Horse betting is more common among the rich people of richest countries of the world. Due to a lot of interest of the people, it became a million dollar industry. The greatest races depend on the greatest and efficient horses, indulge in the long-standing traditions and place your bets at one of these legendary and fastest race horses. It is one of the oldest entertaining game in the world, therefore royal gamblers know better how to put a better bet on the best or famous racing horses. You may lose your bet because of the racing horse in the unpredictable game.

So here we have a list of legendary and famous racing horses.

Serial NoList of Famous Horses in Race/Racing
6Black Caviar
3Man O War
2Phar Lap

8. Citation

The greatest and one of the famous racing horses of all the time in history. By history, we mean in the era of 1949s, as Citation was the best in the horse racing industry. Due to its fast speed, he is loved by the people and most anticipated of that era. He has made a fair and winning name for himself before he entered the gates of the race track of racing horse. He was eighth Triple Crown winner of America and also included in one of three major North American horses to win at least 16 races in a row in stakes race competitions. Citation is also the first racing horse to win more than one million dollars.


7. Ruffian

You cannot go against this fastest and famous racing horse, it is another legendary American horse of the 70s. She is another champion from his country who has won more than 10 consecutive races by a really wide margin. She is was also ranked among the top racing horses in the United States of the 20th century. The story of this horse was also told in a large number of books and film Ruffian. She broke down in a very highly anticipated match race in July 1975 with Kentucky Derby. Ruffian has also won a lot of money in the major racing competition. Therefore she is included in the famous racing horses.


6. Black Caviar

Here we speak of Royalty Horses which represents one of the best in the racing fields or tracks. She is one of the best and famous racing horse in the world because she remained undefeated in more than 25 competitions, including 15 Group One victories. Due to her remarkable abilities, she was named WTRR World Champion Sprinter for four consecutive years. Black Caviar is one of the best and famous racing horses in the history because she earned that respect by winning 25 races of her 25 Races. The Australian Royal horse retired in April 2013.


5. Frankel

A beautiful and remarkable horse raised by the Prince, Khalid Abdullah. Prince is also a business tycoon and owner of the Juddmonte Farms. It is interesting to hear that the value of Frankel is more than $150 million which is an equivalent to buying 3 Bugatti’s, an enough large state in a different location of the world and still have much cash to blow in the end. He is even unbeaten in his all fourteen races, therefore he is a highest rated racehorse in the world. Frankel has won Classic 2000 Guineas at the age of just three years by six lengths, therefore he is included in the historical and famous racing horses.


4. Seabiscuit

Seabiscuit is another champion racing horse from the United States of America. He was a small horse, he had an inauspicious start to his racing career but he became a champion and symbol of permanent pleasure for people of his country. Seabiscuit became the topic of discussion in numerous books and many movies including Seabiscuit: the Lost Documentary, The Story of Seabiscuit, Seabiscuit: An Ameican Legend and Seabiscuit that was also nominated for Academy Award. He has won many major racing titles during his 14 year’s career.


3. Man O War

Man o War is another one of the greatest and famous racing horse in the history. During his whole career, he has won 20 out of 21 major races just after the First World War. He was the unofficial American Horse of the Year in 1920. New York Times has also honored him as the outstanding athlete of the year and was inducted into National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1957. He has dominating career during his career and there was no comparison of Man O War. Therefore he is included in all-time best and famous racing horses.


2. Phar Lap

Phar Lap is a powerful warrior like stallion who has captured the attentions of the people with his remarkable achievements in the early years of Great Depression. The New Zealander horse was trained and raced in his neighboring country Australia. He has won much major competition including two Cox Plates, Melbourne Cup, and 19 weight for age races. He was the third largest stakes winner of his time. So he is equally famous in Australia and New Zealand because his heart is displayed at the National Museum of Australia while skeleton at Museum of New Zealand Te PapaTongarewa. That’s why he is considered in the best racing horses all time in the history.


1. Secretariat

Secretariat is widely considered as the Spartan Warrior and God of War. The American legendary racing horse became the first Triple Crown Winner from his country in 25 years. He is more prominent due to his record-breaking win in the Belmont Stakes, considered as the greatest races of all the time because he left the field 31 lengths behind him. He finished his debut race with a 4th position at the age of just two years. During his whole career, he has won five Eclipse Awards and elected for the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 1974. Secretariat has also won more than $1.3 million in his career, therefore he is included in the famous racing horses.


Serial No List of Famous Horses in Race/Racing
1 Secretariat
2 Phar Lap
3 Man O War
4 Seabiscuit
5 Frankel
6 Black Caviar
7 Ruffian
8 Citation


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