Flying Pokemon has about 13% of the total population of the Pokemon. So according to estimate, 93 Pokemon are included in this category which is quite large in number. Despite, they have a large number but very few or only one is a pure flying type Pokemon. Speaking and flying is secondary typing for Pokemon but overall flying types are another type of Pokemon that don’t incline to be that prodigious and enormous. Despite half or part time flyers, flying type Pokemon are still dominating in the whole series. So here we will discuss 5 of the best flying type Pokemon.

Serial No5 of the Best Flying Type Pokemon

5. Mandibuzz

Mandibuzz is one of the defensive and decent Pokemon that provides great all round protective support for your team. It has the ability of effectively walling quite a large range of horrible attacks on the opponents. So what makes it special? Defog is its awesome quality which makes it more special and useful. So using this move will entry danger, which makes it a great companion to other fire/flying type like Charizard. It lacks in powerful attacking positions but it proved to be a good special if you lack a good fairy or electric type Pokemon. It proved to be toughest Pokemon to out of the way very soon because it is critical dark type also. Therefore it is one of the best flying type Pokemon.


4. Staraptor

Although Staraptor proved to be a weaker against rock type there are certain reasons which made it much greater. It is the final evolution of the Starly, they are loners of the group. It is famous for speed and high-potential killer Pokemon and it is also brave, combat and creative powerful flying Pokemon. So what makes it different than that of other flying Pokemon is Close-combat that gives it great courage against the rock, ice, and steel type. Staraptor has great abilities as wall breaker and also an effective partner for other Pokemon to fight especially against an electric type. That’s why considered in powerful and best flying type Pokemon.


3. Crobat

Crobat is efficient dual type Pokemon that is good enough to stay significant. So the Crobat is ridiculously fast and works very well as both an annoyer and attacker. With the help of wide move pool, it is able to cause anyone in trouble. It shows some weakness against Ice, Rock, and Electric, therefore, be careful to use Crobat against these types. Due to its blinding speed and hard hitting attacks, called as the late game cleaner, therefore, it shows great bravery. So you use this fast Pokemon with any other type of species. Therefore included in the best flying type Pokemon.


2. Gliscor

It is not necessarily well but an awesome stall-breaker. So if you give this species a toxic orb then it will regain 1/8th of health in each turn. Gliscor is best and great as speedy, defensive and access to the sword dance makes it awesome attacker despite defensive Pokemon. It cannot be hurt via poison because he is also poisoned therefore cannot be paralyzed, burned and put to sleep. So he is safe from all these moves but it can regain or obtain double power in every attack. It shows weakness against water and ice type but you can make it useful by carefully training of this powerful flying machine.


1. Skarmory

Skarmory is another defensive flying Pokemon. But it is a different type of defender as compared to Mandibuzz. It is mostly seen in awesome partnership with Blissey or Chansey because it provides a great physical defense to its partner and covers the weaknesses of Blissey. One of its best moves of Skarmory that set entry hazards and then use the whirlwind to shuffle challenge out onto them. It is been the go to the physical wall since its introduction and it’s still holding up even with the power skulking up each gen. So you can pick this flying Pokemon as front line leader in the battlefield. Therefore included in the best flying type Pokemon.


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