going to tell you about the most expensive yachts for hire. Possibly, you can cruise on or enjoy the vacation of your lifetime. (All prices are subject to charter pricing and currency exchange rates).

Serial NoList of Top 10 Expensive Yachts for HirePer Week
10Maltese Falcon$477,000
8Christina O$565,000
7Moonlight 2$900,000
4Amevi$1 million
3Alfa Nero$1.2 million
2Seven Seas$1.3 million
1Ameryllis$1.4 million

Which Luxurious Yacht You Should Hire For Cruising in Ocean?

10. Maltese Falcon

$477,000 per week

Transcending the boundaries of modern and classic yachts with an amalgam of pinch hitting technology and rugged traditional sailing style. Maltese Falcon is the choice for a weekend of the lifetime. Built by the Perini Navy Yachts and designed by the legendary Ken Feivok. The Maltese Falcon takes no prisoner considering the break-neck speed achieved by this largest private sailing Yacht. It has the capacity to house 12 guests and 6 staff members who are professional luxury providers. Maltese Faction is all you need for a private getaway with potentially 4 VIP rooms, with king and queen births shared between them. You can sail at 20 knots while enjoying on satellite TV or lifting dumbbells in your own private gym.

Maltese Falcon

9. Solemates

$495,000 per week

With an ability to sail 12 guests on the cruise, Solemates employs state of the art technology with an incredibly expert crew. It will let you dictate your own entertainment. Solemates is a brainchild of the yacht designer Espen Otieno and interior designer Glade Johnson. They have awesomely put together a luxurious experience. The main talking point of this yacht cruise is that you are handed an iPad as soon as you set foot on the yacht with which you can control and create the entertainment of your lifetime. Solemates cruises at an impressive speed of 15 knots. They also provide technological and other enjoyments like water trampoline, gym, disco, power surfboard, fishing gear and whatnot. All of which, and of course the price, that puts it at the 9th most expensive yacht to hire.


8. Christina O

$565,000 per week

Christina O is perhaps the most popular yacht in the charter world. The name of Cruise given to many impressive constructs in different movies, dramas, and even animes. This luxury motor yacht is also one of those that can go at a higher nautical speed of 19 knots. It is a house up to 34 guests, that is amicable if you want to have a huge party or have a “huge family” vacation. The almost 100-meter long yacht boasts 17 staterooms, 4 salons, ski-boats, tender boats, private bar, helipad and an outdoor swimming pool cum dance floor. It will fill your every second with nothing but entertainment or relaxation, depending on your preferences.

Christina O

7. Moonlight II

$900,000 per week

Moonlight II ironically moonlights as a super luxury yacht that is a huge 86 meters in size and still goes at an impressive cruise speed of 16 knots. The 32 potential guests are tended to by 38 professional crew members who include a chef on board that will prepare worldwide cuisines at your request which will give Michelin star restaurants a run for their money. The amenities include a master suite, satellite TV, Jacuzzis, dressing rooms, library, gym, and whatnot, that will make you feel like you have bought every luxury accessible on an 86 meter yacht. The outrageous $900,000 price puts it at 7th place in the most expensive yachts for hire.



6. Ecstasea

$920,000 per week

Ecstasea is a massive 92-meter yacht that blows every luxury proportion out of the water and equivocally replaces it with ecstasy; sure it is a clever name. This luxury yacht is billed as one of the fastest as it can reach a speed of over 30 knots while cruising at 14 knots. Originally built for Roman Abramovich, the slightly infamous Chelsea FC owner, in 2004 but Sonja Zuckerman has since bought it and has made it for hire at an outrageous yet justifiable price that includes ecstatic modern amenities. Deck Jacuzzis, Wi-Fi, tender garage, helipad, and gyms are just the tip of the iceberg. It can house 12 guests and has 8 staterooms including a master suite. This luxury boat has over the top features and comes in at 6th for most expensive yachts for hire.


5. Alexander

$930,000 per week

Coming in at close 5th in the most expensive yachts for hire, Alexander is luxury personified with bonafide technology. This massive 122-meter yacht is one of the most humongous private cruises for hire that can accommodate up to 80 guests which 60 crew members are dedicated to serving. Music room, Jacuzzis, gym, swimming pool, Wi-Fi and a movie theater are just some of the many amenities. The cruise speed is 16 knots which are very stout for such a big yacht. With a helipad and 44 bathrooms to serve; the Alexander oozes luxury, and not to mention expensive.


4. Amevi

$1 million per week

Another one of those stupendous constructs that are owned by the Indian descent steel baron Lakshmi Mittal, who has a penchant for getting into every most expensive accessory list there is one of the most expensive yachts for hire being one of them. Since then the Ameri has been one stop shop for private cruises for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez. It has been host to dinner parties hosted by Lakshmi Mittal on Cannes Film Festival. The amenities include Rolls Royse stabilizer, swimming pool, gym, movie theater, massage room, salon and staterooms that can house 16 guests tended by 22 crew members. I think that Amevi is the one that people should consider on whether to draw the line between spending $1 million per week or not, but to any conglomerate, it would be like pocket change for a smoothie.


3. Alfa Nero

$1.2 million per week

Breaking into the seven figure tagline, everything about Alfa Nero screams luxury and power as this 83-meter baby can speed up to 20 knots alongside an 18.5 knots speed for the cruise. A total of 12 guests can be obliged by the expert 22 person crew members. The amenities offered include glass elevator, leather staircase, movie theater, gym, swimming pool. Also, provides a master suite with a private balcony beckoning you for that cigar with your best friend and go all Boston Legal on the Alfa Nero. The swimming pool also doubles as a dance floor. You can get grooving as fast as you can by arriving via the helipad on your own chopper. This luxury yacht is 3rd amongst the most expensive yachts for hire in the world. Any rich guy would be bereft of an opportunity of a lifetime does he not hire this bad boy.

Alfa Nero

2. Seven Seas

$1.3 million per week

Stephen Spielberg bought this bodacious yacht for an outrageous sum of $200 million. Sevan Seas has offered it for hire at a steep price that will make it top of the list for any type of luxury vacation or a private getaway. This 84-meter yacht can house 12 guests that are cared for by 26 staff members. If you want to enjoy isolation from the company you bought, you can go to a private owner’s deck to your own suite, housing a study area from which you can do a read while relaxing in your Jacuzzi. The luxurious interior is emulsified with a swimming pool, gym, spa, movie theater and any fishing gear you can think of. The Seven Seas comes in at the close second on our most expensive yachts for hire list.

Seven Seas

1. Amaryllis

$1.4 million per week

Amaryllis is an art fanatic’s wet dream designed by Raymond Langton which is inspired by Art Deco and Art Nouveau era. The 75-meter luxury yacht offers 6 staterooms with a capacity to accommodate 12 guests tended to by an expert crew. The owner enjoys a private deck with Jacuzzi on the terrace, the entirety of which houses the massive owner’s suite and if you pay $1.4 million dollars you deserve the best, am I right? A spa, gym, your own entertainment center and 20ft swimming pools with tender boats is just the icing on the cake. With a price tag that puts every other yacht to shame, even the uber rich will be worried about their Swiss bank account as the $1.4 million dollar is just the charter price and the charterer will be charged extra for different amenities; go figure! The most expensive yacht to hire is Amaryllis, period.


Which one do you think will be your pick among the lot?


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