Harley Davidson is one of the famous motorcycle manufacturer company of America. The company founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903. They are producing luxurious as well as most expensive heavy bikes of the world. They traditionally marketed air-cooled, heavyweight cruiser motorcycles with engine displacement of more than 700-centimeter cubic. The company manufacture their bikes in Wisconsin, Manaus, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Pennsylvania, India, and India. They export their product in the whole world, therefore they are famous in the whole world. Here we will discuss the latest Harley Davidson Bikes.

Serial No5 Latest Harley Davidson BikesPrice
5Harley-Davidson Fat Bob23.12 Lakh
4Harley-Davidson Fat Boy25.99 Lakh
3Harley-Davidson Roadster16.68 Lakh
2Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special56.41 Lakh
1Harley-Davidson Street Rod10.10 Lakh

5. Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

Fat Bob from Harley Davidson looks menacing because it gives the rider a very aggressive and impressive feel. It comes with the best and latest technology with dual headlamp setup to the dual taillights at the back. Despite, the seat also gets a silver contrast stitching, perforated cover, therefore looks comfortable and sporty.  It also comes with the digital and multifunctional LED display for the speedometer. So powered by dual or twin-cylinder 1583cc engine, available in different colors. Comes with the heavy price of 23.12 Lakh, therefore includes the best and latest Harley Davidson bikes.

Harley-Davidson Fat Bob

4. Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

The name of this luxurious bike comes from its outer look. Therefore it gets its name, Harley-Davidson Fat Boy. So the Flat Boy has the beautiful and unique design, therefore, most famous in the world. So far comes with the variety of useful features. Therefore features with a textured leather seat insert, shotgun-style dual exhaust system, FLH-style handlebar and custom metal fenders. Powered by Twin Cam 103 1690cc engine which is able to produce a large amount of power. Comes with the very large price of 25.99 Lakh, therefore included in best and latest Harley Davidson bikes.

Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

3. Harley-Davidson Roadster

The Roader is another luxurious heavy launched by the company in this running year. Also featured and powered with V-Twin 1200cc Evolution air-cooled Unit that does the duty on the 120 custom. The graphics and paint on the bike add more beauty in the outlook. It also comes with a 4-inchdigitation which displays the time, speed and RPMs. Despite, also comes with the trip meter, tell-tale lights, and gear indicator. Comes with the luxurious price of 16.68 Lakh, therefore included in the latest Harley Davidson bikes.

Harley-Davidson Roadster

2. Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

The Glide Special from Harley Davidson is another luxurious bike launched in 2017. Powered by 107 Single Cam V-Twin engine of 1745cc which is able to produce the robust torque of 150Nm. The latest model has got some advanced tech including a 6.5-inch touchscreen for information and TM 6.5 audio system with the adjustable rear suspension. So far called as the most powerful and luxurious launched in the following year. Therefore comes with the very large price of 56.41 Lakh, that’s why included in the best and latest Harley bikes.

Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special

1. Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Harley Davidson is the latest model launched by the company in this running year. With its manageable price as compare to other models, Street Rod is most famous among the people of the India. It offers an aesthetic and modern looking motorcycle with more powerful engine. As talk about the power of this motorcycle, it uses 749cc cooled-liquid, 8 valves, single OHC and 60-degree V-Twin high output Revolution X engine which is able to produce 11 percent more horsepower. The New model is about 5-kilogram heavier than that of previous one. Comes with the luxurious price of 10.10 Lakh.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Final Thoughts

Harley Davidson offers a variety of different bikes. Due to the quality of these bikes, company export these bikes all over the world. They use most advanced technology to produce these bikes. Therefore the price of these luxurious bikes is much larger than that of several other bikes in the market. Here our topic of discussion was latest Harley Davison bikes. So we hope that this article will help you to know about the latest Harley Davidson bikes. So if you like then share and comment below.


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