Whether you are a pro gamer or a gaming enthusiast, gaming headsets provide you the best audio experience but best gaming headsets are those that meticulously take care of all around gaming needs. What this means is just the sound of the gaming headset just doesn’t cut, it has to be easily modifiable according to the gamer’s needs and also adapt to different surroundings either you play alone in you study or if you are in a gaming arena. We will see five different headphones that best conform to these standards.

Serial NoLatest List of 5 Best Gaming HeadsetsPrice ($)
5SteelSeries H-Series90
4Sennheiser PC 360120
3Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven230
2Razer Tiamat160
1Astro A50260

Price and Sound of Best Gaming Headsets:

5. SteelSeries H-Series

Price: $90.
SteelSeries has been a top contributor to the needs of the gaming community, and they have a very succinct way of going about their products; they are the gamer-oriented. Although SteelSeries is widely known for more on the gaming gear side, i.e., hardware instead of the actual software, but with the new SteelSeries H-Series, they have actually taken the plaudits by providing powerful yet gamer friendly sound experience.

Many of the pro gamers are staunch supporters of SteelSeries headsets in terms of its ease of use. SteelSeries H-Series headset might not be a powerhouse at first look, but it has a very balanced support system. That might be the reason that there is no distinction to take it to the very top, but the sound quality you get for a mere $90 is astoundingly astounding.


SteelSeries H-Series


The biggest reason to go for this headphone is the contrast in the high and low frequencies that are so evident that many big budget headset makers fail to recognize in their products. Every voice you hear is distinctive and clear and in turn, the microphone limits noise pollution due to unidirectional control. This one pound simplicity makes it in the top 5 just on its audio prowess alone.

4. Sennheiser PC 360

Price: $120.
Sennheiser PC 360 is a step up from its little brother PC 330 and offers virtually the same features, albeit with a better quality. Sennheiser PC 360 has gone beyond the usual sound frequency of 20-20,000Hz and provided gamers with tons at a subsonic level of just 15Hz to the ultrasonic levels of 28,000Hz. It provides gratifying surround sound which gives gaming enthusiast a very comfy zone to play in. The high tones are very crisp within the PC 360, and there is very little distortion that results in the almost accurate reading of the sound and even the place it is coming from. Mid tones give the best result out of most gaming headsets.

Not only this Sennheiser PC 360, comes with mute chat functionality in which you only have to move your microphone to a vertical position to cut any voice from your end. Apart from exceptional sound quality, the design is very amicable. There is a ten-foot cable available so you can easily stick the headset in the back of your desktop computer with ease. The right ear cup can also move out of the way via a pivot, so you do not have to bother setting the headset at an awkward angle to understand what is going on around you.

Sennheiser PC 360

However, here is the catch, the low tones are too weak and those like me who hear a little loud it can be a strain to pick them up. However, for the price of around $120 you will definitely be getting one of the best gaming headsets in my humble opinion.

3. Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven

Price: $230.
A touch on the expensive side, but when you get to use this bad boy, or in this case turtle, you will get the full value back for the $230 you spend on. You just don’t get a simple headset when you buy Z Seven, along with it comes a set of accessories that will swing your headset meter into buying this. There are separate USB channels for both Mac and PC, and you get a removable microphone so that you can also use Z Seven for listening music. You also get a splitter cable to play sound on both your headset and an external speaker.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z Seven

The headset comes with a comprehensive range of features in terms of sound, starting with 8 speakers packed in the two ear cups alone which support eight audio modes from bass to treble. All of this can be controlled with an advanced sound editor where you can create your personal settings, talk about being the King of Sound. The only thing that holds this headset back for me is that it takes an awfully long time to get the hang of the settings but once you do, it is all peachy.


2. Razer Tiamat

Price: $160.
Not much needs to be said about Razer Tiamat in terms of its sound capabilities. Razer Tiamat not only comes with an amazing design which has become the norm for Razer products but was also quite helpful. The headset comes in with an in-line volume control device which lets you adjust the sound to all individual levels. This comes in real handy when you are gaming as you can set the game and chat voice levels according to your listening preference.

Razer Tiamat

The reason that we get Razer Tiamat at the top of the list is because of the sound system that packs a 10-driver system allowing you to have the rare opportunity to have 7.1 surround sound at near perfect levels. The only setback is that you need to stick the USB connector in all the time to run. At a price of $160, you sure are getting the bargain of the year.


1. Astro A50

Price: $260.
Quite simply, one of the very best headsets produced for the professional gamers and justified every penny you pay for the 260 US Dollars. The Astro A50 eliminates all of the outside noise due to the perfect and snug fit the closed-back ear cups provide. Not only do you get delicious and bright voices of all depths with no outside noise pollution but you get to have it with no wire distractions. Astro A50 is probably the only wireless headset that provides sound quality on par with the wireless ones. Even the microphone that you use on A50 can be retracted if you just want to listen and don’t want your voice to be heard.  You also get a 6.3 mm adapter which enables you to use it with almost any home theater system.

Astro A50

You can also upgrade to MixAmp, which can allow you to use the headphones with Xbox, PS4 and other consoles while mobile devices such as Android and iPhone can also connect. Not only has this but the unidirectional setup only lets your voice go through the sound thus the recommendation from most pro gamers. All in All, this headset makes the top in our 5 best gaming headsets list by a long shot.
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