We are becoming less and less dependent on the mobile phone networks. As you can get a strong data signal almost everywhere that you can get a mobile phone network signal. Most of us are around the Wi-Fi most of the time. When has progressed so much fast that you can talk over the internet more easily as we can talk on the mobile phone networks? So do you ready to make the switch because it is much easier, cheaper and also more efficient. On the other hand, Android mobile is easier to use as compared to other phones. Therefore you can use conference call easily like mobile networks. So here we will discuss the best apps for Android video conference call.

Serial NoBest Apps for Android Video Conference Call

8Zoom Cloud Meeting
6Facebook Messenger
5Conference Caller
4Google Hangout

8. Zoom Cloud Meeting

Stay connected with your family member or friends or your classmates at any place with video conference call. Zoom Cloud Meeting provides an excellent opportunity to join meeting of 50 members with face-to-face video, crystal clear voice, instant messaging and high-quality screen sharing. It is an award-winning app used for video conferencing calls, group messaging and online meetings into one easy-to-use application. Zoom is under use of more than 170,000 customer organizations and best in customer satisfaction. You can share audio, text, and files. You can also give control to any other person. Due to its greenish features, included in the best apps for android video conference call.



LINE is another most immensely popular platform for messaging and calling. They claim to have an astonishing 600 million active from all over the world. The LINE is free group call app and it also allows more than 200 participants in the video conference call. You can not only make conference calls with your android phone but also by using your computer. Along with these features, you can also get social marketing features, group chats, instant messaging and a lot more. This app is only available for Android and working for their version for iOS. So with awesome features, LINE is included in the best apps for android video conference call.


6. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also one of the most used Android apps. Although Facebook Messenger is not all great when it comes to the calling because it is a large battery drainer. However, it is easily accessible to every person in the world with free of cost. So the text and call capabilities do work very well in the new version and the quality is also satisfactory. But there is some limitation with this app because you can call to just any other Facebook Messenger user. Not only used for conference video calls but you can also share, files, audio, images and much more. So you can connect up to 50 participants in the video conferencing call for meetings. That’s why included in the best apps for android video conferencing call.


5. Conference Caller

The easiest, quickest and smartest way to join video conference call from your Android mobiles with just a single touch of your screen. So you can use all-conference caller any time at any place. As it is trusted by the multiple top Fortune 500 companies. So you can also save the upcoming events and meeting and also invite your friends to join conference caller. All the events, conference codes, phone numbers, passcodes, and PINs are automatically detected by the app. So you can share images and also files with awesome quality video calls. Therefore considered in the best apps for android video conference call.


4. Google Hangout

Google Hangout is an awesome calling and chats application. As it comes pre-installed on many of the Android mobile phones. It is billed primarily as an important chat service but you can also make phone calls to any other user of Google Hangout. You can engage them with video calls in a group also. Interesting to know that every person who used Google Android has an account of Hangout by default. It is also much easier to convince family, friends, and members to join this service. It is very good service because call quality is also pretty good. So connect your team from anywhere with easy to join video calls. You can meet face to face without the addition of cost of travel. Therefore added in the best apps for android video conference call.


3. Skype

Skype is a long favorite of those who are looking for video conference call service. It has many similarities with Google Hangout. So with Skype, you can call, message to any other Skype user free of cost. You can sign in Skype with you Facebook as well as Google account. Skype provides facility to call landline but you have to pay credits. You can also chat with 300 members in a group, with voice and video call in a group of 25 people. Skype provides best quality voice and video calls and also you can share audio, video, text, files and images. So due to its wide usage, included in the best apps for android video conference call.


2. WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most favorite app for instant messaging services. So Whatsapp is a relatively newer entrant to the video and conference call but it has made some big waves before. Whatsapp is included in the largest messengers in a free world, rivaling Google and Facebook when we talk about the active users. It is also much easier to get your friends to join Whatsapp. But it doesn’t allow texting and calling to actual phone numbers. So you can call to any other Whatsapp number free of charge which is nice and excellent. It provides instant and awesome video conference calling with also slow internet. So for a conference call with Whatsapp, you have to use conference call enabler to active calls on the Whatsapp. Therefore included in the best apps for android video conference calls.


1. KakaoTalk

KakaoTalk is very decent and popular messaging service. There are more than 150 million users of Kakao all around the world. As talk about the video calling capacity of this app, then it is also excellent video calling. It comes with the many decent and greenish features including group chats, Android Wear support, and voice filters. You can call people one on one and you can do conference calls as well. Despite, you can also share audio, text, picture, and files with this awesome app. That’s why included in the best apps for android video conferencing call.


Final Thoughts

That’s all we have from the Best Apps for Android Video Conference Call. We have considered all those apps which are much famous and mostly in use of the people. If you like then like, share with friends and comment below in the comment box. So if we missed any of the best Android Video Conference Call App then tell us about them in the comments.




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