Do you know the meaning of Conference call? If no, then let’s know what is conference call? A Conference call or a group call is a telephonic call in which several people talk each other at the same time. It may be designed to allow the called party to participate during the call. It is much easier to make a conference call from your iPhone. So for this purpose, you must have to install a specific app. As trying to round up team members or employees for a meeting isn’t always easy, so the beginning of online conferencing has made things a lot more opportune. There are numerous different apps you can use to calendar and start phone or video conferences. Some permit you to share files, chat, and even screen-share within the app. So here we will discuss latest iPhone Apps for conference call.

Serial No Latest iPhone Apps for Conference CallParticipants
5Facebook Messenger50
4 Cisco WebEx MeetingsN/A
2 Start Meeting1,000
1Free Conference Call International1,000

Top 8 iPhone Group/Conference Call Apps for free

8. YapApp

YapApp is an efficient conference call app that allows you to make a video, audio calls, text, share photos, and videos. It allows you to have a group chat using iPhone. So it is also much easy to sign up YapApp by using a phone number, email or your Facebook account. It is just as much easy and quick to find your members and see who is online. Use your mobile data or Wi-Fi to make high quality and free video conference calls. You can add five members to make a video call, share videos, voice message, receive videos and share photos with others. So it is one of the best and latest iPhone apps for conference call. It features including

  • Efficient to keep in touch with your family and friends
  • Find members and see who is online
  • Sign up with phone number, email or Facebook
  • Share videos, high-quality messages, and texts
  • Free but in-app purchase for business users


7. iMeet

iMeet is another unique which will revolutionize the way you think about the web conferencing calls. There is no doubt in the efficiency of this app because this is an award-winning app. It has the ability to join the meeting of more than 125 participants, cloud-based file storage, video calls via webcam, and automatic sync across devices. The app will allow you to click on the schedule a meeting and will give you a pre-populated invitation with the details of the meeting. So you can run a presentation or pass the control to any other person. You will need to be registered with this app unless you want to sign in as a First-Time Guest. So greenish features of this app are including

  • Record the details of meetings
  • Share video, high-quality voice, text, and files
  • Support up to 125 participants
  • Available for the free of cost
  • Consistency in the experience of user


6. Skype

Skype is widely used for video call, so make free group calls with Skype. Whether you want to share big news with your family members or need to work closely with a team of classmates, with Skype group calling, including conference calling and group chats, you can swarm a group video chat or conference call for up to 25 participants. So adding people who already have Skype account is free. But to add people who aren’t on Skype, call them on their landline number or mobile with Skype Credit or a subscription. So far considered as one of the best iPhone apps for conference calls.

  • Available with no credit to charge
  • Support up to 25 participants
  • Share high-quality voice, audio and files
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Allows sharing of screen


5. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger allows you to jump on the party line and hear the voices of your friends and family with its latest feature. They have also increased the limit of participants from 12 to 50. Facebook had released the feature of a voice call in 2013 but it was limited to one on one call. But they released group call feature in 2016 and it has widely replaced the Skype. So it allows to set up easy conference calls with people whose number you don’t have. Therefore it is one of the best and latest iPhone app for conference call. So core features of Messenger are including

  • Support up to 50 participants
  • Share audio, video, text and high-quality voice calls
  • Easy to use and install
  • Available with the free of cost


4. Cisco WebEx Meetings

The unique app allows you to join in on conference using your Apple Watch and iPhone. The services of this app are including WebEx Meeting Center, WebEx Meeting Server, WebEx Meetings, WebEx Training Center and WebEx Event Center. You will high quality full-screen multipoint video, wideband audio support, Auto Call Me and voice activated video switching. Cisco WebEx Meetings app also allows to view video and content at the same time, start, schedule, make some other Host, invite other and also cancel the meeting. Therefore included in the best and latest iPhone apps for conference call.

  • Private or group chat
  • Show End-to-end encryption
  • Full-screen view of meeting
  • List of Attendee
  • Free iPhone app for conference calls


3. GoToMeeting

Do you need to hold a group meeting? The people you need are all over the places? Then you don’t have to worry about this because GoToMeetings has it covered. So you can schedule, host or join the meeting from your iPhone from any place and at any time. The more interesting feature of this app is that it allows six shared webcams to participate in video conferencing meetings. You can also view the screens of the presenter when she or he has slides. Joining the meetings is free but for host meeting, you must have an account of GoToMeeting.

  • You can see the schedule of your meetings
  • You can view the screen as well as slides of presenter
  • Allows six webcams for video conferencing
  • It is totally free to join in on meetings


2. Start Meeting

Start Meeting is one of a unique and efficient app for conferencing calls. It allows the bulk of participants to join the meeting with high-quality voice. Support up to 1000 participants and also offers video conferencing screen sharing with the option of chat with other members. It also provides the facility of zoom in and out of the screen content. Some breathtaking features of this app are including

  • Screen sharing
  • Support 1000 participants with high-quality voice
  • Allows video conferencing with chat option to another member
  • It is easy to join in on conferences


1. Free Conference Call International

Last but not the least, the most impressive conference call app is around the corner. Free Conference Call International is another efficient app that allows you to jump or host the international conference calls. The best and most interesting part of this app is that you don’t have to remember the credentials of your account because the app remembers all you Access Codes and Dial Numbers. Features of this app are including one-touch conference command, unlimited conferencing, high quality calls with up to 1000 participants and send meeting invitations via SMS text. The app is efficiently working in 55 countries. Therefore considered as one of the best iPhone apps for conference call.

  • Send invitations to meeting via email or text
  • You don’t have to remember the dial-in numbers and codes
  • Support high-quality voice conference of 1000 participants
  • Free of cost available

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