Do you love cats? Many people love to keep pets at their houses. But in all these, cats and dogs are more common pets because loved by most of the people regardless of their age. They are considered as most lovely friends and companions at your house, outside and parks. What will you say when you come to know that there are such lovely cats which cost thousands of dollars? It sounds unbelievable for the people but this is true. There are some specific factors which make these cats high in their prices and ranked them in most expensive cats.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive cats.

Serial No Top 10 Most Expensive CatsPrice
10British Shorthair($500-$1,500)
9Scottish Fold($200-$3,000)
8Sphynx Cat($300-$3,000)
7Russian Blue Cat($400-$3,000)
6Peterbald Cat($1,200-$5,000)
5Persian Cat($500-$5,500)
4Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat($6,000)
3Bengal Cat($1,000-$25,000)
2Savannah Cat($1,500-$50,000)
1Ashera Cat($15,000-$100,000)

British Shorthair ($500-$1,500)

British Shorthair is a beautiful traditional domestic cat that has a broad face, dense coat, and distinctively chunky body. It has a medium tail, solid blue-gray copper eyes but the breed has been developed in a wide range of patterns and colors. It is one of the most ancient cat breed found in the British countries, therefore, they are sought after many people in the UK. You may have seen this cat in different viral and vines videos. British Shorthair has been around for quite some time because its origin can be traced in the first century. The price of this rare breed is about $500-$1,500. Therefore it is included in the most expensive cats in the world.

Scottish Fold ($200-$3,000)

Due to its unique physical features, Scottish Fold is one of the highly wanted cats. It is known for its deformity in the cartilage which made its ear ‘fold’. The original name of this cat is Lopes before the 1960s. If you want to purchase this cat then keep in mind that Scottish Fold is prone to different conditions including deafness and mites. Scottish Fold has been breed with other known cats breeds including American and British Shorthair. The price range of this cat is from $200 to $$3,000 and make it one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Sphynx Cat ($300-$3,000)

Sphynx is another one most beautiful and famous cat breeds in the world. This cat is known for the lack of hair in its body, it has been most popular selective breed since the 1960s. The most interesting thing about this cat is that it has no hair on its body. Its skin comes in different shapes that make you feel as if it is covered in fur. The problem with Sphynx cat that it loses more heat than that of other breeds. It shows a high level of intelligence, energy, affection, and curiosity for their owners. These cats show dog-like behavior, therefore, it greets the owners even much friendly when meeting strangers. So the price of this cat is about $300-$3,000.

Russian Blue Cat ($400-$3,000)

Russian Blue Cat is another breed that made it on the list of most famous and beautiful cats. This cat is better known for curious, friendly, playful and intelligent not only with young children but also with other pets. They are able to develop close bonds with their masters and sought out as pets due to their beauty, personalities, and coat. According to historians, Russian Blue has been brought from Northern Europe and Archangel Isles in 1860, therefore known as Archangel Blues. The lifespan of this cat is ranging from 10 to 20 years but they can also live up to 25 years. The price of this rare cat is about $400 to $3,000, therefore it is included in the most expensive cats.

Peterbald Cat ($1,200-$5,000)

It is the 6th most expensive and beautiful cat on our list and has too many features that increase its price. This cat is peaceful, smart, sweet-tempered, energetic, curious, peaceful and friendly. It follows you wherever you go and is friendly not just to you and your young children, but to other pets also. Peterbald is an awesome cat with Russian origin, it shows resemblances with Oriental Shorthairs. Peterbald is particularly smart and sweet tempered, it is mainly the result of an experiment done on Sphynx. The price range of this cat is $1,200 to $5,000 that is why included in the most expensive cats.

Persian Cat ($500-$5,500)

The Persian cat is the most beautiful and gorgeous one on the list, do you know that? Its gorgeousness makes it one of the most prominent cat breeds in different countries around the world which increase its worth also. It has all the features that can increase the beauty of any cat as it has soft fur, long hair round face, shortened muzzle and is also unpretentious and peaceful to be a flawless choice for those who want an attractive cat that can be kept at home. It is worth mentioning that the name of this gorgeous cat is derived from its origin. As it originated in Persia which is known now as Iran. The Persian cat is also most popular cat breed in the United States. So the price of this cat is about $500-$5,500.

Allerca Hypoallergenic Cat ($6,000)

Allerca Hypoallergenic cats are a short-haired breed because based on the British Shorthair. They also grow to a medium size of about 10 to 15 pounds. This cat is most famous to have a gene that causes the symptoms of human cat allergies. The scientists try to delete this gene or disable it to make the make safe and affectionate for those who have allergies from cats. This is the main problem associated with this cat but despite this, you should have to pay $6,000 to purchase this lovely cat but you specify the sex, patterns, and type of coat color. Due to its high prices, it is included in the most expensive cats.

Bengal Cat ($1,000-$25,000)

The Bengal cat is the first domestic cat developed to act like jungle cats such as ocelots, clouded leopards, margays, and leopards. It was developed by the cross breeding of the domestic cats with Asian Leopards cats. As the Asian Leopard is a wild in East and South Asia. It is interesting to know that the cat is just looked wild but temperament is just like a house cat. Bengal cat is one of rare cat breed because its production was accidental to study the apparent immunity of breed to feline leukemia. The worth of this cat is about $1,000 to $25,000, therefore it is included in the most expensive cats.

Savannah Cat ($1,500-$50,000)

Savannah is another hybrid cat breed developed with the result of cross breed between domestic cat and serval. Known for its intelligence and loyal to their owners. It is large-eared and medium-sized wild African Cat, accepted by The International Cat Association in 2001 as a proper new breed. It was difficult to produce a new cat with the cross breeding of these cats due to a significant difference in the gestation period. These cats are commonly compared with the domestic dogs in their loyalty. They also follow their owners all around the house. The price of this loyal cat is $1,500 to $50,000. That’s why it is one of the most expensive cats in the world.

Ashera Cat ($15,000-$100,000)

This cat is the most exotic domestic cat breed of the world. It is just similar to the Bengal cat because is a result of cross breed between the African serval, the Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat. Therefore it is called as the rarest cat and has many features such as being loyal, affectionate and intelligent. By DNA testing, the Ashera cats are proven to be Savannah cats. It is a good idea to set the Ashera cat with a heated blanked in shivering winter months. Because the origin of these cats is from a hot climate. The most expensive cat costs up to $100,000, therefore it is included in the most expensive cats.


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