Fire-type Pokemon is some of the most awesome looking and powerful Pokemon therefore dominant in the whole series. They tend to be very talented, offensive Pokemon, deal with high damage and burned completely opponents to give them an awesome advantage.  From the classic appetizer, Charmander, to the newest member of the starter bunch, Litten, it is obvious the flame of Fire Pokemon will always surpass the rest. So who is ready for more awesome Pokemon? There are plenty of great Pokemon to choose from. So here we discuss most powerful fire type Pokemon which you don’t want to miss.

So here we have a list of 5 best and most powerful fire type Pokemon.

Serial No
5 Most Powerful Fire Type Pokemon
4 Houndoom

5. Moltres

Moltres is one of the legendary fire type Pokemon bird, it is also dual type brave species. Like all other powerful fire types of Pokemon, it is very difficult and painful to catch Moltres. But included in the coolest legendary Flying-type and Fire-type bird, along with Zapdos and Articuno, it is one of the most favorite legendary Pokemon. It shows some weaknesses against electric, water, and rock type. The stats are honestly low for a legendary at 580 but they’re well well-adjusted, it’s basically an Infernape but it shows more defensive power. Therefore included in the powerful fire type Pokemon.


4. Houndoom

Houndoom is one of the most lovable Pokemon in the series. They are seen in fewer episodes but considered as most desirable. It is much difficult and painful to get Houndoom because it is speed and powerful species. It has average 500 total stat which made it special in speed and attacks, you can get a lot of type courage because it is also dark type. Houndoom shows weakness against Fighting, Rock, water, and ground, therefore, be careful while using this powerful machine.


3. Arcanine

Arcanine is another best and greatest fire type Pokemon because it has more stat total than that of any other Pokemon in the list. More interesting to know that it is also much easy to obtain. So the stat shows that it has aggressive speed, defensive and boost to special attack, therefore, you can use Arcanine at every hard time in the battlefield. It is one of the hard and toughest Pokemon for the enemy if you use with care and courage. So it has got an awesome reputation in the powerful fire type Pokemon because of its awesome attacking qualities.


2. Blaziken

Blaziken is another best and legendary Pokemon, it is a huge fan favorite for many good reasons. The stat total of Blaziken is 530 which is not bad to fight even against powerful species. It has much hidden quality so take advantage of the abilities of Blaziken including high speed, powerful attacks but be careful it is less defensive than that of another fire type in the list. Due to its enormous abilities, it is one of the most powerful assets in your team. It shows some weaknesses against Ground, flying, and water. But still considered as dangerous weapon therefore included in the most powerful fire type Pokemon.


1. Charizard

Not but the least, the kind of fire type Pokemon is none other than the great Charizard. It is also most recognizable than that of any other on the list because it has all qualities including power, fame, and glory.  In his systematic form, he was previously loved by many fans for being the best Pokemon from the first generation. Charizard is also quite more powerful and versatile in his mega form. It has highest qualities for special fire based attacks, Charizard is also the number one most famous Pokemon around the world according to the results of a poll from the popular Official Nintendo Magazine and IGN. It shows resistance almost against every type of Pokemon. That’s why included in the most powerful fire type Pokemon.


So there you have it guys! That’s my top 5 most powerful fire type Pokemon in all generations of the franchise, let me know what you guys think and who your favorite is?


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