Anyone of you who has a taste for smartphones knows that the Android phones are one of the most coveted smartphones present in the market at present. For those of you who have a rather tight budget, especially college students, it might often be a little difficult to splurge cash for high-end Android phones, especially if you don’t have any contract with a telecom company. But low-end Android phones instead of providing for a student’s needs, like flamboyance, gaming, and on the go internet searches, often tend to let you down. But there are certain Android phones that are not only a Godsend for your budget, but also give an awesome value to your daily smartphone needs as a student. We will look at 5 of the best Android Phones for students today.

Serial No5 Latest Android SmartPhones for StudentsRAMStoragePrice($)
5Lenovo A526 1 GB4 GB150
4Asus ZenFone 41 GB4 GB150
3Samsung Galaxy Core 2768 MB4 GB170
2HTC Desire 310512 MB4 GB150
1Nokia XL768 MB4 GB160

Price and Specification of Best Android Powered Mobile Phones:

5. Lenovo A526

It is stylish as well as affordable. It performs amicably in your hands. Pretty much the complete package if you ask me as a student with a part time job like myself.  Now lets us see why this phone is such a viable candidate for that. First of all, if you look at the physical aspects alone, the 4.5-inch screen is pretty imposing and lets you grab it in your hand feeling like you have got cruise control. The display has 16M along with a capacitive touch screen that is fairly easy on the hands.

Lenovo A526 adorns a Quad-core processor which clocked at 1.3 GHz. Many budget phones lack a graphics processor and good RAM and ROM. Well with Lenovo A526 you need not worry because you not only get a RAM of 1GB but internal storage space of 4GB that is the minimum acceptable standard for storage space so that you don’t have to flush you android again and again; problem with many android phones having 1 or 2 GB of internal storage space. Another great thing is that this phone also bags a Mali-400MP2 graphics processor that will help you play demanding games like Real Racing 3 even.

Extra Features

With dual SIM capability, good resolution, 5MP camera and a good battery life you get a very sweet deal looking at the price of just around $150 that Lenovo A526 has. It is definitely one of the best Android Phones for Students if there ever was one.

Lenovo A526

4. Asus ZenFone 4

With an Intel Atom Dual-core processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and a 5MP rear camera for just $150 I am sure many of you would agree with me, students have hit the mother lode. The phone not only performs mundane tasks with almost the same ease as a Galaxy S4; I am sure that is what each one of you would want in your Android Phone. Moreover, this one is also equipped with a graphics processor, and I am positive you will find playing your Subway Surfer with relative ease.

Some More Features

It has two pieces of cameras, and the rear camera has Full HD resolution; 1080p. Now many of the students will be curious if this one packs the 3G capability, the answer is yes.
Asus ZenFone 4 comes in a variety of colors that go very well in hand, and it has a very charming 4.0-inch body that is very comfortable to play with; imagine the iPhone 5S. This one also has a RAM of 1GB, and the storage space is also 4GB, which is a superb deal for this price range.
This is one of the best Android phones for the student because along with all these specs you get a good touchscreen with a great sturdy display with a Gorilla Glass 3 which is tougher than ever.

Asus ZenFone 4

3. Samsung Galaxy Core 2

I know, I know; we are going through the best Android phones for students; how can it be possible that I can even think of excluding Samsung’s excellent revolution among this fray. I know phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 4 are the student’s nightmare as far as buying power goes. But Samsung Galaxy Core 2 gives you the experience of Samsung Technology that is not just a formality but a real powerhouse at a relatively easy price of around $170.

This phone not only packs a 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor, but it is also in the line of big smartphones of Samsung with a 4.5 inch that has a high touch and sound display with 16M colors. The phone also offers a 5MP rear camera capable of HD recording and also a front camera for video calling that is often absent in the low-end family of Samsung. With the KitKat OS and 4GB storage memory that is a good deal, you also get the revered galaxy list that made the Galaxy S3 one of a kind among the smartphone industry in 2012. The phone also provides 3G capabilities.

The only possible letdown for the otherwise impressive list is the RAM that is below what most are offering nowadays at this price range; it is 768MB for Samsung Galaxy Core 2.The phone offers an easy mode which makes setting up your phone’s look a pretty base job. Still, the opportunity of getting a Samsung phone for $170 that packs a Quad-core processor is No-No for a student to pass up.

Samsung Galaxy Core 2

2. HTC Desire 310

When you think of the Android smartphone companies that have kept in the title race so to speak with Samsung; HTC comes to mind. This Android phone will cost you $150 and still provides you with a Quad-core processor that clocked at 1.3 GHz and also gave you a graphics processor to dish out punishment on massive Android games. HTC Desire 310 has a screen size of 4.5 inches that is quite commanding and 16M colors with great display and touchscreen; the white metallic-Esque body is also a sight to behold.

This phone has 3G capability that is a dory for most of the students. The touch screen uses the HTC Sense UI 5.1 technology that will make your day easier browsing through the internet for your assignments and quizzes; even the occasional peek during tests…don’t worry I won’t tell.


The phone has a 5 mega pixel camera and also packs a second camera for video calls, so enjoy your face time on Line, Tango, and Skype. Again the let down for me is the RAM that for many could be a worrying factor because it is quite below the usual standard; this one has 512 MB although the storage of 4GB is quite suitable. This phone is surely one of the best Android phones for students especially if your heart is set on getting a piece of HTC technology.

HTC Desire 310

1. Nokia XL

Well, what do you know? The big Windows conglomerate gets squeezed in an Android list; ironic isn’t it. Getting back to the topic, one of the biggest reasons that this phone makes the list is because Nokia XL has the great touch experience that you would otherwise get in a Nokia Windows phone, although most of you would agree with me that that market has gone down the drain.
The best thing about this phone is that the Android OS is customized like the cool Windows Phone theme that most people like, except this time you get to access the play store to have a field day on a Nokia Phone; at last. The phone comes in a wide array of attractive colors, and you can set color themes according to that, which brings out the attractiveness of the phone, every student’s dream.


With the Dual-core Snapdragon S4 play processor clocked at 1000MHZ and an Adreno 203 graphics processors, your favorite Androids games are a mere install button away. 768 MB of RAM gives a much more decent performance which even feels on par with 1GB to be frank, and the storage space of 4GB is quite Ample.
Just like other phones, Nokia trademarks this phone with high camera technology and the 5MP autofocus camera, in the hands of an expert, is capable of putting novices with DSLRs to shame. 3G capability, 16M colors and a whopping 5.0-inch screen leaves no doubts behind about this phone cutting an intimidating figure. Price is just around $160.

Nokia XL


Smart Phone becomes a need of almost every person in this world. Even an hour becomes so much boring without using it. Please Let us know in the comments that which smartphone you would like to buy.



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