Many say that you cannot put a price on education but what I think that those people are full of crap. Because if you want the prime education in college then you either have to get a scholarship or just plain have deep coffers. Otherwise, you will be like me, mounted under the crushing thousands of dollars in student loan. But we have to look at this way; an average adult that has had college education earns $1.1 million dollars more till their early 40s than the people who only graduated from High School. While you may have to make an initial investment of up to $150,000 max. The result seems to get you a million bucks better so why not just go all the way. There are some colleges though which will suck you dry financially. Here are 10 of those most expensive in U.S are listed below.

Serial NoLatest List of Expensive Colleges in USAnnual Tuition Fee
10New York University$46,148 
9Olin College of Engineering$46,681
8Scripps College$47,378
7Claremont McKenna College$47,395
6Dartmouth College$48,108
5Bard College$48,240
4University of Chicago$48,253
3Harvey Mudd College

2Sarah Lawrence Colleges$50,780
1Columbia University$51,000

Most Expensive Colleges in the US, That You Cannot Afford:

10. New York University

Annual Tuition Fee: $46,148 

New York University or better known as NYU is a private research university in New York City. It consists of 20 institutes that are spread through Manhattan and Brooklyn with 34% acceptance rate. NYU is a green school that is also ranked a high 13th in the world by the Centre for World University Rankings. No other University has produced such notable alumni in the world with celebrities such as Woody Allen, Lady Gaga, and Angelina Jolie just being the tip of the iceberg. So it might just be that if you go to NYU you either might become a future celebrity or someone who knows one.


9. Olin College of Engineering

Annual Tuition Fee: $46,681

Olin College of Engineering is a private engineering University in Needham Massachusetts and is responsible for revolutionizing engineering in the country, just as MIT has been doing in the field of Information Technology. Over the past decade or so Olin College of Engineering has not put a foot wrong with their project-based curriculum, youth, and diversity that has proven to be the mettle. Olin College of Engineering is, on the other hand, small sized, but the country’s top faculty with students working on projects it is an excellent standpoint of innovation. Olin has 16% acceptance rate a considerable low considering Engineering colleges in the country.


8. Scripps College

Annual Tuition Fee: $47,378

Scripps College is situated in Claremont California, and thus it is also a proud member of Claremont Colleges. Scripps College is a liberal arts School with an emphasis on progressiveness, and the college gets it name from the founder Ellen Browning Scripps. The university’s motto is “Here begins New Life”. The acceptance rate is on the higher side of 36%. The university has been ranked as the “most selective” college by the U.S News & World Report, and it is also the 3rd best women’s college in the country.


7. Claremont McKenna College

Annual Tuition Fee: $47,395

Claremont McKenna College is other private liberal arts school steering towards progression, and it is also a member of Claremont Colleges, which might explain the almost identical fees with the Scripps College. The degree of cost might be same in both, but the acceptance rate here is only a mere 12.4%. The Claremont McKenna College is also ranked as 8th in liberal arts by U.S News & World Report as opposed to Scripps 24th position. If you are a liberal arts enthusiast, apply in both and make McKenna your first choice most probably you will be selected in one of them.


6. Dartmouth College

 Annual Tuition Fee: $48,108

Dartmouth College is a member of the Ivy League. It has had country’s top brass as its alumni with an acceptance rate of mere 11.5% percent. Located in Hanover New Hampshire in the US. Dartmouth College has superior engineering, medical and business school. The academic facilityisg one of the private Ivy League colleges also excels in athletics and arts.


5. Bard College

Annual Tuition Fee: $48,240

Bard College is located in Annandale-on-Hudson in New York. It is another one of private liberal arts college in the country, although it is coeducation, unlike Scripps College. The acceptance rate is also relatively high at a 35%. One of the mainstream educations in this liberal arts college is the Environmental policies that help the students determine the right edges and develop plans towards sustainability. The University is expensive all right but the alumni of Bard College have been precious members of society in past 150 years. You would do well to apply here if you can afford it, of course.


4. University of Chicago

Annual Tuition Fee: $48,253

The University of Chicago is a diverse, private university that specialized in research. One front that guarantees you that it is one of the finest colleges out there is because the annual acceptance rate is just a new low of 8.4%, which means that 183 out of 200 of you that apply here will face rejection. The university consists of six schools and four research divisions. The University of Chicago is one of the leading universities in both athletics and academics. It is able to give Ivy League colleges a run for their money, also monetarily.

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3. Harvey Mudd College

Annual Tuition Fee: 48,594

Harvey Mudd College comes in the Forbes top 100. It is a private liberal art university in science and engineering. It has an acceptance rate of only 13% and it is also the member of prestigious Claremont Colleges. The university is situated in Dartmouth Ave in Claremont California. if you are adamant on spending $50,000 a year, this is the university for you because it has the highest paid alumni in the country.



2. Sarah Lawrence Colleges

Annual Tuition Fee: $50,780

Sarah Lawrence College is a private liberal art University in Bronxville, Yonkers, New York. It has the highest acceptance rate in the top 10 of 62% which is tantamount to its vast campus. So a limited number of application from the smaller number of liberal arts students in the country because of the huge Tuition. The university is active in the community as political activists thus the enormous influence of the alumni in the country’s politics.



1. Columbia University

Annual Tuition Fee: $51,000

University of the current American President Barack Obama and the most popular YouTube celebrity Ray William Johnson. Columbia University is a private Ivy League research-oriented university. As an Ivy League college, Columbia University is one of the leading colleges in the country in academics and athletics both.


Obviously, There will be many more Privileges for studying in Most Expensive College for United States Students. If you are the student from any of these please share your Experience to let other knows.


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