Largest birds of prey have a way of grabbing the attention of people because we all have inherent fear of them attacking us. On the other hand, maybe we don’t get to see them more often. But in reality, the birds of prey are really fascinating and charming, they have strong beaks, highly precise vision, and strong talons. All these qualities make them even more special members of the avian kingdom. So to showcase some of the implausible birds, we have put a list of popular and largest birds of Prey.

Serial NoList of Largest Birds of Prey
8Wedge-tailed Eagle
7Martial Eagle
6White-tailed Eagle
5Harpy Eagle
4Steller’s Sea Eagle
3Philippine Eagle
2Himalayan Vulture
1Eurasian Black Vulture

8. Wedge-tailed Eagle

Wedge-tailed Eagle is the largest bird of Prey found in Australia. They are mostly found in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and New Guinea. The bird has a unique wedge-shaped tail, that is long and broad wings that are full of feathers. So do you know how wedge-tailed eagles hunt? They hunt by soaring in flights in a circular motion. It has a wingspan up to 9 feet and 4 inches but the average length of wedge-tailed is between 81 to 106 cm. They can stay in flights for hours to end without any effort and can reach the height up to 1800 meters.


7. Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle is one of the largest found in sun-Saharan Africa. The largest length of this bird is 78 to 96 cm and weight about 3 to 6.2 kilogram. It is the most powerful and largest eagle of Africa because capable of knocking an adult off his feet. It is shocking to hear that Martial Eagle has enough strength and power in one foot to break the arm of man. Due to its large size, smaller birds are an important part of the diet of this species including francolins, guinea fowls and poultry, they mostly kill mammals like young goats, lambs, small antelopes, and monkeys. Therefore it is included in largest birds of prey.


6. White-tailed Eagle

This eagle is an extraordinary European eagle with big club-ended wings that make the white tail look small. It has a huge beak and head which protrude forward, giving the bird a vulture-like appearance. These eagles mate throughout their lives, usually in the same territory each year. The same species continue to be used as breeding grounds by consecutive generations of eagles for many years. The diet of this eagle is mostly mammals, fish, and birds. They are mostly found in Russia and Norway but sizeable populations exist in Denmark, Poland, Germany, and Greenland. The largest length of this bird is 66 to 94 cm and weight about 4 to 6.9 kilogram.


5. Harpy Eagle

It is also sometimes called as the America Harpy Eagle, is one of the largest and biggest birds of prey in America. They like to live mostly in a tropical rainforest in the upper canopy layer of the world. They are also known as royal-hawk in Brazil, the upper side is covered with the black feathers, closely related to a crested eagle. The males are usually much smaller than that of females, the average length harpy eagle is 87 to 107 cm and weight about 4 to 4.8 kilogram. Therefore, it is one of the largest birds of prey because it has a wingspan of 176 to 224 cm.


4. Steller’s Sea Eagle

The Steller’s sea eagle is a large species living in coastal northeastern of Asia. On average it is considered to be the heaviest eagle on the earth, weighing about 5-11 kg. The diet of this raptor is mainly fish and water birds. Steller’s sea eagles are blackish-brown birds that have a massive, strongly curved yellow bill. The tail, shoulders, and legs are covered by heavy white feathers. They are traveling birds because of breeding in the areas of Kamchatka Peninsula, the lower parts of the Amur River and in some parts of Russia. These eagles are highly endangered because only 4,200 breeding pairs are thought to exist on the earth. So the length of Steller’s Sea Eagle is about 85 to 105 cm, therefore, it is included in largest birds of prey.


3. Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle is so splendid that it has become a national symbol for the country. This eagle has adapted to hunt in forested territories and is incredibly agile even though it weighs up to 7 kilograms and has a wingspan more than 2 meters. The species is known to feed on large bats, monkeys, pigs, lemurs, and dogs. In fact, there are rumors that this eagle has snatched up multiple children. Therefore it is one of the rarest and most powerful birds on the earth and government has put a harsh fine on anyone found to have killed this precious bird.


2. Himalayan Vulture

The Himalayan vulture is one of the few birds on the earth that can compare to the Eurasian black vulture in terms of weight and size. It is probably the heaviest and the largest bird living in the Himalayas. So the weight of the adults is about 12 kg, making them the second largest Old World vultures because just behind the black vulture. It has broad wings, a bald head, and short feather on the tail. They produce hisses and grunts when roosting or when feeding on carcasses of animals. The length of Himalayan Vulture is 1,030–1,150 mm, therefore, it is included in the largest birds of prey.


1. Eurasian Black Vulture

Last but not the least, The Eurasian black vulture is a big, carnivorous bird found in much of Asia and Europe. It is also widely known as the monk vulture or black vulture. It is capable of attaining a maximum weight of 13-15 kg, and 1.2 m in length and 3.1 m across the wings. Eurasian Black is supposed to be one of the largest birds of prey on the earth, with the females being slightly larger than males. The diet of this eagle is mainly carrion which it tears up with the help of its powerful beaks. The bird used to live in big stick nests which can measure 2 meters across and 3 m deep.


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