Pokemon Sun and Moon is the newest video games version of the franchise. It is role-playing video games developed by the Game Freak and published under the banners of Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first installment by the company in 7th Generation of the Pokemon Games. This game was first announced by the Franchise in February 2016 and both Sun and Moon version released in the November of the following month in the 20th century of the Pokemon Franchise.

So the newest version of the games will be released in the November 2017 with the name of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This version took place in the Aloha region in Hawaii. They have introduced about 81 new Pokémon in this series as compared to previous installments. Despite, they also introduced new and strongest moves such as Z-Moves in the replacement of Mega Evolution in the previous generation. So the both Sun and Moon Version are separate from each other but these are features mainly on the same plot. So users can also play these separately.

Both versions of the game released on 18th November 2016 in the whole world except Europe. All the copies of the game were playable in nine different languages including German, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Traditional Chinese, and Korean.


Here are some new features of Sun and Moon Version of Pokemon Games.


Z-Moves are the newest feature added in this version. What is the purpose of Z-Moves? In Z-Moves Pokemon and its trainer wishes combine to release their full power. Therefore Z-Moves is a great power but you can use these Moves only once in a battle. The trainer needs two things while using Z-Moves including Z-Crystal and Z-Ring. Z-Ring is a small band in the hands of the trainer while Z-Crystal fit into this band. So if a Pokemon holds the same type of Z-Crystal then they are able to use Z-Moves in the battle.


Battle Royal

It is the new format of battle in where four players enter free-for-all battle. In this format of battle, any player is able to attack one another. The battle ended with the losing of three of four players and remaining person is considered as the winner of the battle.


New Forms

It is the first ever core series in which users can use 10% and complete Forms of the Zygarde and Greninja of Ash-Greninja form. This Pokemon has also many other forms including Zygarde Core and Cell that makes it non-playable appearance.


Hyper Training

Hyper Training is also another new feature of Pokemon Sun and Moon version. The feature is able to maximize one or more of the Pokemon’s IVs with the help of a man named as Mr. Hyper in exchange of the Bottle Caps. But that Pokémon who reaches level 100 is able to undergo Hyper Training.


QR Scanner

This provides facility to players for scanning the QR codes of each Pokemon. This allows them to register them as Pokemon they have seen. This feature can also be used to receive the Pokemon event such as Magearna.


So the Games received the highly positive response from the public and critics. Therefore shipped more than 10 million copies of the games within a week making it the fastest-selling games in the history of Franchise. So it has sold 15.44 million copies in the whole world until the end of March 2017. Therefore Sun and Moon are the second highest selling game of the Pokemon Franchise.

So take a look at the Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.


Serial No

List of Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon

1 Zygarde (Complete Form)
2 Lunala
3 Solgaleo
4 Wishiwashi
5 Necrozma
6 Zygarde (50% form)
7 Marshadow
8 Volcanion
9 Magearna
10 Alolan Marowak
11 Kommo-o
12 Ribombee
13 Turtonator
14 Drampa
15 Passimian
16 Oranguru
17 Toxapex
18 Araquanid
19 Palossand
20 Tsareena
21 Lurantis
22 Alolan Golem
23 Alolan Raichu
24 Alolan Ninetales
25 Alolan Sandslash
26 Alolan Persian
27 Alolan Dugtrio
28 Alolan Exeggutor
29 Bruxish
30 Golisopod


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