We all know, there are a lot of different types Pokemon released by the Franchise of the Pokemon. They have started the 1st Generation with 15 types of Pokemon but after that, they are increasing in every Generation like Steel Type and Dark Type in the 2nd Generation. Later on. They included the beautiful Fairy Type in Generation 4. But in this article, we are going to tell you about best rock type Pokemon. Rock Type Pokemon are generally known for their sturdy exterior because they are such hard like rocks. So they are disadvantages as well as advantages of this type because they have high defense but low-speed stats.

So here we have a list of best rock type Pokemon.

Serial No5 of the Best Rock Type PokemonGeneration
1Mega Tyranitar2nd
2Mega Diancie4th
3Mega Aerodactyl1st

5. Terrakion

Terrakion is a legendary dual-type Fighting/Rock Pokemon. It has made its place in the list in 5th Generation of the Franchise. So this bulky and sturdy ox-like Pokemon is also one of the members of Swords of Justice Legendary Pokemon with other companions like Cobalion, Virizion, and Keldeo. According to series, the legendary Pokemon with Cobalion and Virizion took the Keldeo under the wing have taught it some moves. So truly, Terrakion is one of the legendary and best members of Sword of Justice. Because it is able to crush through castle all with just one blow. People are not much aware of this Pokémon but it was seen in the war against the human to protect the other Pokémon in danger. So due to its defense, considered in the list of best rock type Pokemon.


4. Aggron

Another legendary Pokemon, Aggron is one of the well-known Pokemon introduced in the 3rd Generation. Its evolution start from the Aaron then evolves into Lairon and finally ends its evolution with Aggron. In the next Generation, it was able to perform Mega-Evolution to Mega Aggron with the help of Aggronite Mega Stone. The dual-type Rock/Steel is one of the most versatile Pokemon in terms of moves and powerful signature moves like Hyper Beam, Solar Beam, Blizzard, Stone Edge, Thunder, and Earthquake. It is also able to learn HM move Surf by proving its versatility. Therefore included in the best rock type Pokemon.


3. Mega Aerodactyl

Now we have Mega Aerodactyl taking the number 3 in the best rock type Pokemon. Aerodactyl in one of the fossilized Pokemon resurrected from Old Amber introduced in the first Generation. So by using the Aerodactylite Mega Stone, it has obtained Mega Evolution to this type in Generation IV. So it is one of the fossil Pokemon exist. In the Mega form, the body of the Mega Aerodactyl highlighted with spikes that resemble with stalagmites by giving it intimidating look. That’s why included in one of the best rock type Pokemon.


2. Mega Diancie

Mega Diancie is another most beautiful dual type Fairy/Rock type Pokemon. Considered as mythical and rare like a jewel. So it has made its introduction in the 4th Generation with Fairy type to balance out the type of Chart. People are still confused to include Mega Diancie in Legendary because it is Mythical Pokemon. So by using the Diancite Mega Stone, Dinacie was evolved into Mega Diancie by making it one of the legendary Pokemon which have mega evolution. The appearance of this Pokemon is very impressive because it appears in a gorgeous pink dress. So due to its beauty, it is also referred Royal Pink Princess, so due to these qualities, it is included in the best rock type Pokemon.


1. Mega Tyranitar

Another dual-type Rock/Dark pseudo-legendary Pokemon is none others than Tyranitar. It has made its first appearance in the franchise in 2nd Generation. Mega Tyranitar is just similar to the Aggron but shows its versatility by most powerful signature moves like Focus Blast, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Thunder, Fire Blast, Stone Edge, Thunder, Blizzard, Earthquake and HM move Surf. Sometimes considered as the power machine because it appeared to be mega dangerous species. So this Pokemon is helpful to fight with any other strong species because of its strong defense and massive strong special attacks.



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