Ground Type is one of the 18 types of Pokemon included in the whole Franchise. They are really best in the defense. They are offensively built therefore much strong against electric, fire, steel, rock and poison type Pokemon species. That’s why it is a pretty awesome type to carry into a competitive Pokemon battlefield. Ground Type has always strong earthquake move, which is a good part of why they are powerful offensively. They have rock defense that make them immune to all electricity moves and they often have a brute strength for super effective against different groups of Pokemon. So here we will discuss different types of best ground type Pokemon.

Serial No5 of the Powerful and Best Ground Type PokemonGeneration

5. Rhyperior

Rhyperior is one of the strongest dual-type Rock/Ground type Pokemon. It has made its first appearance in the 4th Generation. It started its evolution from Rhydon and end its evolution as Rhyperior from Rhyhorn. Rhyperior is bipedal and has a brown, plate-like skin, hard as well as drill-shaped horn coming out of the center of its heavy head. As it is most powerful Pokemon, therefore, it is accomplished of collapsing buildings and boring through diamonds with its strong horn. So it is much capable of surviving extreme heat, super tough and even molten magma. So it is also able to fire bullets from its hands. Due to its massive attacks, included in the best ground type Pokemon.


4. Swampert

Swampart is another dual type Ground/Water Pokemon, it evolves from Marshtomp to its final evolution of Mudkip. It has made its introduction in the 3rd Generation of the Franchise. It is a large Pokemon with cobalt blue body heightened with head and tail fins as well as capable of walking with its hind legs. Despite its frog type appearance, it is strong enough to swim fast, move boulders, therefore, it has dominant underwater vision. Swampert is strong to any type of Pokemon but little weak against Grass-type Pokemon making it one of the best ground type Pokemon.


3. Garchomp

Garchomp is a massive and strong dual type Ground pseudo-legendary/Dragon Pokemon. It was introduced in the 4th Generation of the Franchise. It starts its evolution from Gabite and ends to the evolution of Gible. The blue-colored draconian Pokemon, able to walk on its posterior legs. The body of the Garchomp of full of horns but the functional wings allow it to fly with incredible speed. It has also somewhat access to the Mega Evolution which is temporary but more powerful form. It temporary form brings more pain to its opponents. Therefore included in the best ground type Pokemon.


2. Landorus

Landorus is also coming with the mixture of two-type Flying/Ground Pokemon. It has made its first appearance in Generation V. The more interesting thing about this species that it doesn’t evolve into and from any other Pokemon. But it has another discrete form that changes its appearance and abilities. So in its incarnate form, it has great resemblance with Djinn but in its Therian form, species become orange, lean, quadrupedal feline. Despite it is also the leader of the group Force of Nature. So due to its helpful nature, considered in one of the best ground type Pokemon.


1. Groudon

Last but not the least, Groudon is the strongest and legendary ground type. It has incredible ability to expand the continents. This is because it has an ancient competition with Kyogre that has excellent ability to expand the oceans. So whenever they meet they engross in a vicious battle. Groudon is a massive bipedal red colored dinosaur covered with different spikes so the blue spikes highlight at the time of its power charging. The legendary Pokemon is immensely powerful therefore it has the ability to evaporate a large quantity of water. It is only Pokemon in the Franchise capable of learning Precipice Blade. Therefore included in the best ground type Pokemon.


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