According to history, horses proved to be faithful companions of the man. But most of the horses who found a distinguished position in history were race horses. However, there are some horses which became famous for their services and abilities of hard work even during wars. They took part in many battles or war and carrying their master to a success and sometimes failure. Many of us have forgotten these legendary and popular horses with time, so here we will give unique information about the historical and famous horses.

Serial NoList of Historical and Famous Horses with their NameMasters
7BucephalusAlexander the Great
6TravellerGeneral Robert
5MarengoFrench Emperor Napoleon I
4PalomoSimon Bolivar
3CopenhagenLord Arthur Wellesley
2 ComancheUnited States Army
1Sergeant RecklessUnited States Marine Corps

7. Bucephalus

Bucephalus is known as the first celebrity horse in the history of the world. It was the favorite and best companion horse of the Alexander the Great, which was one of the greatest warriors of all time. According to history, Bucephalus was acquired by the master at the age of 13 years. This horse was his companion in a large number of battles. The horse gained fatal injuries in the Battle of Hydaspes fought between Indian King Porus and Alexander in 326 B.C. Alexander built a city in the memory of his horse on the bank of the river Jhelum, a city situated in Pakistan. It is stated that the horse is the buried in a town Phalia in Mandi Bahauddin District of Punjab.


6. Traveller

Traveller is also one of the famous horses in the history of the world. It was the favorite horse and companion of General Robert, a commanding officer of the Confederates Army. The horse was born in 1857 with the name of Greenbier and brought by an officer in 1862. The horse was known for its courage, strength, and speed during battles. He carried the General Robert in many battles and after the battle accompanied him. But unfortunately, the horse developed tetanus and shot to death because there was no treatment.


5. Marengo

Marengo is also one of the famous horses, owned by the French Emperor Napoleon I. He was named after showing great abilities and carried the king safely from the Battle of Marengo which was fought between Austria and France. The Egyptian breed exported to France in 1799, he was with the king in many battles including Battle of Waterloo but Napoleon defeated by the heavy British forces. The horse was captured by the army and did in England in 1831. They exhibited the skeleton at the National Army Museum in Chelsea, history will forget such a brave horse.


4. Palomo

Another famous forest in our list is Palomo, the horse of Simon Bolivar, the “liberator” of Latin America. Palomo was also the most beautiful horse as well because he was tall, white and has a long tail that almost reached the ground. It was the beautiful gift from early peasant woman from Santa Rosa to the great General. The General used this horse in many campaigns during the struggles of liberation. The horse died after a long march, the horseshoes still displayed at Mulalo Museum. Therefore it is included in the historical and famous horses.



3. Copenhagen

Copenhagen was the best companion of the Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. The horse was born in 1808, bred by General Grosvenor and took part in many races. He was named in the honor of excellent victory of Britain at the 2nd Battle of Copenhagen. Wellesley acquired this horse in 1813 and took part in a large number of military campaigns. General also used Copenhagen in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, where they defeated French Emperor Napoleon. Copenhagen retired after this war and spend remaining years in the stable of Duke till his death in 1836.



2. Comanche

Comanche was a mixed breed active horse, owned by the United States Army. He is best known for being the survivor of the Battle of Little Bighorn, brought by the army in 168 but used by Captain Myles Keogh of 7th Cavalry. Named for his loyalist and bravery in the fight against Comanche, where the horse carried Captain. Keogh used Comanche in the dangerous War of Little Bighorn in 1876, in which no soldier survived. Therefore, the horse cited as the lone survivor, though many other horses found to have survived. Due to his this act, he was made the honorary Second Commanding Officer in1887. The intelligent horse died in 1891 and received a military funeral. Therefore Comanche is included in the historical and famous horses.



1. Sergeant Reckless

Decorated active war house, Sergeant Reckless was one of the officials ranked horse in the United States military. Sergeant Reckless was a horse of Mongolian breed, bought in 1952 for $250 from a Korean stableboy by the United States Marine Corps. She was used and trained to carry supplies, evacuated wounded soldiers and weapons in the Korean War. Best known for her abilities and intelligence to take solo trips. So she made about 51 solo trips in a single day in Battle of Outpost Vegas in 1953. She was retired from the services in 1954 when she made sergeant, died in 1968. So due to her brilliant intelligence, she was considered as one of the famous horses.



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