Do you love parrots? I am desperately in love with beautiful and cute parrots like Scarlet Macaw and biggest Parrot Hyacinth Macaw and mainly Quaker Parrot. The gorgeous Quaker Parrot is also called as monk parakeet. It is small bright green parrot with greenish-yellow abdomen and grayish breast. This parrot is native to South America therefore commonly found through the United States of America. Why people love this parrot. It has much personality that makes Quaker the star of eyes of the people. They can be comical both in their words and actions. As according to me, I have found this parrot to be the perfect and lovable pet. So here we will discuss the 10 perfect reasons to own a Quaker parrot.


10. The Uniqueness

As we have described earlier that some people called this Quaker Parakeet and some called it Quaker Parrot. This bird has somewhat special and unique qualities as compare to other because they can beg you to pet it and stop you or make it talk and let sit on the shoulder. So these unique qualities make it special to a Quaker parrot.

9. The Vet Bills

This bird needs regular checkup because of its tendency towards fatty liver diseases. This is pretty good opportunity for an owner to establish and seek out relationship an avian yet.

8. The Looks

Although, it is true that Quaker parrot is not so much beautiful. But here is a question that ‘why people want to own this?’ The reason is that the qualities and cuteness of this bird get to attract people towards it. So due to its quite impressive looks, it is one of the best reasons to own a Quaker parrot.

7. The Voice

Don’t be fade with the small size of this parrot because they are many talkers and have a very loud voice. Budgies and Tiels and even GCCs tend to be quieter than these suckers. So it is awesome to listen to their cute and sweet voice, you can talk him with slow and loud voices and enjoy its company in your free time.

6. The Lifespan

The Quaker parrots don’t live as long as the big parrots like Scarlet Macaw, but they live longer than budgies and tiles. So in short words, they are a true long term commitment, just like CAGs, Toos and even Amazons. You can enjoy its company for a long span of time. Therefore, it is one of the best reasons to own a Quaker parrot.

5. The Relationship

Quaker is one of the smartest parrots because they are able to learn faster as compare to others. So they just require proper training and if you train them, they will walk over you just like of expensive bigger parrots. They always need a real relationship, therefore, they are not birds that instantly trust you. If you respect them, you can enjoy a healthier and trustful relationship with them.

4. The Bossy Attitude

These parrots are bossy little suckers, no Quaker owner would disagree that. Not funny! They think that they are Mr. Awesome and that you are their faithful slave. So they will examine your boundaries and force you to establish good boundaries lest you end up with a feathered Hitler on your hands. Budgies and Tiels may test your limits, but this quality is more common characteristic with Quaker Parrots.

3. The Diet

As we have early described that they are prone to fatty liver diseases. Therefore they don’t have an opportunity to fly all day. So, it’s upon you to carefully examine the diet of your parrot. Despite, you must get used to frequently weighing your bird to make sure that the parrot is still staying within awesome health zone.

2. The Size

The Quaker Parrot is a small-medium sized beautiful bird. This means that all the actually cheap material that is available for budgies is just a tad too small for them, so you get used to having to expend a little more to give your parrot standard care.

1. The Price

It is interesting to know that Quaker Parrot is not super expensive. They are easily available with the luxurious price of $22. So they are neither too much expensive nor cheap. This is one of the best reasons to own a Quaker own.


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